Diablo 3 PTR Game Creation and Joining Problems

Hurry up and wait.

Hurry up and wait.

In the early days of Diablo 3 PTR, the patches went live and hardly anyone bothered to test them, since they didn’t contain big game changes and/or there were no incentives to grind for no lasting reward. That’s obviously changed since Reaper of Souls, and now when every patch goes up on the PTR the biggest complaint is that overcrowding makes it impossible to create or even join a game. Diablo 3 PTR Game Creation and Joining Problems:

I’ve done everything that is required to play the PTR, i see few people (3) on t6 and t8 but it seem that i cannot enter the game ATM. They are telling me that the Diablo server busy.. like 14h wait time..
Tyvalir: We totally hear you on the queue times, Gold0RaK!

It’s common for players to rush to test content at the start of a new PTR, resulting in queuing, which should diminish as the PTR progresses. In the meantime, we’re absolutely passing your comments on to the development team.

As others have pointed out, it’s likely that the buff to the Legendary drop rate is also affecting queue times. While we’re maintaining it right now so that we can quickly identify issues players find between Legendary items and Kanai’s Cube, we’ll be deactivating it again later, which should further help alleviate queue times.

we need to be able to go from game to game to farm the caches for the cube testing yet due to the server being crowded we can not do this testing.
Tyvalir: You make a good point, Gimboo. I’ll be passing this to the team. Thanks for the insight!

I probably have 100 legendaries, but could only use the cube on 3 of them because after hours of doing bounties, I ended up with only 3 of one resource. So if you really want players to test Kanai’s, drop the legendary rate and significantly boost the mat rate.
Edit: And Toots!

The lack of materials to use the cube is a real problem, with the endless game creation queues. This happens every testing season on the PTR, where the +2000% drop rate has players drowning in orange and green items, but many builds aren’t working right since no one has a RoRG. Back in March during the Season 2 PTR we even had a crisis where everyone was out of Blue materials since the +2000% means you hardly every find any blue items to salvage.

Bliz reacted to that by cutting most of the blue mat enchanting costs to 1, so they could certainly crank up the Cache material drops, just for the time being.

PTR game creation tips:

  • The best advice for playing on the PTR is to to join a clan or get your friends playing on the PTR also, so you can invite them or the can invite you when/if anyone gets into a game.
  • Play outside of peak hours. Six hour waits in prime time are 2 hour waits late night or early morning.
  • Wait. There’s always a huge crush when the patch is brand new on the PTR, but it eases off after a few days or a week, especially if/when the +2000% buff rate is disabled.
  • Play Hardcore. The wait to create a Hardcore game is usually a fraction that of a Softcore game.
  • Try a different difficulty. The longest waits seem to be the game diff/mode that most people are in, and you’ll often see a MUCH shorter queue time if you try a lower difficulty or even go Story Mode.
  • It seems weird that those last 2 work, but I’ve been on every D3 and RoS PTR right from the first moment they go live, and have seen it happen ever time, first hand and from conversation with others. It’s as if all the PTR B.net capacity is divided up like a pie chart with X amount of space devoted to each thing, but somehow they’ve always got far too little capacity for softcore T6 (T10 now?) and only slightly too little for other game modes. I got on this afternoon and created a T8 HC in about 10m, while everyone in the clan playing softcore was looking at 6+ hour waits.


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  1. almost immediately when I requested Diinet invite one of the guys was on (that was last night/this morning = Europe/USA)got game invite a few hours ago but the caches and cube were already cleared.then i tried starting a new game with 6+ hrs wait time, folded some clothes and just as i was walking out the door to do some shopping (approx. 30min later) i got a virgin game, invited some people = 1 full cache run + KC.me + another barb currently ingame (afk).HC Season. join if you want.grifts and rifts available only.btw … Shrine of Bandits LOL!shrine spawns multiple goblins of all sorts!

  2. This is BS. Don’t tell me they don’t have enough server capacity to temporarily boost the Diablo 3 server capacity.

    • they have plenty of D3 server capacity.   However, they do not have enough PTR server capacity.  2 completely different things.   Why should they pay thru the nose just for a test environment.   It's simply unnecessary.   The problem here is that they've opened the doors to everyone instead of a qualified small group of beta testers that aren't just hopping on to play the game but actually testing and giving important feedback and bug reports.   The vast majority of those hopping on PTR now are only playing the game.

  3. I deleted my PTR install after seeing those queue times. Must have enough testers already

  4. The problem is with these queue timers its impossible to properly test anything since you need the materials.
    Changing gear around from mules etc is also only possible in group play…

    I thought this would be the first PTR where you can actually test something. So far every-time the drop buff disabled blue items therefore it was not possible to re-roll new items or sets in realistic ways. With the new cube recipe this was FINALLY changed.

    Yet we are still screwed until the drop buff is gone and then you can’t FIND the items that you need.

    Its the same circle over and over again.—

  5. Kanai's Cube to be patched out when the patch goes live, just like Mortick's Bracers were due to lack of PTR testing. lol.

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