We saw a number of blue posts last week talking about changes coming to Conduit Shrines, Raekor’s Set, Marauder’s Set, and other things in the next Patch on the PTR. As we know, Blizzard sometimes has a special definition of the word “DiabloWikisoon,” but this morning a CM on EU made a promise he may live to regret. Diablo 3 PTR Patch Coming Soon. (Not just “Soon.”)

    Is PTR development on hold?
    Vaneras: Nope, a new PTR patch will be coming soon 🙂

    Do you mean “Soon?”
    Vaneras: Nope, regular soon 🙂

    Gone, but never forgotten.

    Gone, but never forgotten.

    No word on whether they’ll wipe the PTR when they put up the new patch, though I certainly hope not.

    Thanks to the super community buff I’ve got 520 P levels in Season Two and lots of that new gear for testing; as soon as the patch tweaks the set bonuses that I might test the changes.

    There’s plenty on the PTR to test already, if you’re wondering about giving it a try. There are already big changes to Marauder’s and Sunwuko’s sets from how they work on live, three new Legendary Gems (I ran a new level 1 with the Gem of Ease and it was amazing. Solo to lvl 60 in under an hour.), lots of changes to Rift layouts and monster density, 4 new types of Treasure Goblins, etc.

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