Diablo 3 PTR v1.07 Testing: Crafting and the Economy

Nek the PvP NPC now in Act 3.
Nek the PvP NPC now in Act 3.
I’d been meaning to hop back on the PTR to do some more testing after I tested out the new crafting recipes and Reflects Damage changes two weeks ago right after v1.07 went live on the DiabloWikiPTR. Tonight seemed like a great time, after all the patch updates, so away I went.

I didn’t have time to test out everything, but I did some fairly typical farming runs (plus visits to Acts 1 and 2) with my P43 Monk, and got good insight into the new Demonic Essence drop rates, the improved Plan drop rates, the improvements to the crafting recipes, economic ramifications of the new crafting recipes, the Monk skill changes, and more.

This is part one and it covers the new Crafting recipes and economic issues. I’ll post part two later today covering the changes to Monster modifiers, plus upgrades to the Monk skills, the huge increase to DiabloWikiPlan drop rates, and more general gameplay changes.

Crafting Recipe Changes

As you can see in the patch notes, the new crafting recipes have been much improved in their potential stat values, and much changed in their crafting costs. Gone are the crazy 25 Iridescent Tear costs for almost everything — in are generally lower material costs and much higher potential stats on the items. I was surprised at the +[101-115] inherent values they threw out to start the v1.07 PTR and I’m relieved that they greatly upgraded those values. The initial stats weren’t anywhere near top of the line rares or legendaries (article comparing all the highest +attribute values from current items can be seen here). Now that all the new recipes (Amulets, Bracers, Gloves, Pants, and Chest Armor) have been boosted to +[201-230], that’s a lot more like it.

Realize that these stats can (apparently, from the godly PTR items floating around) double up, with random mods rolling the same stat. (Several of the examples in screens below have 270 or more to the mainstat, and those aren’t even good rolls.) You could theoretically (if the game code allows random affixes to double stack the same mod as seen now on some legendaries) get the 200-230 inherent + up to 200 or 300 (depending on the item type) to the same stat for a gigantic 500+ to one stat from of those item slots. You’d need to get other good modifiers as well, of course, so these are all clearly meant to be long term crafting projects rather than some sort of guaranteed awesome item. But they’ve got a lot more potential now than they did two weeks ago.

The odds to find the Demonic Essences are a lot lower than they were previously, and finding the new plans is harder too. You can still buy the four Archon Armors from Squirt for 1.5m each, but you have to find each of the others, and note that each one has four versions, one for each stat. The best way to find those is from 8 Mini-Bosses (Leoric, Spider Queen, Magda, Zoltan Kulle, Ghom, the other Spider Queen, Rakanoth, and Izual) each of which has a good chance to drop them. How good?

Not as good as it was initially in v1.07 when each of those bosses had a 50% chance to drop one of the recipes at random. Now the odds start much lower and scale up dramatically with Monster Power.

  • MP 0: 20%
  • MP 1: 23.2%
  • MP 2: 26.912%
  • MP 3: 31.218%
  • MP 4: 36.213%
  • MP 5: 42.007%
  • MP 6: 48.728%
  • MP 7: 56.524%
  • MP 8: 65.568%
  • MP 9: 76.059%
  • MP 10: 88.228%
  • This seems like a huge benefit to very high level players, but realize that you only need one of each to teach your Artisan,and that plans drop much more often now than previously. I think most regular players will have all of these plans fairly soon, and the Auction House sales will drop in value quickly.

    Currently the PTR Auction House only showed the Gloves and Amulets (not the belt or bracers, though this might be a bug/oddity), and they had very high prices, though prices on the PTR are weird.

    Click through for specific details on more of the new recipes and what they should mean for the economy on a whole

    Amulet of Vitality

    Amulet of Vitality.
    Amulet of Vitality.
    I couldn’t afford the Amulet Design for Str/Dex/Int, but the Vit was only 5m so I bought one for testing. Note the gem in the recipe:

  • Costs: 100k gold + 1 Fiery Brimstone + 1 Demonic Essence + 1 Perfect Square Amethyst
  • Result: +[201 – 230] Vitality + 5 Random Magic Properties
  • The other amulets are just the same, but the gem changes to reflect the inherent attribute. (Emerald for Dex amulets, Topaz for Int Amulets, Ruby for Str amulets.) Perfect Squares are made from 3 Flawless Squares (for 30,000 gold + 3 Tomes of Secret) and each Fiery Brimstone currently costs about 20k (on the Americas GAH) so factor that into the cost and you’re up over 150k each. (More on other realms or Hardcore.)

    How do they turn out? I only had enough mats to make a few of them, and while I’d never have spend mats on Vitality amulets for real, one of them turned to be one of the best Follower amulets I’d ever seen. It rolled with 233 Vitality, 85 Int, 45% Magic Find and Faster Attack rate? Yes, I snapped that around Eirena’s neck faster than a choke collar on an angry pitbull.

    Archon Armors of Dex/Vit/Int/Str

    The chest armors are the accessible ones; they can be bought from Squirt (rather than found) and they have very low materials costs. Though their 150k crafting cost is higher, that’s actually lower when you factor in what the materials cost for the other recipes.

  • Costs: 150,000 gold + 2 Tomes of Secret + 1 Demonic Essence
  • Results: +[201-230] Vit/Dex/Str/Int + 5 Random Magical Properties
  • I made a few of the Dexterity armors but nothing rolled worth the cheese despite the new and much higher inherent attribute bonus. One would at least have been salable, with big Dex, Vit, MF, and a socket, but of course they are all DiabloWikiBoA.

    Bracers of Strength

    The first plan I found was for Bracers of Strength. The plan drop was a surprise, since it came form a regular monster (not even an elite) in the Fields of Slaughter. Not from one of the Bosses, but just a regular trash mob. Side benefit of the big 400% increase in Plan drop rate (and there are tons of them now: I found 2 or 3 in each run with around 320% MF.)

  • Cost: 50,000 gold + 30 Exquisite Essences + 5 Tomes of Secret + 1 Demonic Essence
  • Results: +[201-230] Str + 5 Random Magical Modifiers.
  • There are identical plans for bracers of Int, Vit, and Dex.

    I only made two of them, and both were meh. I can see this recipe having some potential long term; 150 is a big roll to the mainstat now on bracers, so popping one of these with 300 to mainstat, plus Vit, Res All, and CC would be an upgrade over almost any rare in the game today. How it would compare to the DiabloWikiAS and FM on Lacuni Prowlers is open to debate, but given the 50m+ cost of any Lacuni with CC, and the Lacuni’s much lower rolls on all the other values, this recipe could be worth a shot.

    Bracers of Str #1
    Bracers of Str #1
    Bracers of Str #2
    Bracers of Str #2

    Archon Gauntlets of Intelligence

    v107-2-plan-archon-gauntlets-intThe Spider Queen dropped this recipe for me on MP2, when she had a 26.91% chance to do so, according to the updated patch notes. (I’d already done Ghom, and the Skeleton King on MP2 without getting a plan.)

  • Cost: 50,000 gold + 20 Iridescent Tears + 5 Tomes of Secret + 1 Demonic Essence
  • Results: +[201-230] Int + 5 Random Magical Modifiers.
  • There are identical plans for gloves of Str, Vit, and Dex. I made a few just to test, but I’d recommend against repeating this on the real realms. Gloves are amazingly cheap in the Auction House, and this recipe needs to hit the lottery to improve on what you can buy for less than one million gold.

    Gloves need to roll a big DiabloWikitrifecta plus 150+ DiabloWikimainstat to be desirable now, and while this recipe guarantees a huge mainstat, you can buy spectacular gloves, with 200 mainstat and a trifecta, for a few million. So basically you need to hit 3 of the 5 random mods with great rolls just to equal what you can buy in the GAH for not very much, and you’d need to hit all 5 random affixes to equal gloves that cost less than 5 million.

    I would not waste my time crafting this one (unless you’ve got amazingly great gear in all the other new crafted item slots) — hell, I felt silly burning Demonic Essences on it just on the PTR. Honestly, these need 6 or 7 random affixes, or else another inherent, like 6-10% DiabloWikiCC + the attribute. That would at least give them a decent chance of value.

    Demonic Essence Drop Rates

    v107-2-demonic-essence-drop1These new materials (which are still yellow in color rather than the expected light blue) drop less often than they did previously. I think they’re still quite common though; I wanted more on the PTR for testing, but even on MP0 or MP1 you’ll find several with each (equivalent of) an DiabloWikiAlkaizer Run, and they’ll add up quickly when you’re not trying to craft constantly for testing purposes. Especially since they don’t have any purpose or use other than these new crafting recipes.

    DiabloWikiNephalem Valor does *not* factor into the drop rates. DiabloWikiMonster Power is all that changes it, though since Demonic Essences can only drop from Elites and Bosses (as well as Treasure Goblins and some in-game events) the biggest factor is how fast you can move between boss packs and how quickly you can mow them down once you arrive.

    Each level of Monster Power will increase the drop chance of Demonic Essence from Elites and bosses according to the following values:

  • MP 0: 20.0000% 15.0000%
  • MP 1: 23.0000% 16.5000%
  • MP 2: 26.4500% 18.1500%
  • MP 3: 30.4175% 19.9650%
  • MP 4: 34.9801% 21.9615%
  • MP 5: 40.2271% 24.1577%
  • MP 6: 46.2612% 26.5734%
  • MP 7: 53.2004% 29.2308%
  • MP 8: 61.1805% 32.1538%
  • MP 9: 70.3575% 35.3692%
  • MP 10: 80.9112% 38.9061%
  • Back to town already?
    Back to town already?
    Note that the big change comes at the high end, with the odds much worse at higher levels. As these tables break now, the best farming would probably be on MP0 or MP1, since those can be done so quickly by well-geared characters. Going all the way up to MP10 only doubles your odds from MP2.

    I did several runs covering 5 or 6 levels, in Acts 1, 2, and 3, mostly on MP2, and found 3-5 Demonic Essences each time. The last couple of games I started picking up most of the Magical and Rare items, purely to salvage them for materials I needed to test the crafting, and I accumulated those mats much more quickly than the Demonic Essences I needed for the crafting.

    Working for the Bracers recipe that required 30 Exquisite Essence (blue), I was finding (salvaging) 40 or 50 of those for each Demonic Essence, though this obviously required fairly regular trips back to town. I can easily see players going on blue hunts and only picking up Magical items (plus some selected Rares, such as jewelry), which drop in amazing profusion.

    Of course, on the PTR.
    Of course, on the PTR.
    I’m not saying that the Magical item drop rate has been buffed, just that I haven’t really noticed that color of items in months. Once I had a reason to pay attention to Blue items, they were everywhere. Dropped constantly during battles, in heaps of 2 or 3 or 4 by bosses, etc. The Act 2 keywarden dropped 8 of them at once, and the Act 3 keywarden kicked out 4.

    And yes, of course that’s a Vile Ward he dropped for me. This is probably the biggest drawback of PTR testing… when you actually find something good and know it’s not *real*. (I also found a Shen Long’s Relentless and a Tal Rasha’s Belt in the same short Act 3 run, but happily both of their rolls sucked. Unlike the Vile Ward, which popped with 197 Str and Pickup Radius, making them more valuable than any Vile Ward I’ve ever found on the *real* realms.)

    As for the Magical items, they drop constantly and they’re quick to pick up and salvage, since it only takes one click. Rares are slower since while you can salvage them without identifying them first, (which is easy on the PTR, but scary with lost potential on the real realms) you still have to click OK (or just hit Enter) to salvage each one. Of course Rares give you an Iridescent Tear and an Exquisite Essence, and you need both materials for these recipes.

    The value of those materials should increase once v1.07 goes live and they become more in demand. Note that Demonic Essence are Account Bound and can not be traded, at least for now.

    Economic Ramifications of the New Crafting

    This section is mostly an FYI, since there’s no real point i projecting too much while the PTR values can still change before the patch goes live.

    Realize that when you mirror your account over to the PTR it copies everything. All your gold, all your gear, all your characters, etc. Since everything is just copied and only lasts as long as the testing goes on, gold and items don’t have any real value. Everyone’s spending furiously to do more testing, hardly anyone is bothering to put items on the Auction House, etc. It’s not like the real realms.

    That said, I did some GAH surveying just to see how things were selling and what was being sold. Current costs for Inferno crafting materials on the PTR AH:

  • Exquisite Essences: 1300
  • Iridescent Tears: 482
  • Fiery Brimstone: 9300
  • Same items on the Americas GAH, right now:

  • Exquisite Essences: 918
  • Iridescent Tears:545
  • Fiery Brimstone: 28,100
  • Note that the average Inferno Rare item sells for about 2500, so it’s odd that anyone even bothers to salvage Rares for Iridescent Tears. (You also get 2 Tears + 1 Fiery Brimstone every time you salvage an Inferno Legendary, but there seem to be way more Iridescent Tears in circulation than could come only from Legendary trash?) As I’ve mentioned though, the prices on the PTR are weird since everyone’s basically spending a duped version of their own gold, and most people are just doing what I’ve been doing and making lots of crafts for the sake of testing.

    At any rate, it does seem that all the crafting materials will be increasing in value, now that there are recipes worth using them in. It’ll be interesting to see if gems will boost any in price with their place in the Amulet recipe. Gems shot up right after v1.07 was revealed and the Marquise gems info hit, but those values have been receding over the past week.

    Part two of this report will be up later today, with coverage of the Monk’s skill changes (improvements), changes to the Monster Modifiers (RD is better than 2 weeks ago), plus a bunch of general game change observations.

    What do you guys think of the new crafting recipes? Certainly better than they were 2 weeks ago, and I think they’ve got pretty good potential to outdo affordable rares in the game today. The fact that they’re all BoA is quite a monkey wrench in estimating their value though, since that means every one you make is either great for you, or worthless, with no in between.

    I got that feeling about other items while playing on the PTR, since they were either upgrads for me or trash, since I wasn’t going to bother putting them into the GAH on the PTR. Normally when I’m playing I ID some types of Rares with hope of a sale. Hardly ever for me; maybe .0001% of Rares are actually upgrades for me, but at least 1% are useful Auction House sales. Thus on the PTR I was very quickly crafting every rare I found, without even IDing them, since I just wanted the crafting mats.

    Bobby-eyes-sIt was like a peek into the empty nihilism that D3 would be without an Auction House. Oh god, Bobby knew best after all! 🙁

    Part Two of this article will be posted later today, covering the Monk’s skill upgrades, the changes to monster affixes, and more.

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    23 thoughts on “Diablo 3 PTR v1.07 Testing: Crafting and the Economy

    1. I do not like these new recipes at all. They are going to grossly devalue many of the few items on the servers that are currently worth anything at all (vile wards come to mind here first and foremost,) reduce auction house activity, it discourages multiplayer further as it is so easy to craft and gather the materials to do so and it is only going to make the game easier as everyone will have access to better gear. That in turn is going to accelerate the rate at which people quit the game as they hit the end game and its super easy and theres nothing else to do…

      I already have nothing to do in the game with 3 heroes capable of mp10 and a mule full of hellfire rings that suck balls I have no desire anymore to craft them any longer, plus finding an uber group in the public channels has become near impossible in recent weeks… So these new recipes will allow me to keep myself busy trying to craft upgrades for what a few weeks at best, when the game is already too easy, and a few weeks down the road ill be better off than I am now, what the hells the point of these recipes? I do not see it.

      Take away the bind on account and its a totally different story. They still need to add some form of end game content that is worth playing.

      • The lack of a ladder to reset things from time to time certainly is hurting the game’s longevity. Characters can’t get weaker, so it’s just a repeat of introducing harder difficulties (monster power/ubers) to keep things challenging, followed by new items to keep improving your characters. The whole idea of inferno from pre-release to now just keeps changing with every patch, and the game sounds more and more like a 60 level chore to get to the point where it starts.

        Kudos to you Flux for being so dedicated all of this time. I’ve seen lots of others lose interest, but you’re still here testing new changes and writing very detailed articles on them.

        • The whole point of BoA (or BoC, Character) was to slow down the power creep of the player-base so that Blizzard had enough time to work on a “reset” (a full expansion/level extension). Not keeping it at the beginning of the game was a huge mistake, and they’re frantically sticking chewing gum all over the leaky holes of the hull. Yes, BoA/BoC stinks, but it’s like eating vegetables; it makes the game stronger in the long run. And, if you want to get dangerous, introduce a very hard to roll rare mod, “Permanently Unbound.”

    2. Plus you have to love their utter neglect of any form of craftable weaponry, something I think is needed far more than more craftable types of armor. To this day I have yet to find a usable rare weapon for any of my heroes.

      I also love how they were surprised by the positive reaction to a craftable ring, a feature many, many people were looking forward to with the games release (along with amulets, minus the stupid boa.) I just do not understand why they think the BOA is so necessary.

      • I would like to hope they are holding out on weaponry to see how we take to the armor pieces. Either way I would prefer them now.

    3. “You could theoretically get up to 230 inherent + up to 300 from (+100 and a +200 modifier) for a gigantic +530 to one stat from of those item slots.”

      Are you sure about that? If you’re making “of Dexterity”, I don’t think you can get another pure Dexterity affix, just the split affixes (Int/Dex, Str/Dex, etc). That makes the maximum 230 + 100 = 330 for most slots. The outliers are ring +89(319), amulet +133(363).

      If they did this for all slots, the other outliers are:
      – follower +120(350)
      – 1-hand/offhand +150(380)
      – 2-hand +255(485)

    4. Sigh. As I got about a third down the page and realized there were multiple statements that were flat out WRONG, I couldn’t help but feel inclined that Flux wrote the article. Lo and behold, as I scrolled up, there his name was.

      First and foremost, “You could theoretically get up to 230 inherent + up to 300 from (+100 and a +200 modifier) for a gigantic +530 to one stat from of those item slots.”

      WRONG. The 200-230 preset value consumes the single stat roll (common sense much?) and so it just leaves the dual stat roll. Obviously this is still preferable since it GUARANTEES a single stat roll higher than normal, but it doesn’t allow items to roll TRIPLE stats (lolwut?).

      You then go on to recommend AGAINST making gloves. Broseph, the two most DESRIREABLE recipes are GLOVES and AMULETS.
      “You can buy spectacular gloves, with 200 mainstat and a trifecta, for a few million.”

      WRONG. The cheapest stat (dex) is at a MINIMUM of 15mil right now, followed by INT at a minimum of 25mil, while there are ZERO gloves with 200+str and trifecta. Naturally, all of those trifectas are horrendous (5% IAS, 25% CHD, 6%CC). Needless to say, that ISN’T a “few” million.

      • Yikes. You make good points, but I don’t understand why you have to take such a tone. Flux seems like a nice guy, no reason to bite the guys head off.

      • “WRONG. The 200-230 preset value consumes the single stat roll (common sense much?) and so it just leaves the dual stat roll. Obviously this is still preferable since it GUARANTEES a single stat roll higher than normal, but it doesn’t allow items to roll TRIPLE stats (lolwut?).”

        Well, I’m not a programmer for the game so I’m not completely certain how the stats will allocate on these new items. Nice that you are, and can thus speak with complete confidence.

        It’s certainly possible the inherent mod will count for one of the double stat rolls, but that’s not how all current items handle it. If you looked at the article I wrote on current top stat values, you can see numerous legendary items, chiefly the amulets (via Mara’s) can roll over 400 to all mainstats, from inherent + double stat. Lots of other legendaries go over 300 to mainstats.

        Rares generally max at 200 to main stats (though this varies by item type and stat; rare armors go up to 300 vit) but my comment was obviously a generalization about how stats might max, and varies by item type.

        And there’s this, which might be shopped but has been floating around as supposedly a rare made on the PTR last week.

        376 dex on a rare amulet, obviously showing a double roll to that stat + the inherent 100-115.

        Finally, as Destructor said, why be such a dick? Of course you know I wrote the article since I’ve written 99% of the articles here for years and years. Obviously there will be an error or difference in opinion (like on how easily one can buy really good crafted gloves; any view of the AH will show that gloves with offensive stats comparable to an amulet cost like 1/5th as much) now and then, but you don’t need to sound like a petty child when you address them. Perhaps just your hater for D3 spills over to anyone else who seems to like the game?

        • Flux, explain how 30 tears is “crazy”?? They are worthless as it is. And how is having a measly lower level essence nuts when these items you refer to are worth 100s of millions of gold?!!!! Adding a stack of those [and I would add on hooves and eyes to boot] will spur farming and the commodities market to make them mean something. If people need to worry about getting them they will be important. They should add them in because these new items are bind on account. The norm, nm, and hell essences would sub for the items in the economy if they were necessary. I say make it 1000 tears. Go buy or go farm. If they take the need away then why have it at all.

        • First off, it doesn’t take a programmer to know it would be impossible for an item to roll three of similar affixes, just common sense. It hasn’t ever happened before, and it would be gamebreaking if it did.

          Secondly, that amulet doesn’t prove or disprove anything. Amulets can already roll 350 main stat on LIVE (200 main stat roll and a 150 dual stat roll). If it was real, he obviously rolled a very high preset value (which was 201-230 on amulets) and a near max dual stat roll (which included ~150 dex).

          Thirdly, citing LEGENDARIES as a rule breaker is a bit ridiculous. Next thing you know you’ll be telling me rares bracers, helms, etc. can spawn attack speed.

          Fourthly, I am not a child. I wouldn’t know you’ve made 99% of the articles because I don’t give a rats ass about most of them. I glance over a few of them a week. The fact of the matter is you aren’t some lowly pub telling people how he feels, you are the voice of a site that a lot of people rely on for their information, and you often get things wrong. Naturally, if you were some troll on the general forums I wouldn’t give a damn, because everyone knows better than to take their words for fact.

          And last but not least, I’ve enjoyed this game since it came and out will continue to enjoy it fully. I constantly fight the horrendous D3 bias from all the no-life neckbeards. That, and I’m hitting PL100 this weekend.

          • “I wouldn’t know you’ve made 99% of the articles because I don’t give a rats ass about most of them.”

            Then why would you say you scrolled up to see Flux wrote it and had an opinion on that? You start off your comment going out of your way to insult the author, you can probably expect a less than cheerful reply.

            You are right though, in that things posted on the main page of this site should be correct. And we endeavor to make them so. If you or other readers see something that you think is wrong (especially if it’s an actual game stat type error, not just an opinion or speculation) please point that out in comments and we’ll correct it and thank you for the info. But there’s no need to be adversarial about it; it’s not like we’re posting evil information intentionally to confuse people. (Well, maybe spin2win barb players, but I’m sure everyone can agree that they deserve it.)

            D3 is a huge game with a ton of items and values and chars, and no one knows everything about all of them. Plus we don’t aim our info purely for the .00001% of Paragon 100 type players. Tons of people play D3 and read the site who play occasionally, just for fun, aren’t really hardcore, etc. We don’t want or need or intend everything to be purely for the super expert class of players who devote hours a day to the game.

        • If you’re going to advise us on the future of the D3 economy due to these crafting changes, you should damn well know about both the economy AND crafting. Otherwise you’re just making s**t up.

    5. Seriously? 2 Million gold, and perfect gems? In D2 you could upgrade runes for Chipped gems. Perfect gems is insane. I can craft maybe one of those every six months. This game is so bizzare. It tries to cater to the hardcore farmers, and the casuals at the same time, and all it’s doing is failing to satisfy either camp.

      • Perfect square gems are only the second tier gem in Inferno…I’m not sure why this seems like an expensive material cost. It’s really pretty cheap in my opinion.

    6. I can’t wait to craft… got 3500 of each essence and 37 brimstones saved up, along with almost 2k tomes.

      Farming the patterns and demonic essences will keep my stockpile strong to increase the amount of time before I need to salvage or buy.

    7. Not sure what auction house you are looking at, but gloves with 150 str and low trifecta stats are 10 mill+ on the NA AH.

      • Yeah, that’s about what I’ve seen, though the prices scale up wildly depending on the trifecta values. If you turn CC down to like 6% prices drop dramatically, so whether you’re looking at the highest end of middle will make your economic reality very different.

        For my Monk and DH, glove upgrades are about 10-15m, while Amulet upgrades (with roughly similar stats on trifecta + dex) are 100-200m. Thus I’m looking at the amulets (and maybe pants and bracers) as much better value crafting options than gloves. (Plus I recently found a fantastic amulet for my Monk that would cost me about 200m to replace.)

        YMMV, naturally, depending on your preferred classes, where you are in the economic spectrum, what you’ve self found, etc.

    8. I will make it SHORt.
      Learn from Paths of Exile crafting and itemization.
      Farming, teleporting every 3 minutes to salvage, loot 9999 bs items/essences/tomes…is neither funny nor efficient…and much less good.

      I love PoE more every day…no gold, no picking up all items, good crafting, nice stats/skill custumisation/progression, nice developers and WORKING IN A GAME THEY WOULD PLAY and love.

      Diablo 3 it’s an excellent game, but it started bad, its evolving slowly and developers dont have the time or they are saving it for an expansion.


    9. Filter your gloves search to 9% cc. You will see prices rise dramatically because you cannot currently craft ilvl 63 gloves. The glut of gloves is from crafters, not drops.

      Ramping up the stats is a start, but these crafts are still pretty lame imo. They don’t offer any new modifiers. I’d prefer they cost more materials and spawn with affixes (not just raw stats) that current rares cannot get. For example, theme the archon armor around iceblink – give it a guaranteed hit freeze target at 5-10% plus the stats.

      • I would take it a step forward and have properties that are even unavailable on legendaries of the same type. Like for example there are no clvl 60 belts with movement speed.

    10. I like the recipes themselves, they are good. What I don’t like is that they are bind on account(BoA), I think bind to account on equip(BoE) would work better. Bind on account means if you have no personal use for it the item is a total loss, this discourages crafting. BoE on the other hand, would allow crafters to receive some return on these. This helps the crafter to both remove gold from the community gold pool and resupply. The ability to resupply easier will increase demand for materials, which will encourage players to break items down. Since it still a bound item won’t reenter the market, the buyers will to consider the possible resale value of the more expensive unbound gear. I think this would create a very interesting shopping scenario for both buyer and seller. Also I’m under the impression that a gold sink is meant to remove and items from the economy the boa “feature” doesn’t do a good job of encouraging it’s use.

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