Diablo 3 PTR Shutting Down Today: Patch 2.1 Tonight!

Diablo 3 PTR Shutting Down Today: Patch 2.1 Tonight!

Update: The patch is tonight, our scanner has picked it on the servers and the DiabloNut DB will be updated in due course and while the servers are down join us in the forums.

Blizzard has announced that Diablo 3 PTR shutting down today, adding weight to the assumption that Patch 2.1 will be implemented tonight during the weekly maintenance period.

In preparation for the launch of Patch 2.1.0, the PTR servers will be brought offline this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. PT. At that time, players will no longer be able to log in to the PTR client, all PTR accounts (including character information) will be reset, and our PTR forums will be marked as read-only.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Patch 2.1.0 PTR. You’ve done an awesome job of testing the new content, and we greatly appreciate the feedback you provided during this phase of the game’s development.

We look forward to releasing Patch 2.1.0 to the public shortly. We hope you all enjoy Greater Rifts, Seasons and all the other content included in this update. We’ll see you in Sanctuary soon!

It was a lengthy testing cycle, starting back in late June, though we’d been discussing patch features for weeks before it actually became playable, so it seems a lot longer than two months to me.

Did you guys take part and find excitement? How many of you are like me — ruined for playing the live game with so much more stuff on the PTR — and just waiting for Patch 2.1 and/or seasons to go live to start playing “for real” again?

Like most players I wish the patches could come sooner, but at the same time no one wants rushed, incomplete, or buggy patches, and this one is adding a lot of content and new game systems. If I have a complaint, it’s that so much was clearly made up as it went along. Early implementations of Legendary Gems and Greater Rifts and other major things were rudimentary and obviously very early in the testing cycle… so it was fun to see them evolve and take form in real time, but if they’d been more developed internally before hitting the PTR it seems like the process would have been a lot quicker? Or would that just have taken longer on the whole, with month(s) more the testing taking Blizzard longer with just their internal QA, rather than incorporating fans and utilizing our testing labor in the process?

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9 thoughts on “Diablo 3 PTR Shutting Down Today: Patch 2.1 Tonight!

  1. I was bored with live as well after playing PTR.

    Can we predict a season start date? With some (all) conquests being time based, I would think a season start announcement would be forthcoming.

    • Nevalistis said a "few days later" (once the critical patch days are over worldwide), and then this Thursday or Friday might be a good time to start the first season.

  2. NM it says right in the blue…Surprised they didn't announce the season and/or delay it to get the initial patch-day/week bugs out.

  3. Imo, they should patch some stuff earlier – like fetish icons and pet collision boxes, i.e. – stuff that aren't really in the big scheme of things, or even the reduced keystone cost of rifts, or "gieb us the extra stash tab already". Those things don't need to be tested for months (it seems).

    I understand, however, the time it takes to implement major features like seasons (my point: not everything is major).

    I don't like to join PTRs because I think some precious feedback is ignored (or used to be more ignored on beta/previous PTRs) and I felt, previously, I just downloaded some GBs to burn myself out faster than I should. Must. Protect. Content. Lifespan.

    This time it didn't looked like that, since there were mini-seasons, leaderboards and they heard some feedback (like Druin's math on Rimeheart) so I felt kinda wrong for being out.

  4. I do tend to agree that Blizzard's design process seems made up as it goes along. I mean no offense but it just seems like there is no clear vision. I don't mean to complain – free updates are great.

    I just went back to Path of Exile after a 6 month break. It is amazing how much interesting stuff they've added to the game from their last two expansions. It just strikes me that Grinding Gear Games has a much better vision of their game than Blizzard.

    Anyway, I honestly hope 2.1 is good…but my new Ice Shot/Lesser Multiple Projectiles/Faster Attacks Bow Ranger in Path of Exile is so incredibly interesting. I fear my Wizard Class Set items in D3 don't offer much variety of play…

    • Yu cant compare the content in PoE vs DIII. As it is PoE is free to play and earn money from you buying stuff in the game. Every new content in that game means more money for them via purchases ingame. DIII is a one time buy. Which means that the patch 2.1 is not something that will give blizzard more profit. Maybe a few more sold copies but nothing hugh.

      I my self has taken a step back from DIII for the last couple of month waiting for patch 2.1 to land, then it is back to grinding. But lets see for how long the new content will keep me interested.

  5. I’m thrilled for the 2.1 content. Buffing existing legendaries (2H weapons, some sets, etc.)

    Not sure about seasons though. Won’t this be a purely who can play 24/7 to get to the top kind of thing?
    I have a 9-5 job and a family, so 2 hours a day is a lot of play for me. We’ll see.

    It’s all good!


    • There is no "top" though. No leaderboard for most paragon levels. I guess leaderboards for highest grift are "top" but that's optional to look at or care about.

      I'm planning to do a new HC monk come seasons and the fact that everyone's starting not at the top but at the bottom is appealing to me. Currently if you join a public game it's full of paragon 600 people with every item in the game steamrolling T6. But start of seasons, those huge disparities are gone.

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