Diablo 3 PTR Queue Times, No Fix Imminent

Much of the ongoing conversation about the PTR focuses on the crazy-long queue times to create a game, with players who want to test finding themselves unable to do so without a very long wait (and sometimes not even then). That’s the top response so far in our recent PTR vote, and it was a topic of conversation on the podcast last night.

There are some work-arounds — on the podcast last night Rankil brought up the useful trick of building a larger friends list so you can hope to spot someone who is in a game and join them, as the big delay is just to create games, not to join open ones. That’s not always the solution, of course, so what about Blizzard adding some more PTR capacity? There’s no word on that, but an EU CM did reply to a thread raging about the PTR problems.

Diablo 3 PTR Queue Times, No Fix Imminent:

Unbelievable Queue Times

Please check as to why not only ridiculous length of time spent queuing for a game but time increases the longer you wait. In addition, unable to leave queue via cancel button.
Vaneras: I understand your frustration guys, but I’m afraid this might be a case of more people wanting to test changes on the PTR than there is capacity for. I don’t really have anything else I can say about the queue right now, which I apologise for, but I just wanted you guys to know that we are not ignoring your feedback on this.

A US CM chimed in with similar words later in the day:

Nevalistis: The current wait times are indeed high for the PTR, and we’re thrilled about the big turnout for testing. Thank you to everyone for your dedication and quality feedback!

We’ve set up every resource we have available for the PTR to help with the queue times. However, as a test realm, the PTR is not meant to accommodate the same amount of demand as our live servers. Simply put, this is much more PTR activity than we normally see!

We’re grateful to see so many eager testers, and look forward to your feedback.

I got on last night for a quick game and there was no wait time at all. I got on this afternoon around 2:30 Pacific and the queue said 2:16, so I joined and went to the kitchen for a beverage, and by the time I returned my DH was standing in Tristram. I’m sure the wait is longer during evening peak hours US time, but if you try outside of the busy times, it doesn’t feel crowded at all… which is probably why Blizzard isn’t rushing to add more servers to expand the load.

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  1. the PTR server farm is clearly not very big. way too many people are trying to play PTR. The best solution would be to queue people stopping them from logging into PTR completely. That way once in they can freely create games at will.

    Whether or not they have that ability is the question. I know in WoW they did. If they had to code it and put it in place, it could take considerable time to implement.

    There is just no quick fix to this.

  2. maybe time to do regions as the live game ? u cant throw in everyone from all over the world in a server that takes what 1000 people ???

  3. I really want to try the new content out. Before they buffed legs it wasn't hard at all to get on. Now I have an hour queue any time of the day for PTR. Just not worth the hassle of trying.

  4. I got on for a quick game late last night and there was no queue at all. Tried this afternoon around 2:30 pacific time and the wait was 2 minutes. I assume the queue is longer in the US evening hours, but it's not like the PTR is impossible to access most of the time.

    • Another perk of joining a game a friend already has open… crazy leveling speed. I was doing some Rifts on T6 this afternoon when another guy from the US IncGamers HC clan got on and I invited him. He went from Paragon 11 to Paragon 40 in a single rift, I'm talking 5 or 6 minutes, just running behind my DH's wake of destruction and picking up legendaries.

      Of course the irony was that I'd done 4 A1 bounties when he joined, I did the 5th while he sorted gear, and you can guess which of us got a ring from the Cache…

  5. I haven’t been able to get in on EU-servers. Queuetime (estimated) 1 h 55 min. I can’t wait that long. I only have 1 or 2 hours of available gaming time each night. So… it seems that I have to wait for the 2.1.2 to go live instead.

    • what eu ? there is no wait time if u mean the regular game on EU ?

      • The PTR is a different server, located in the US (in SoCal, near Blizzard). So everyone from the world can play on the PTR server, and copy their normal account over to it. But it'll tend to be busier/slower during US peak hours.

  6. The queue times lie…last night my queue time said 40+ minutes each time, but the actual wait was more like 2 minutes. Don’t trust blizzard’s queue time estimation software.

  7. I just created a seasonal character to see if they diverted all their servers to testing out new characters … and that is exactly the case. Wait time for my new level 1 character was 9 minutes. To run my level 70 regular characters the wait was over an hour. I Guess I will run the PTR the way it was ment to be tested and enjoy the building process and new legs. 😀

  8. Well… I thought that might be the case … it has said estimated wait at 6 minutes and 13 seconds on the US server for over 30 minutes now for a new seasonal character. I give up.

  9. haverá novas mudanças no Arcanista? no set do pássaro de fogo, tal Rasha ou outros? ou revisão de suas skills? pós tal classe a inda está fazendo fenda bem baixas em comparação com os outros personagens no PTR 2.1.2.

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