No Diablo 3 PTR Start Date Yet

The Blues haven’t said much this week, but as fans keep asking about more Reaper of Souls beta testing slots, and/or Diablo 3 going to the PTR, there are a couple of replies about it. One even including the dreaded soon™! Quote:

Just give us a new content, May be new uber challenge or SOMETHING until RoS. because not having fun as much as I used to. but I will not call it quit yet. nope. nope nope.
Grimiku: We’re going to launch our Public Test Region with patch 2.0.1 soon, and that will have some of the class changes, Paragon 2.0, Loot 2.0, and more. You can test that out when it goes live, and leave us feedback if you want. There’s a little more information about the PTR in this blog if you want to look through it.

We’re glad you’re so excited to test out what’s coming in Patch 2.0.1!

I don’t have a date to offer you for either the Closed Beta for Reaper of Souls (if you haven’t opted-in yet, you can do so here), or the upcoming PTR for Patch 2.0.1, so you’ll have to wait a little longer yet. But hang in there, because the weeks and months ahead are going to be awesome.

I’ve seen confusion about this, so note that he’s talking about Diablo 3 on the PTR. Not Reaper of Souls on the PTR. RoS will expand the beta testing pool at some point, but there’s no ETA on that. I wouldn’t expect it soon, but then again I had no inkling that we’d see the F&F Beta open up a week after Blizzcon, so expanded RoS beta could come sooner than anyone expects.

What is going to expand for everyone is Diablo 3 classic, which is getting big patches at some point before Reaper of Souls launches. (Most fans assume that at least Loot 2.0 will go live before the Match 18th Auction House shut down.) The full feature list of what’s coming to Diablo 3 hasn’t been made public and is probably still undergoing internal debate (they’ve stated that Adventure Mode is still being debated), but as Grimiku said above, Diablo 3 v2.0.1 will at least include DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 and DiabloWikiParagon 2.0, presumably along with a full overhaul of the DiabloWikidifficulty system which will remove DiabloWikiMonster Power (and DiabloWikiNephalem Valor stacks? and give unto Diablo 3 players a system much like we see today in the Reaper of Souls beta.

Note that the Diablo 3 PTR will *not* include the Crusader, Act Five, or the level 70 increase, which means no fourth passive or the new skill for each class, since those only come in at level 61 and higher. You must buy Reaper of Souls to get those features, though there are many many lvl 1-60 skill tweaks and balances coming to Diablo 3 for free.

Personally, I’m a little surprised they’re overhauling Diablo 3 so much to match the Reaper of Souls features. I figured they’d do it more like WoW and other RPGs (such as Diablo 2), where there are big changes in each new expansion while the previous “live” game stays much as it was, for people who prefer that and don’t want to move onto the new expansion features.

Are you guys excited for big changes coming to Diablo 3? Or are most of you just watching the progress of Reaper of Souls and waiting your chance to move onto Reaper of Souls, ideally through the beta test?

Are you excited about the big upcoming Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.1 changes?

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  1. I would think that loot 2.0 has to go live AFTER the auction house shut down, right? Otherwise they can’t up the drop rates because the auction house would be even more flooded than it is now.

    • Most likely, though as-is much of the most sought-after drops in Loot 2.0 are BoA, so they could potentially drop the patch earlier with the expectation that people won’t be able to simply max out their slots with what winds up on the AH since they would still have to play to get the gear they actually want/need. I’m not sure how far yellows will carry you in 2.0 and eventually RoS, but from what I’ve seen so far many builds are being built largely around those shiny new orange affixes on legendaries. If nothing else, stacking just yellows would seem less “fun” to many.

      • Not to mention you can’t actually level higher than 60 in D3V, so loot 2.0 in that will likely not affect the economy in RoS at all with the actual lootfest starting at 70.

    • I’ve been assuming they would be simultaneous.

      Can’t go before, since Loot 2.0 drop rares are much higher, so unless there is binding, the AH would be instantly flooded with all new great gear. Can’t go after since current D3 isn’t much fun for self finding with low drop rates. Goldilocks!

      • Why wouldn’t there be binding in patch 2.0? It’s the same as RoS, except it won’t have the Crusader, Act 5 or any level 60+ content. I’m fairly sure the patch will come before the closure of the AH.

  2. Most things probably will be outdated quickly in RoS, according to Flux’s reports.

  3. If they’re smart this patch will come before 3/18/2014 so that Blizzard regains people’s confidence. And even if it does overstock the AH with level 60 items those won’t matter in the xpac anyways, so who cares?

  4. One day, I want something to happen like this:

    Random poster on “Blizz y u no maek progress?!”
    Blizzard CM: “Actually, thanks for checking up on us. We’re happy to announce that has been implemented right now! Go and enjoy it!”

  5. The PTR will be interesting. We have items currently to 63 anyway.
    Are the going to totally rework all the HP on monsters, change density back to something else, make monsters your lvl.
    Kinda like Flux on this, doesn’t really make much sense, oh Bliz my bad.
    I can’t se it making any difference at all.
    Might as well just give PTR with everything lvl 70, first 4 acts and not A5 or mystic, crusader etc.
    We won’t even be able to do any torment lvls anyway because they unlock at 70.
    We’ll just have to see, I have my doubts that it will even work at all.

  6. There is absolutely no reason for me to play Boredablo3V before Loot 2.0 is going live,or beta key for RoS! With these drop rates and broken legendaries no. I tried to come back to play the game last 3 months,but I continued to log out almost immediately after start. I realized, I have no motivation to play the current game.
    Big thanks to Blizzard, but they almost lost me as a fan. And there is more exciting games to play FREE like PoE and Dota 2.So good luck to all hardcore fans,who have big nerves and patience to spend hours every day in this broken game.

  7. QUOTE

    Why wouldn't there be binding in patch 2.0? It's the same as RoS, except it won't have the Crusader, Act 5 or any level 60+ content. I'm fairly sure the patch will come before the closure of the AH.

    BOA is balanced around rifts/etc – features that provide much more wealth per second than random campaigning. As such BoA will be unbalanced and boring (no upgrading of equipment is feasible for example).

  8. QUOTE

    BOA is balanced around rifts/etc - features that provide much more wealth per second than random campaigning. As such BoA will be unbalanced and boring (no upgrading of equipment is feasible for example).

    As far as I know drop rate have been buffed all around, even in Campaign mode. Bounties and Rifts are only better because of the Horadric Caches and additional rewards you get at the end of all Bounties, isn’t that right right? If so, that would mean that Campaign mode would be still far better than it is now.

  9. Actually Flux, this is how Blizzard has handled their expansions since WoW’s second expansion. They have a massive patch pre-expansion that converts the majority/all of the systems over to what has been designed for the expansion. The expansion itself usually only adds content.

    Besides being nice to people who don’t immediately buy the expansion, this method supports Blizz’s content delivery systems. Every player of a Blizz IP has the exact same data on their hard drives regardless of whether they buy the expansions or not. Buying the expansion simply unlocks the content that has already been pushed to their computers via their patching system.

  10. Drop rate isn’t the problem, the problem is that there is simply 1 clear “point”..

    If droprate is higher it still holds the same problem of reaching a cap & then not finding better upgrades. The numbers of this cap are just a bit higher but you still have the same problem. (boringness not finding upgrades).

    So you find a unique with X stats, what does it matter if X is 1200 or 1500. The thing that matters is the average amount of “upgrades per second” you found when the time goes to high numbers.

    The only solution that loot 2.0 brought was the ability to “fix” equipment adding main/secondary stats & improving equipment. However this fix won’t go live with D3 classic? That is just terrible and a way to make people quickly bored after a month or 4. Do they want everyone to drop out of d3?

  11. Why wouldn’t it go live with the pre-expansion patch? It will most likely include every system change the expansion has, including the separation of stats into primary and secondary categories. At least I haven’t read anything that suggested the opposite.

  12. It shouldn’t be implemented in the main game at all. Without increased stash there is no point to the game anymore, collect to what? Collect just for yourself is really “fun” -especially since new collecting will not even help OTHER characters. So it is just making the game worse – worse items, larger demand on bank space (so the limited bank space is shown as worse), worse player interaction, worse everything without a full implementation.

    An infinite stash as well as the upgrading of items

  13. RoS essentially made D3 a very linear single player game but with an always-on Internet Connection. Doesnt make sense.

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