Diablo 3 PTR Legendary Drop Exploit

There’s a new bug on the PTR and in the Reaper of Souls beta that allows a player to repeatedly exploit the guaranteed legendary drop from Act Bosses. A fan sort of brought it up on the forums and got a reply from a Blue who didn’t know about the bug yet. (But I bet they do by now.)

Resetting quests doesn’t reset boss legendary drop?

It says “Restarting will give you bonus rewards for completing quests!” but that doesn’t include the guaranteed legendary drop the first time you kill an act boss. I think it should reset the boss drop. There should be a way to get a guaranteed legendary drop in the game other than leveling a whole new character.

Grimiku: Currently the game is designed to only give players a Legendary item the first time they kill a major boss, but you should find a Legendary item with some level of frequency after that. We recently made some changes to our system to help ensure players are finding those items. For reference, you can read a little more about that system in this post from Travis Day.

The guy in the OP doesn’t quite get it, but some of the guys in our INC guild were talking about this today in guild chat, and apparently it’s quite easy to do. If you do a whole Act in sequence (not just leaping to the last quest), in Story Mode, you will get a legendary drop guaranteed from each Act Boss, the first time you kill it with each character. The bug now is that if you reset your quest progress, just restarting at the beginning of that act or an earlier act, you’ll get the guaranteed legendary again from that Act Boss. (I haven’t tested this myself because RoS, so if I have a detail wrong hit it in comments and I’ll correct.)

What keeps this from being a real exploit is that it only works up through lvl 59. Once you hit lvl 60 the guaranteed drop goes away, and that pretty much keeps it from being of any use in level 70 world of Reaper of Souls. Legendaries of level 55-59 are potentially pretty useful on the PTR though.


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  1. “The bug now is that if you reset your quest progress, just restarting at the beginning of that act or an earlier act, you’ll get the guaranteed legendary again from that Act Boss.”

    I didn’t test this yet, since I don’t have a suitable character (all too high level), but I think this only works if you use the newly added reset quest button, which erases all your quest progress, so you have to start at the beginning of Act 1. Will do test this when I’ll get the chance.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me, the depths that some people will go for min-maxing.

    Thankfully, this strategy is limited to 1-59. I can already imagine the cries of rage that would take place if you could farm like this at max level.

    OTOH, that might actually be a kind-of cool idea. Frankly, you have to play for a good amount of time to make the strat work anyway, since you have to full-clear an Act, so you should be getting legendaries one way or another, unless you’re literally just playing on Normal and running through every area (which I’m sure most people abusing this strat are doing). While I’m sure that there would still be lots of whining going on if the strat were made legit, I think it could be made to work. I think it would have to be limited to upper Torment levels though. If, say, the strat worked for Torment I and up, and gave you a 20% chance for a leg/set drop per Torment level, I think it could work. A full-clear of an Act on Torment V (the lowest Torment needed to guarantee a free leg/set) should be dropping you a decent number of legs/sets anyway.

    That said, whether or not the idea might have merits as a feature, it is most certainly a bug, and will likely be hotfixed very soon. Honestly, while the bug might be interesting as a feature, hotfixing it is probably for the best.

  3. I don’t see it being easily exploited. You’re gaining too much exp to be able to farm lots of legs that way and they still gonna be 1-59. Like Flux mentioned, some late legs can be useful even at 60 but it’s probably still better to get to 60 and get that legs there, cause they’ll roll with higher stats.

  4. The only way I can see it being ‘exploited’ is if you level a new char, complete act1, reset, complete act1, because by the time you compelte act4, you’re going to be nearly level 60 anyways, so you’ll want all content to farm for variance and lack of boredom!

    I did do this reset option as when I read it, it said about reseting the quest rewards and leg drop from act bosses, however, the butcher did not drop a leg, SK did however. That may have been my time for a leg though.

    All in all, although a mistake, and I was level 60 anyways, it was fun to be ‘forced’ to playthrough the acts, and I’m currently on my way to kill maghda [sp?] Although now I know I can’t play further, I have a real urge to go to act3 and kill some trebuchets! 😀

  5. Actually this is something I would have suggested as a feature, to get people to play story mode while leveling. If you have to do pretty much the WHOLE act, I figure you deserve something for killing the act boss at the end, and it encourages people to actually kill that act boss. The fact that it cuts off at level 60 makes it not effect end-game and gives a boost to leveling. I hope they keep it.

  6. Yeah I am having a hard time seeing a problem here. If you gotta play through the whole Act again it really just doesn’t feel like an exploit to me.

  7. I tried it last night, with my lvl 70 creating the game and the lvl 59 joining in. We did Act 2 and Act 3, just the last quest, and he got a leg drop from both bosses. Ironically, we did Act 4 also but he leveled to 60 on the Diablo kill and got no legs. I, on the other hand, got a leg and a leg crafting plan from big D.

    Total time per game was just a few minutes, so in theory you could get quite a few legs this way, with a friend helping. The problem is you’d level to 60 pretty quickly, just from the exp for each boss and end quest.

    • See, THIS is where the exploit comes in.

      And I’ve always said that you shouldn’t be able to join games that are on a quest you haven’t unlocked. It breaks the game in a lot of ways, this is just one more.

      I wouldn’t care if a level 70 rushed you through the entire act, but the skipping to the end quests is an exploit.

      If you don’t reset your quests, you can jump around to whatever quest you want but don’t get the legendaries from bosses. If you reset your quests, you have to earn your way back again, no skipping ahead just because a friend hosts a game.

      Or, possible other alternative, you can’t reset your quests until you’ve DONE every quest. So even if you go in and do the end boss of all 4 acts, you can’t reset your quests until you go back and COMPLETE all 4 acts. That would fix the exploit too, without forcing everyone to hold to my opinion that skipping quests should be blocked. =P

      • I was the one doing this with Flux and I got two junk Legendaries. I got what I deserved I guess. 🙂

        I’m sorry that I didn’t make this clear Flux, but I wasn’t testing the quest reset when we did this. My level 59 Barb leveled in Act 1 exclusively to get his guaranteed Legendaries at the highest level possible.

        We would need to do this again with a lower level character and kill the bosses multiple times before level 60 to see if the quest reset also resets the guaranteed Legendary drops.

        • 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

          • I didn’t mean to deceive him or anything like that, I simply didn’t consider that he could misunderstand what we’ll be doing. 🙂

            Anyway, I did test this reset thingy and it took less time than I thought. The reason? We can’t reset our quest progress before 60 (or 70 with RoS I assume), because the button won’t appear. Therefore we can’t exploit the guaranteed drops. We can still level to 59 in Act 1 then kill all the bosses, but I don’t consider that an exploit at all.

          • Correction, we can’t reset our progress until we completed all quests it seems.

          • Then in my opinion there’s no exploit.

            My current gaming path is to play through normal, reset, play through expert, reset, play through master, etc.

  8. here is the thing that some might be missing because it hasn’t been clearly enunciated:

    You reset your quests… then have a friend invite you into their game where they have the last zone, at the boss, cleared (find diablo through the crystal arch.. a straight run to the final, largest loot dropping boss atm). You take a 20 second run, do a quick fight, and BAM, free legendaries. I didn’t quite believe it would be that simple until I took my HC monk I had just created about and hour before and had a friend invite me to where she was, right at diablo. So I had the crystal arch unlocked. I left game, started my own game to test, and sure enough, I ran to diablo at level 7, killed him on expert, and got 4 legs. A level 7 nagelring with 48% magic find is a fun thing to have, I guess.

    The one redeeming part of this exploit is indeed how quickly ppl will outlevel the legs they gain. And, it seems that once you have reset 1x, the game requires you to fully clear, or at least clear more than what you had… Not sure, but atm the reset quest button is greyed out. I’m intentionally refusing to play around with this on any of my max level characters because, tbh, it just ruins the fun when you make legs something everyday and common, but I imagine plenty of ppl have figured this out already and abuse it. Ppl will do what they do. With legs no longer being tradeable, I guess it isn’t going to hurt that much, aside from the enjoyment of playing through the game and farming loot as intended.

    Although I see the point which was made that you still can’t reset again until you’ve fully cleared. So the only “exploit” is what was aleady there… the ability to rush a character straight to a boss fight without doing the entire quest chain. But 4 leg drops on a level 7 still feels like an exploit, even if it is continuously repeatable, lol.

  9. “A level 7 nagelring with 48% magic find is a fun thing to have, I guess.”

    You know what’s even better? Doing this at level 59, where you can get 4 Legendaries that have a good chance of being useful even at level 60. I always do this with my new characters. The expansion will fix this though, since the guaranteed drops only work for levels 1-59 and a level 59 Legendary will never good for level 70.

    “it seems that once you have reset 1x, the game requires you to fully clear”

    That’s correct. After you do a quest reset you have to do all quests, including all stages of them, before you can reset again.

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