Watch Thursday’s Diablo 3 Live Q&A

Watch Thursday’s Diablo 3 Live Q&A

Diablo 3Blizzard held a live Diablo 3 Q&A on Thursday which was aired on Facebook. Feedback has been mixed but we never expect to learn much new information from these Q&A sessions.

Back in the good old days there was some real value in Q&A sessions but it’s been many, many yeares since they have been of much of value to the community. This is because they have been controlled with questions carefully picked prior to the Q&A sessions and questions not being fully answered. Perhaps these need to be a little longer than 30 minutes to satisfy more of the player base.

If you missed the session, you can now watch the full version with Diablo 3 CM Brandy Camel and senior game designer Joe Shely after the break. Nevalistis also responded to some criticism from fans today in a post.

I am definitely reading everyone’s feedback on the Q&A and taking it to heart. 🙂 I know there are things we can do better, starting with making future sessions a little longer. Joe is very efficient in the way he answers questions, and I overestimated the time it would take.

The content of our questions were sorted on both popularity and frequency, and we tried to get a variety of different community interests. There were actually a lot of questions from achievement hunters, for example, and we want to make sure as much of our community is represented as possible. That may mean you’re not as interested in every question that’s asked, but someone else in the community is.

There were also questions that we just cannot answer, either because we don’t have an answer or because it’s about something that’s not ready. The Necromancer is a good example. We know a ton of you are super stoked to get your hands on the class and want to know more, but it’s a work in progress that isn’t ready to be discussed in detail. As things get solidified and we have information to share, we’ll most certainly target future communications around those details.

I’m also curious as to what people thought of Facebook and interacting with the stream via that platform. I know it’s not for everyone, and as we speak, I’m working on a YouTube upload so those without Facebook have another location they can watch it on.

We have data to collect, feedback to read, and planning to do for the new year, so I wouldn’t expect another Q&A this month (something something holidays, something something New Year), but this will not be the last (even if the format might see a little tweaking) and we’ll find a cadence that fits our development schedule.

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    10 thoughts on “Watch Thursday’s Diablo 3 Live Q&A

    1. This is cool that they still do this, there’s still a large group of fans that appreciate this stuff. Unfortunately there will always be people making a stink about nothing.

      • yeah , we would get more if the uber nagging community was not there
        always , nagging and whinning over nothing
        the game was great (vanilla) and is still great
        a very big middle finger to all the haters , go play poe crap shit , its full of stupid nagging crybabies and diablo haters.i wish they would stay there and leave us alone with there phatetic nagging over nothing crap.

        • oh man , i so agree with you
          this community is full of haters , altho they say they love the game.
          If you’ll love the game you would accept that D3 is not D2 and move on / play the game
          i also put my middle finger in the air to all those haters

    2. Okay let’s be honest it’s not about stink or flaming/blaming it’s just because we are disappointed.
      We love diablo, that’s the reason why we care and hate so much on you!
      And if you say you picked your question on popularity it’s not the whole truth, I red all of the questions in the blizz forum and their were quiet good ones and top rated, but in q&a not even touched. Thank you anyway for trying to get closer to the community and if you are improving it might happen that also D3 will improve!

    3. This is a joke. Go look at the critiques in the Jay Wilson threads, if the conversation even steers anywhere near the direction of actual changes to the game these people will run instantly. These ‘outreach’ programs from Blizz are a joke. Unless you want to talk about drop rate tweaks or increasing the damage, lowering the damage of skill ‘A’ from 600% to 800% or some other happy shit that can be done in two seconds Blizz doesn’t want to hear it. The game is pretty much fixed in this perpetual broken state, stop trying to pretend that you have any interest at this point in fixing it outside of D4 & get back to reskinning the Wiz into a Necro that you can sell to erg and poliosis for $19.99.

      • yeah coz we really love D3
        and you are just sad coz mummy and daddy will not give there creditcard to you

          • The whole game in general 🙂
            i run grifts with friends , i gamble at kadala , trying to look good and trying to have good / nice gear , getting stuff for the cube , trying to find specials …
            i have a blast in this game
            i really don’t see all the problems you guy’s bring on , i really don’t , sorry

            • I used to play with friends, but they all quit, largely because of rifts. Or rather, because they couldn’t deal with the hassle of ‘The realm of trials’ or farming regular rift keys.
              Kadala is kind of cool, but her implementation could have been better. There’s nothing wrong with gambling, it’s just so much more of a factor in D3 than it was in D2. It shouldn’t be mandatory, it should be more of a bonus on the side. The cube is probably the best thing to happen to this game honestly, unfortunately it feels just as marginalized and mandatory as Kadalabecause of the way it’s in the game. Not sure what you mean by “trying to find specials” Do you mean ancient gear? Surely you see Ancient Gear is one of the main reasons systems like Kadala & the cube don’t quite work?

    4. What a joke, asked for questions on Facebook, ignored them all. Instead, replied to some Tweets and asked “what people thought of Facebook and interacting with the stream via that platform”? Well I personally thought it’s buIIshit.

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