The huge patch has been posted and is now live on the PTR and Reaper of Souls Beta. Most of the changes are those you saw in our datamining yesterday, but the hefty Patch Notes include numerous changes to crafting, tons of new items and set bonuses, changes to Cursed Chests and Bounties, and much more. Here’s the start: click through for the full quote:

    Master difficulty now unlocks upon completion of Act IV, and Torment difficulty (I-VI) unlocks at level 60

  • Note: Heroes who do not have access to Reaper of Souls will only be eligible for certain Torment bonuses.
  • Bug Fixes

  • Clans can now be disbanded
  • Players can no longer revive at corpse in boss encounters
  • Certain crafted items that are copied over to the PTR no longer have a level requirement of 61 or higher (PTR only)
  • Follower items no longer drop with a level requirement of 61 or higher (PTR only)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing environmental traps (crumbling walls, chandeliers, etc) to not correctly stun or do damage to monsters
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the second exit portal to not spawn within the Hell Rift found in the Gardens of Hope, Tier 1
  • Fixed several issues that could cause client crashes


    Active Skills

    DiabloWikiAncient Spear

  • Increased base damage from 300% to 350% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Jagged Edge
  • Increased damage from 405% to 435% weapon damage
  • DiabloWikiFrenzy

  • Increased base Fury generation from 3 to 4
  • DiabloWikiGround Stomp

  • Increased base radius from 12 to 14 yards
  • Skill Rune – Deafening Crash
  • Changed from Physical to Cold element type
  • Skill Rune – Trembling Stomp
  • Changed from Physical to Fire element type
  • DiabloWikiHammer of the Ancients

  • Skill Rune – Birthright
  • No longer has a chance to drop treasure
  • DiabloWikiWeapon Throw

  • Increased base Fury generation from 5 to 6
  • Increased base damage from 115% to 135% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Mighty Throw
  • Increased damage from 175% to 200% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Balanced Weapon
  • Increased Fury generation from 8 to 9
  • Changed damage type from Physical to Fire
  • DiabloWikiWhirlwind

  • Increased base move speed while Whirlwinding from 66% to 75%
  • Skill Rune – Hurricane
  • Reduced max range of pulling in enemies from 45 yards to 35 yards
  • Reduced the rate of pulling in enemies from every 0.5 secs to every 1.0 secs
  • Enemies pulled in will now be immune to Hurricane’s pull-in effect for 5 secs
  • Champions and Elites are now correctly immune to the pull-in effect
  • Passive Skills


  • Reduced Life per Fury spent by 30% (578 @ Level 70)
  • Demon Hunter

    Active Skills

    DiabloWikiBola Shot

  • Skill Rune – Imminent Doom
  • Changed damage type from Arcane to Fire
  • DiabloWikiCaltrops

  • Skill Rune – Carved Stakes
  • Reduced the Discipline cost from 4 to 3
  • DiabloWikiChakram

  • Skill Rune – Serpentine
  • Doubled the travel speed of the projectile
  • DiabloWikiCompanion

  • Significantly increased the health of Boar, Spider, and Wolf companions (the other companions are immune to damage).
  • Skill Rune – Boar Companion
  • Increased bonus to all resistances from 15% to 20%
  • Reduced the boar’s damage from 120% to 50% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Ferret Companion
  • Now also increases your movement speed by 10%, up to movement speed cap
  • Reduced the ferrets’ damage from 100% to 50% weapon damage each
  • DiabloWikiElemental Arrow

  • Increased base radius from 1.25 to 2
  • Skill Rune – Screaming Skull
  • Increased radius from 1.25 to 2
  • Skill Rune – Lightning Bolts
  • Increased radius from 1.25 to 2
  • Entangling Shot
  • Increased proc scalar for unruned and all runes except Shock Collar to 1.0
  • Skill Rune – Shock Collar
  • Increased proc scalar from 0.2 to 0.4
  • DiabloWikiHungering Arrow

  • Skill Rune – Shatter Shot
  • Increased proc scalar from 0.216 to 0.59
  • DiabloWikiMultishot

  • Skill Rune – Burst Fire
  • Changed damage type from Arcane to Poison
  • Increased damage from 160% to 200% weapon damage
  • DiabloWikiPreparation

  • Skill Rune – Punishment
  • Reduced Hatred gained from 125 to 100
  • DiabloWikiSmoke Screen

  • Skill Rune – Choking Gas
  • Changed damage type from Physical to Poison
  • Passive Skills


  • Changed the bonus for having a 2nd Hand Crossbow from +1 Hatred per generator shot to +1 Hatred per Second
  • Monk


  • All Mantras have been converted to Active/Passive skills and different rune effects from multiple Monks should now stack
  • Active Skills

    DiabloWikiBlinding Flash

  • Skill Rune – Replenishing Light
  • Reduced Spirit granted per enemy hit to 7
  • Skill Rune – Faith in the Light
  • Reduced damage bonus to 29%, to bring in line with other similar skill budgets
  • Reworked skill to grant a damage bonus for 3 seconds
  • DiabloWikiSeven-Sided Strike

  • Increased base ability damage to 5677%
  • Skill Rune – Sudden Assault
  • Increased damage to 6477%
  • Skill Rune – Pandemonium
  • Increased Stun chance to 100%
  • Skill Rune – Fulminating Onslaught
  • Increased damage to 977%
  • Passive Skills

    DiabloWikiChant of Resonance

  • Redesigned: The Spirit cost of Mantra activation effects are reduced by 50% and you gain 2 Spirit every second when you have a Mantra learned
  • DiabloWikiSeize the Initiative

  • Reduced armor contribution from Dexterity to 30%
  • DiabloWikiTranscendence

  • Reduced Life per Spirit Spent by 70% (now 248 @ Level 70)
  • Reduced Life per Spirit Spent increase from 1% to 0.4% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus
  • Witch Doctor

    Active Skills

    DiabloWikiCorpse Spiders

  • Skill Rune – Spider Queen
  • Damage reduced to 1575%
  • DiabloWikiFirebomb

  • Skill Rune – Pyrogeist
  • Damage reduced to 520%
  • DiabloWikiGrasp of the Dead

  • Base damage reduced to 560%
  • Skill Rune – Rain of Corpses
  • Damage reduced to 420%
  • DiabloWikiHaunt

  • Base damage reduced to 1465%
  • DiabloWikiHex

  • Skill Rune – Angry Chicken
  • Damage reduced to 1350%
  • DiabloWikiLocust Swarm

  • Base damage reduced to 1040% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Searing Locusts
  • Damage reduced to 1480%
  • Skill Rune – Cloud of Insects
  • Damage reduced to 2080%
  • DiabloWikiSacrifice

  • Damage per dog reduced to 185%

    DiabloWikiSoul Harvest

  • Skill Rune – Vengeful Spirit
  • Damage reduced to 630%
  • DiabloWikiSpirit Barrage

  • All runes have had their damage type changed to Cold
  • Skill Rune – Manitou
  • Damage reduced to 2900%
  • Skill Rune – Phantasm
  • Damage reduced to 675%
  • DiabloWikiSpirit Walk

  • Skill Rune – Umbral Shock
  • Damage reduced to 750%
  • DiabloWikiActive Skills

    DiabloWikiArcane Orb " target="_new">Wall of Zombies

  • Damage reduced to 200%
  • Wizard

    Active Skills

    DiabloWikiArcane Orb

  • Skill Rune – Frozen Orb
  • Reduced range to 30 yards, in order to make aiming explosions a little easier
  • DiabloWikiElectrocute

  • Skill Rune – Surge of Power
  • Changed damage back to Lightning
  • DiabloWikiHydra

  • Hydras now despawn when their owner dies

    DiabloWikiMirror Image

  • Mirror Image AI improved to be more in line with other pets and followers
  • Passive Skills

    DiabloWikiArcane Dynamo

  • Reduced damage bonus to 60%
  • DiabloWikiBlur

  • Reduced damage reduction amount to 17%
  • DiabloWikiDominance

  • Reduced base duration to 3 seconds
  • Reduced shield amount to (12,379 @ L70) per stack
  • DiabloWikiProdigy

  • Increased Arcane Power granted to 5
  • Bug Fixes

    DiabloWikiArcane Orb

  • Skill Rune – Frozen Orb
  • Fixed an issue where this rune was doing less damage than intended
  • Skill Rune – Scorch
  • Fixed an issue where this rune was doing less damage than intended
  • DiabloWikiRay of Frost

  • Should no longer be blocked by followers, hirelings, or friendly pets

  • Gorell the Quartermaster in Bastion’s Keep no longer sells the plans for Nightmarish, Hellish and Infernal Staffs of Herding
  • The plans for the base “Staff of Herding” still drop from Izual
  • If players have already crafted a Staff of Herding, or purchased these plans, they will not be removed
  • Any of the existing Staff of Herding items can be used in the game to unlock Whimsyshire, which will be rolled using Dynamic Difficulty rules
  • Blacksmith crafting costs have received a tuning pass
  • The ratios of blue to yellow crafting material costs now more correctly match live drop data
  • Gold costs of crafting have been reduced
  • Bug Fixes

  • Crafting recipes no longer display duplicate crafting materials in their Required Materials lists
  • Fixed an issue that was causing crafting materials for certain Blacksmithing recipes to be consumed without an item being crafted

    DiabloWikiCursed Chests

    Horde Type Cursed Chests

  • No longer have a shrine
  • Now only require 100 monsters to achieve bonus, down from 150
  • Completing the event awards 1 chest
  • Completing the bonus awards a second chest
  • Wave Type Cursed Chests

  • The standard chest has been removed as a reward
  • Completing without hitting five waves now only awards a Shrine
  • Completing the fifth wave will now give the chest as a bonus
  • Once the fifth wave is completed, the events now end and the bonus chest is granted immediately
  • Every completed wave now also grants bonus experience and gold
  • DiabloWikiInfernal Machine

  • The items required for the level 60 Hellfire Ring now only drop if the game is level 60.

  • Health Potion drop rate has been reduced from all sources
  • Armor racks now give less generous loot
  • Added new item affix: “+X% damage to Physical damage type skills” to go along with similar Elemental damage type skills affixes
  • This new affix rolls in the same slots and ranges as the other +X% damage to each of the Elemental damage type skills affixes
  • Maximum amount of Resource cost reduction you can roll on items has been reduced from 12% to 10% on weapons and 10% to 8% on non-weapon slots
  • Vendor-bought items are now flagged as such, and cannot be salvaged
  • Set Items
    Many set items have received updates to their set bonuses:

    DiabloWikiBlackthorne’s Armor

    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • +250 Vitality
  • +10% Damage against Elites
  • 3-piece Set Bonus:

  • +25% Gold Find
  • -10% Damage Taken from Elites
  • 4-piece Set Bonus:

  • You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plagued monster types
  • DiabloWikiBul-Kathos’ Glory
    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • +250 Strength
  • +10 Max Fury
  • You occasionally Whirlwind furiously, dealing 250-300% weapon damage to all enemies around you for 6 seconds
  • DiabloWikiChantodo’s Return
    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • +250 Intelligence
  • Reduce damage from elites by 10%
  • Your shields heal for 25% of their remaining amount when they expire
  • DiabloWikiEndless Path
    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • +250 Vitality
  • +50% Critical Hit Damage
  • DiabloWikiImmortal King’s Legend
    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • +100 All Resistance
  • +10 Max Fury
  • 3-piece Set Bonus:

  • +289 Life per Fury Spent
  • +2 passive Fury regeneration
  • 4-piece Set Bonus:

  • Call of the Ancients last until they die
  • DiabloWikiInna’s Grandeur
    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • Reduced Life per Spirit Spent from 274 to 124
  • DiabloWikiManajuma’s Ornaments
    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • +250 Intelligence
  • +30 Mana per Kill
  • You are surrounded by a deadly poison cloud, dealing 150% weapon damage per second to enemies within 10 yards
  • DiabloWikiNatalya’s Solace
    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • +250 Dexterity
  • +10 Max Discipline
  • 3-piece Set Bonus:

  • +7% Critical Hit Chance
  • +10 Max Discipline
  • 4-piece Set Bonus:

  • The cooldown of Rain of Vengeance is reduced by 1 second for every enemy you kill
  • DiabloWikiShenlong’s Noble Path
    2-piece Set Bonus:

  • +250 Dexterity
  • +1 Spirit Regen per Sec
  • Chance to hurl a ball of pure energy when attacking, dealing 300% weapon damage as Fire
  • DiabloWikiTal Rasha’s Sacrifice

  • Increased Arcane Power Regeneration on the 3-piece bonus to 2
  • Legendary Items

    The unique affixes for many Legendaries now roll with variable bonuses instead of static numbers

  • Example: Wizard Spike may now roll between 20%-25% chance to cast a Frozen Orb
  • All legendary quivers now roll 15-20% attack speed
  • Legendary items with more powerful effects are now more rare
  • Many Legendary items have received updates to their stats and bonuses:
  • DiabloWikiAndariel’s Visage

  • Reduced the Increased Fire Damage Taken roll to 5-10%
  • Reduced internal cooldown
  • Increased Poison Nova radius to 10 yards
  • Now rolls with Attack Speed and Elemental Damage Bonus
  • DiabloWikiAnessazi Edge

  • Increased Stun duration from 1.0 to 1.5 seconds
  • DiabloWikiAzurewrath

  • Increased minimum roll for Freeze chance to 20%
  • Now rolls Attack Speed
  • DiabloWikiBuriza-Do Kyanon

  • Now causes your projectiles to pierce 1-2 additional times
  • Lowered pierce internal cooldown to 0.5 seconds
  • Now always rolls Cold damage, Dexterity and Attack Speed
  • DiabloWikiCalamity

  • Now applies only unruned Marked for Death in order to reduce visual and process clutter
  • DiabloWikiCindercoat

  • Increased minimum cost reduction for Fire skills roll to 23%
  • DiabloWikiDark Mage’s Shade

  • Reduced maximum cooldown roll to 20
  • DiabloWikiDoombringer

  • Now rolls Primary Stat, Life %, Life per Hit, and 30-40% increased damage for Physical skills
  • DiabloWikiEye of Etlich

  • Increased Ranged Damage Reduction roll to 30%-35%
  • Now rolls Elemental Damage Bonus
  • DiabloWikiFrostburn Gauntlets

  • Increased minimum Cold Damage roll to 23%
  • Increased minimum Freeze roll to 34%
  • DiabloWikiGazing Demise

  • Legendary power has been removed and is now on Homunculus
  • DiabloWikiGyana Na Kashu

  • Increased minimum Piercing Fireball damage roll to 360%
  • DiabloWikiHomunculus

  • Legendary power has been redesigned
  • A Zombie Dog is automatically summoned to your side every 4-6 seconds
  • Now rolls Intelligence, Maximum Mana, All Resist, and Reduced Damage from Elites
  • DiabloWikiMagefist

  • Increased minimum Fire Damage roll to 30%
  • DiabloWikiMoon Slayer

  • Grasp of the Dead will now display a cooldown swipe when cast if Moon Slayer is equipped
  • This Legendary power is under review and may be revised in the future
  • DiabloWikiMoonlight Ward

  • Now rolls 40%-50% increased damage for Arcane Skills
  • Removed internal cooldown
  • DiabloWikiPox Faulds

  • Legendary Power has been redesigned
  • When 3 or more enemies are within 12 yards, you release a vile stench that deals 240%-320% weapon damage as Poison every second for 10 seconds to enemies within 15 yards
  • DiabloWikiSkycutter

  • Now rolls 30%-40% increased damage for Holy Skills
  • DiabloWikiString of Ears

  • Increased Melee Damage Reduction roll to 25%-30%
  • DiabloWikiStone of Jordan

  • Increased minimum roll of Bonus Damage to Elites to 25%
  • Now rolls Primary stat, Elemental Damage Bonus and Maximum Resource affix families
  • DiabloWikiStrongarm Bracers

  • Changed from +25% damage for 3 seconds to +20-30% damage for 5 seconds
  • DiabloWikiThe Swami

  • Reduced chance to proc Frost Nova on killing an enemy from 20-25% to 15-20%
  • DiabloWikiSwamp Land Waders

  • Increased bonus Poison Skill damage roll to 30-40%
  • DiabloWikiTasker and Theo

  • Changed from +100% pet attack speed to +40-50% pet attack speed
  • DiabloWikiWizardspike

  • Now only drops for Wizards
  • Legendary Power now actually casts the Frozen Orb rune
  • Reduced Frozen Orb proc chance to 20%-25%
  • Now has an internal cooldown based on attack speed to normalize Frozen Orb proc rate during channeled spells
  • Now rolls with 75-100 All Resistance
  • Can now roll with any damage type, not just Arcane
  • Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Act III bounty bags dropped a Legendary crafting plan 100% of the time.

    Chance of minions dropping health globes has been reduced to 50%

    DiabloWikiElite Affixes


  • Maximum damage has been reduced
  • Increased amount of time before maximum damage is reached
  • DiabloWikiMolten

  • Reduced trail target area size to 2.75 yards
  • Reduced explosion target area size to 12.5 yards
  • DiabloWikiPlagued

  • Damage has been reduced
  • Increased amount of time before maximum damage is reached
  • Reduced target area size to 7 yards
  • DiabloWikiPoison Enchanted

  • Now does reduced damage to pets
  • DiabloWikiFrozen

  • Reduced explosion and build up target area size to 12.5 yards
  • DiabloWikiMortar

  • Reduced outer target area size to 11.5 yards
  • DiabloWikiFrozen Pulse

  • Reduced pulse target area size to 11.5 yards
  • DiabloWikiThunderstorm

  • Reworked targeting logic on subsequent bolts to keep them within a small area of the first bolt
  • Thunderstorm bolts no longer “chase” targets
  • Increased Thunderstorm’s splash damage slightly (0.5 – 0.75) to account for the above change
  • Bug Fixes

  • First kill Legendary has been removed from DiabloWikiRakanoth.
  • Monsters in the Rockworm family will no longer become stuck in an invulnerable state when killed while burrowed
  • Monsters with the DiabloWikiReflects Damage affix are no longer becoming stuck in an endlessly looping animation

    Skill tooltips now show the damage type if you have Advanced Tooltips enabled

    Bug Fixes

  • Attributes are now properly displaying values when viewed in Heroes Profile tab

  • Reaper of Souls Closed Beta – v.

    Below you will find the most current Closed Beta patch notes for Reaper of Souls.

    ATTENTION: Please note that the Closed Beta also includes all changes from the PTR.


    The amount of experience needed per level from 64 onward has been increased

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where DiabloWikiCovetous Shen‘s unique side quest could not be completed
  • Fixed an issue where the Soul Crucibles in Gideon’s Row and Nobles Rest could not be damaged by certain abilities during the quest “Orbs of Death”
  • Fixed an issue where the entrance to the Musty Cellar was floating in mid-air in front of Haedrig’s cart in the Survivor’s Enclave
  • Adventure Mode

  • DiabloWikiKadala, the DiabloWikiBlood Shard vendor, now has a chance to randomly produce Legendaries when purchasing randomized items.
  • DiabloWikiLorath Nahr is now no longer a vendor.
  • Bounties

  • In Adventure Mode, each Act now rolls a random boss kill, dungeon clear, unique kill, event complete, and random non-boss bounty
  • Nephalem Rifts

  • The Greater DiabloWikiHoradric Cache has been removed
  • The loot that previously came from these bags will now drop from DiabloWikiRift Guardians.
  • Several changes have been made to Nephalem Rift maps
  • Bug Fixes

  • Kadala’s inventory has been updated to include bows and crossbows
  • “Bounty: Kill Lurk” can now be completed
  • The shy female Lacuni who were refusing to jump down from their perches in the Caverns of Frost have been removed from Adventure Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where some lower level bounties were providing level 70 rewards

    All skill changes listed above for the PTR apply to RoS as well.


    Active Skills


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Avalanche to deal ~20% more damage than listed
  • Skill Rune – Snow-Capped Mountain
  • Increased the damage area width from 30 to 40 yards
  • Reduced the damage from 2000% to 1600% weapon damage
  • Skill Rune – Volcano
  • Increased damage from 2400% to 3000% weapon damage
  • Increased the randomness of the volcano damage targeting
  • Crusader

    Active Skills

    DiabloWikiAkarat’s Champion

  • Skill Rune – Fire Starter
  • Has been redesigned. Whenever the player spends 20 Wrath, they will explode with fire, dealing weapon damage to nearby enemies
  • DiabloWikiLaws of Hope

  • Cooldown increased to 45 seconds
  • The active effect of the base skill and all runes no longer heals players and allies. Instead, it now puts a shield on all players for 3 seconds.
  • DiabloWikiLaws of Justice

  • Cooldown increased to 45 seconds
  • Skill Rune – Faith’s Armor
  • Now has a 3 second expiration timer on the shield
  • DiabloWikiLaws of Valor

  • Cooldown increased to 45 seconds
  • Passive Skills


  • Has been renamed DiabloWikiRighteousness
  • Bug Fixes

    DiabloWikiHeaven’s Fury

  • Skill Rune – Split Fury
  • An enemy can now only be targeted by a single beam
  • DiabloWikiLaws of Hope

  • Skill Rune – Wings of Angels
  • Crusaders with this skill rune activated will no longer be able to pass through sand doors in the Storm Halls and Unknown Depths
  • Demon Hunter

    Active Skills


  • Vault will now trigger Side Cannons and Homing Rockets while Vengeance is active
  • Skill Rune – Dark Heart
  • Increased damage from 300% to 325% weapon damage per sec
  • Skill Rune – Personal Mortar
  • No longer fires homing rockets
  • Changed damage type from Physical to Fire
  • Skill Rune – Stimulants
  • This rune has been replaced with Side Cannons
  • Replaces the side guns with cannons that deal 150% weapon damage and heal you for 1.5% of maximum life per enemy hit
  • Witch Doctor

    Bug Fixes


  • Grave Injustice now correctly affects the cooldown of this skill
  • Wizard

    Active Skills

    DiabloWikiBlack Hole

  • Skill Rune – Absolute Zero
  • Reduced Cold damage bonus per enemy hit to 3%
  • Passive Skills


  • Reduced damage bonus to 15%

  • All Legendary crafting recipes now require a unique material
  • Unique crafting materials for Legendaries now only drop at level 70
  • Unique Legendary crafting materials now display as Rare quality (instead of Legendary quality)
  • The chance for a crafting plan to drop from Horadric Caches has been reduced.

    DiabloWikiCursed Chests

  • All Acts can now spawn Cursed Chests in many zones that may summon a handful of monsters, Champions, Rares, or even Bosses (these chests are different from “Wave” and “Horde” chest types)
  • These chests only appear in Adventure Mode
  • These chest events can be failed
  • These chest events cannot be Bounties
  • Chest rewards for these kinds of chests are currently being tuned
  • DiabloWikiInfernal Machine

  • The Keywardens now spawn in both Campaign and Adventure Mode from level 60-70
  • Level 70 Keywardens now also have a small chance to drop a random key from other Acts
  • The following keys now drop at level 70 from Keywardens (these keys are used to craft the level 70 Infernal Machine device):

  • DiabloWikiKey of Bones
  • DiabloWikiKey of Gluttony
  • DiabloWikiKey of War
  • DiabloWikiKey of Evil
  • The Blacksmith can now craft the following level 70 devices:

  • DiabloWikiThe Infernal Machine of Bones
  • DiabloWikiThe Infernal Machine of Gluttony
  • DiabloWikiThe Infernal Machine of War
  • DiabloWikiThe Infernal Machine of Evil
  • The new Infernal Machine recipes now drop off any DiabloWikiKeywardens at level 70

    Level 70 Infernal Machine bosses now drop the following components (these items are used to craft the level 70 Hellfire Ring):

  • DiabloWikiLeoric’s Regret
  • DiabloWikiVial of Putridness
  • DiabloWikiIdol of Terror
  • DiabloWikiHeart of Evil
  • The Jeweler can now craft a level 70 version of the Hellfire Ring:

  • There is only one version of the new Hellfire Ring; when crafting, it will roll using the Smart Loot system for the character that crafted it
  • This crafting plan can be purchased from Squirt in Act II
  • The drop rates for level 70 keys and organs for the Infernal Machine event have temporarily been set to 100%.
  • This is to encourage testing in the next phase

  • A new item affix has been added: +% damage to DiabloWikiPiranhas
  • DiabloWikiDeath’s Breath material now drops more frequently from Champion and Elite packs
  • DiabloWikiPiro Marella (Crusader shield) is now a crafted item
  • DiabloWikiGolden Scourge (Crusader flail) is now a crafted item
  • Legendary Items:
    DiabloWikiAhavarion, Spear of Lycander

  • Reduced chance on killing a demon to gain a Shrine buff from 2% to 0.5%
  • DiabloWikiAlabaster Gloves

  • Now heals allies for 50% of health potion amount
  • DiabloWikiBand of the Rue Chambers

  • Increased minimum Spirit Generation bonus from Spirit Generators to 60%
  • DiabloWikiCord of the Sherma

  • Increased internal cooldown to 10 seconds
  • Increased radius to 27.5 yards to match the visual effect
  • DiabloWikiEye of Peshkov

  • Increased minimum cooldown on Breath of Heaven roll to 38%
  • DiabloWikiFalcon Wing

  • Now works on dodges
  • DiabloWikiFulminator

  • Increased minimum Lightning Rod weapon damage per second to 167%
  • DiabloWikiThe Furnace

  • Increased internal cooldown to 1 second
  • DiabloWikiGolden Gorget of Leoric

  • Reduced Skeleton duration to 10 seconds
  • DiabloWikiHexing Pants of Mr. Yan

  • While stationary, the resource regeneration and damage is now reduced by 20-25%
  • DiabloWikiThe Laws of Seph

  • Increased Spirit gain on casting Blinding Flash from 45-60 to 75-100
  • DiabloWikiThe Magistrate

  • Increased coolup before Frost Nova to 4.5 seconds
  • Reduced cooldown between Frost Novas to 4.5 seconds
  • Reduced Freeze duration to 2 seconds
  • DiabloWikiMask of Lies

  • Now always rolls with +Maximum Arcane Power
  • DiabloWikiSalvation

  • Reduced party-wide healing amount on block from 100% to 20%-30% of the amount blocked
  • DiabloWikiSchaefer’s Hammer

  • Increased the Lightning Damage roll to 30%-40%
  • Removed internal cooldown
  • DiabloWikiThunderfury

  • Increased movement and attack speed slow to 30%
  • Increased proc chance to 60%
  • Fixed a bug where the proc chance wasn’t rolling against the triggering power’s proc scalar
  • Changed internal cooldown to 1 / Attacks Per Second
  • Increased maximum targets to 5
  • DiabloWikiThundergod’s Vigor

  • No longer a Barbarian Belt and can roll for any class
  • Now rolls 150-200 Lightning Resist
  • Now rolls 10%-15% more damage with Lightning Skills
  • DiabloWikiTrag’oul Coils

  • Will now also reduce all cooldowns by 45-60 seconds when you use a healing well, in addition to its previous effect of replenishing all resources
  • New Legendary:
    DiabloWikiHalcyon’s Ascent (may also be listed as “Strobe”)

  • Rolls Primary stat, Cooldown Reduction, Increased Damage Against Elites 10%-15% and Reduced Damage From Elites 10%-15%
    Legendary Power:

  • Barbarian – When you use Wrath of the Berserker, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Crusader – When you use Akarat’s Champion, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Demon Hunter – When you use Vengeance, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Monk – When you use Epiphany, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Witch Doctor – When you use Big Bad Voodoo, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds
  • Wizard – When you use Archon, you mesmerize nearby enemies with your skill, causing them to jump uncontrollably for 6-8 seconds

  • DiabloWikiTorment difficulties III-VI now have difficulty descriptions
  • The Waypoint UI now displays the appropriate gold/experience values for Bounty turn-in rewards.
  • Tons of changes here for both games. I’m eager to get some testing done to try out those new Cursed Chest changes, amongst other shiny toys. Nothing is listed about increased legendary drop rates in RoS, so perhaps it’s undocumented, or else this will all end in tears.

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