Diablo 3 Progress Report

Diablo 3 Progress ReportIt’s a little earlier than we might have expected, but the big system update is finally here! As promised, no DiabloWikirelease date was included in this update, but there’s a lot of nuggets of information that will need some digesting. DiabloWikiJay Wilson was thorough in his explanation of what has changed, and those changes cover a wide swath of mechanics.

Key changes include:

  • The removal of the DiabloWikiScroll of Identification from the game, being replaced with a cast timer that you can use indefinitely when you receive an unidentified item.
  • The removal of the DiabloWikiNephalem Cube and DiabloWikiCauldron of Jordan – these have been replaced with a Town Portal icon on your hotbar that you can just use indefinitely.
  • The removal of the DiabloWikiMystic Artisan (say what??). They will be revisiting the Mystic at a later time as it would take too long to differentiate it.
  • Common white items will no longer be salvageable.
  • Three DiabloWikiattributes have changed names, and their functions are much simplified.
  • The DiabloWikiblacksmith will now salvage your items.
  • Character stats are shown in the DiabloWikiinventory window beside the DiabloWikipaper doll, while the full list of stats is shown on the character UI.
  • A dedicated potion button has been created out of the fifth skill on the hotbar, since we didn’t realize how important it was to use previously – thanks permaximum.

A few things to tack on to these fairly large changes include the removal of DiabloWikiAttack, DiabloWikiDefense, and DiabloWikiPrecision. It’s an interesting decision, due to the fact that they had explained how these umbrella-like attributes would be useful for all classes and prevent pigeon-holing your build. While I personally like the change, it does bring into question the idea of the build diversity. Will we still be able to have viable, interesting builds that the previous system allowed?

Another point of interest is the decision to remove the Mystic. While the Mystic only provided limited functions for DiabloWikigems, DiabloWikisockets, and DiabloWikienchantment, they felt that her abilities weren’t differentiated enough from the itemization already in place and they decided to forgo that granulation. This will certainly impact your arsenal as they will no longer receive enchantments. Perhaps we will just see one-shot enchantment scrolls as items? Or perhaps we’ll see enchantments removed entirely?

The last thing that I’d like to touch on is the quick slip-in of their desire to re-evaluate and consider the affixes that affect specific skills. We’re all familiar with DiabloWikiDiablo 2‘s item system and it was one of the things on my wish-list for Diablo 3. So much of D2’s item pool was tied to the augmentation of those specific skills and it was certainly one of the greatest feelings in the item hunt when you find that optimal rare. This fact also implicates the skills system itself, though. Additional big changes to DiabloWikirunestones and DiabloWikiskills are promised, but they are not ready to be revealed yet. Perhaps we’ll see the re-introduction of skills points or something very similar?

So what do you guys think about these big system changes? Are they what you expected? Was this worth the wait?


Site members have also kicked up a massive discussion thread in the forums on today’s news.

Click through to read Jay’s full post.

While working on Diablo III we’ve been called out for messing around with systems too much, that the game is good as-is and we should just release it. I think that’s a fair argument to make, but I also think it’s incorrect. Our job isn’t just to put out a game, it’s to release the next Diablo game. No one will remember if the game is late, only if it’s great. We trust in our ability to put out a great game, but we’re not quite there yet. In addition to finishing and polishing the content of the game we’re continuing to iterate on some of the core game systems. So all that said, I’d like to provide everyone an update on some of the systems we’re currently working on.

We’re changing some of the systems we’ve gotten the most feedback on both internally and from the beta test, including crafting, items, core attributes, and inventory. We’ll go over those changes and the reasons for them. In addition we’re working on major changes to the skill and rune systems that we’re not ready to talk about, but I promise you we can’t possibly ship without a finished skill and rune system. 🙂

Let’s start off small: Scrolls of Identification are no longer in the game. Unidentified items and the act of identifying them is still very much part of the game, but now when obtaining an unidentified item you’ll simply right click it, a short cast timer will occur as your character examines the item, and it will become identified. We love the double-discovery of finding a present and then unwrapping it, but we don’t think it requires a physical item you have to find and keep in your bags to get the same effect. From now on you’ll just be able to inherently identify all your items, no need to carry scrolls. Your character in Diablo III is just that badass now.

We’re also moving the fifth quick slot button, which is becoming a dedicated potion button. A dedicated potion button is something we went back and forth on throughout development. Recently it became apparent that players need to be aware of their potions for emergency situations. Our combat model doesn’t promote or even allow chugging potions in rapid succession, but they’re certainly useful when you run into a string of bad luck with health globes, or if you just get in over your head. This is one of our newest changes, so the button and mechanics don’t actually function in beta Patch 10, but that’s our intent and you’ll be seeing it supported in future beta updates.

The design team is currently looking at systems and cleaning them up, removing any superfluous system objectives and those that are beyond fixing. Thus, we’re removing the Mystic artisan. As we look at the big picture, the Mystic simply wasn’t adding anything to our customization system. Enhancement was really just the socket and gem system with a different name, and it would prolong the release of the game even further to go back to the drawing board and differentiate it, so we’ll revisit the Mystic and enhancements at a later time. Removing her from the game took some time, but it’s nowhere near the efforts that would be required to flesh out a better customization system. We hope she’ll be able to join your caravan in the future, but for now we’re going to focus on the extensive customization options the game already offers.

We’re also looking at systems we’ve created and making sure that the rationale that brought us to these designs still makes sense. The Stone of Recall, for instance, has a short cast time and allows you to return to town. Early on we said we wouldn’t have town portals, as they introduced too many combat exploits, but we were able to resolve them. Because we have the Stone of Recall, though, we began to evaluate systems that were originally implemented to deal with the exclusion of town portals.

So we’ve decided to remove the Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube. They were implemented to allow for salvaging and selling items when there was no quick and easy way to return to town. Now that the Stone of Recall exists, we found that keeping the Cauldron and Cube in the game detracted from the benefits of returning to town to sell items, salvage, craft, and interact with the townsfolk. It’s a good idea to break up combat so that players have a moment to evaluate their gear and crafting options before venturing back out. In addition, we’ve decided to just call it what it is and the Stone of Recall is now Town Portal, and is integrated directly onto the skill bar UI.

The Blacksmith artisan will now salvage items. With removal of the Cube we needed some mechanic in town that allowed you to salvage your items, and it just makes sense for the Blacksmith to offer it.

One other important change is that common (white) items will no longer be salvageable. We found that it caused a few itemization issues, but mostly this is due to a general philosophy shift on the importance of items. Previously, our thinking was that when an item dropped it should always be useful to you in some way, either the stats could be an improvement for you, or in the case of white items you could break it down and craft something better. Through a lot of play testing we have come full circle to the Diablo II methodology — a lot of stuff that drops just isn’t worth picking up. Diablo II captured the loot piñata feel by dropping a lot of crap, mostly arrows and bolts, and we of course still very much want that feeling of item-explosions. To do that we need to be able to balance the value of items to how many we’re throwing at you.

This leads us to the last change I’ll be detailing today:

We’re changing core character attributes to Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality, and the benefits each stat provides is being broken down as:


  • +Barbarian damage


  • +Demon Hunter damage
    +Monk damage
  • +Dodge


  • +Wizard damage
  • +Witch Doctor damage

    +Health from globes


  • +Health

We’re dropping DiabloWikiDefense, DiabloWikiAttack, and DiabloWikiPrecision as attributes, DiabloWikiArmor is taking over for what Defense used to provide, +Physical Resist will take over for Armor, and +Chance to Crit will fill in for Precision. Obviously these stat changes are one of the bigger systems changes we’re currently working on as they have far reaching requirements to re-itemize and balance the game.

This change makes the stats more intuitive and fixes some of the itemization issues we were running into. We want to make it clear that junk items aren’t worth picking up, and make it easy to identify other items as not for your character. We want to drop a ton of items, but to really pull off a sense of excitement when finding a great item, there needs to be non-optimal items, both for your class, and in general. By specifically targeting stats at classes, we can reduce the amount of item overlap, diversify our item pool, and create a cleaner, more exciting itemization system.

By and large these changes have little impact on which items you’re going to want. The item hunt has always been based on secondary stats and affixes, and we’re working hard to ensure build diversity is as large as possible by getting as many affixes into the game as possible (adding more item affixes is also something we’ve been working on). Simply including affixes that augment specific skills greatly expands the itemization pool and build possibilities.

Moving on, with the removal of the Cauldron of Jordan, Nephalem Cube, and by moving Town Portal to the skill panel, we’re now displaying character stats directly on the inventory UI. Now you can see your stats go up and down as you try on different items. All the same info is available; we’re just streamlining the UI, making it more useful. It might seem insignificant but we’re pleased with the results.

All of these are changes that will in one way or another be seen in the latest beta patch, and so we hope that those of you with access please try them out and let us know what you think in the Beta Feedback forum.

There’s a lot of work left to be done, though. We’re constantly tuning and making balance changes; it’s a massive task. Some of these changes can be seen in the beta, like changes to item rarity, the levels at which we introduce affixes, and how many affixes enemies can roll up. Some you can’t see in the beta, like balancing the difficulty of the entire game for four different difficulty levels, adding tons of new affixes, creating legendary items, filling out crafting recipes and itemization, working on achievements, and implementing Battle.net features. We’re also working on a number of other large systems changes — specifically with the skill and rune systems. We’re not quite ready to share what those are just yet, but we look forward to being able to do so in the near future.

We want Diablo III to be the best game it can be when it launches. To get there, we’re going to be iterating on designs we’ve had in place for a long time, making changes to systems you’ve spent a lot of time theorycrafting, and removing features you may have come to associate with the core of the experience. Our hope is that by embracing our iterative design process in which we question ourselves and our decisions, Diablo III won’t just live up to our expectations, but will continue to do so a decade after it’s released.

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    210 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Progress Report

      • The whole D3 Blizzard team is filled with a bunch of scumbags that always tout to us (the hardcore fanatics) that they love getting feedback and suggestions, but in all honestly they don’t give a f***. All the aspects of the game thus far are attributed to them and only them, not us. Unfortunately for me Diablo 2 was such a great (thanks a lot Blizzard North) and now I have to put up with these jackass D3 developers who think they know everything. Clearly they don’t, as they never seem to fix anything that was broken, but rather try to fix sh** that worked perfectly in D2.

        I’m sick of all the ass kissing that goes on in the Bnet forums, so I’d just like to say screw you Jay Wilson, screw you Bashiok, and screw you Blizzard team!

        Now finish the game!

        That is all!

        • “All the aspects of the game thus far are attributed to them and only them, not us.”
          Good, they’re the ones getting paid to make this game, not us.

        • Good comments there….Big Tuna.

          Have already quit playing Diablo3 since patch 1.0.4 after reading and testing PTR (1.0.5). Blizzard South are just a bunch of arrogant ass.

          Gonna avoid any future games from Blizzard no matter what they say in the press coz Activision Blizzard’s product never live up to its hype.

          I fell asleep watching the game play of WoW – Mist of Pandaria. A bunch of linear chores Blizz-turd likes to adopt. They never change. Even D3 is the same. Sorry it’s D2.5.

          Anyone that reads this. AVOID DIABLO 3 or ANY PRODUCT FROM BLIZZARD or with a word ACTIVISION on it.

          It will be my mission.

    1. That was a lot of pretty words that said “release date is next week”

      This is my favorite line, actually:

      “Simply including affixes that augment specific skills greatly expands the itemization pool and build possibilities.”

      Items with flavor on them are awesome.

    2. All i see is Q2 in your eyes, viva la noche and you will be mine.

      I understand they’re trying to create the best Diablo3 it can be, but this dev team seems a bit naive.. every software developer knows that EVERYTHING can ALWAYS be better, specially if you have infinite time and infinite money.. as they seem to have. But instead of this polishing to infinity, they should focus on changing things that need to be fixed, and not those that people may be “okay” with it. overhauling an entire game because you’ve entered beta means that game is far from completion.

      Never gonna give Q3 up!

      • in the first sentence the word “here” is a link to battle.net, althoguh its not the forums, it is the “announcement/news” page for D3, and if you were able to go there and scroll down you’d see people are actively discussing it

      • thats what i am saying… anything with the words “battle.net” in the address is going to be filtered by the firewall. we have a no games policy and it is considered a “game”

        • oh, duh, now I understand what you meant

          find the thread named
          Jay Wilson’s Article Will Be Going Up Tomorrow
          I posted it in there

      • Agree these are amazing changes.
        The most important one is the itemization change that Elly didn’t mention.

        • This is actually what I wrote 😉 but you can see the updates to the article now and I do touch on it. 🙂

    3. **Incoming nerd rage** say Fire Jay Wilson! I want Blizzard North back! All these changes, and most of which are no-brainers shoulda been in at the start, town portal, come on? They have no idea what they want, and maybe should of thought a little more before implementing systems that they’re just going to remove. Instead of trying to go over the top, why not just use what worked from the get go christ. The neph cube was one great idea I thought, and they took that out lol. Man I’d fire yer arse out to the lawn Jay! Give me back Blizz north!! 😈

      • O yeah cause those guys aren’t doing the same thing over at Runic.  TL2 was set to come out in the Summer of 2011 and here we are January 2012 and there is been no word as to when the beta will start.

        • Runic has disappointed me with the delay, but you can’t really compare TL2?s delay with D3?s delay;
          Runic Games didn’t even exist when Blizzard announced D3

      • Not to agree or disagree with your rant, but this is part of what I’ve been saying with my, “Iteration is an excuse to not do things right the first time” jokes.  Iteration is great when it leads to improvements, but quite often they spend 12 or 18 or 24 months dicking around with some game system, only to end up with something basically identical to what they had in the first place.

        Having infinite amounts of time to work on things isn’t necessarily a great thing; sometimes “good enough and move on cause we’re in a hurry” can be a valid schedule.

        • I think the attribute change is quite telling. Making ‘attack’ the damage stat for all classes seems initially like a good idea, but it falls down when it comes to itemisation. This means that all characters are going to want an amulet or ring that has +attack on it. By going back the str/dex/int system, now +str rings/amulets are going to be prized by barbarians, while wizards want +int ones. This leads to a deeper itemization experience and encourages trading.

          I also think the potential return of skill points is again being done for itemization reasons.

          When you put these together, and look at the item stats that they put online, particularly the lame gem ‘bragging rights’ bonuses (before claiming it was all just temporary), I get the impression that the D3 team really lost the idea about what makes item finding D and D2 fun. They were trying to make everything too streamlined and ‘simple’, but doing that takes out a lot of the actual incentive to find new gear. If this new item is only slightly better than the one I’ve got, who cares?

          • They can’t put skill points in since I spent time yesterday to update the skills, spells, skill points, etc, wiki pages, with all the current info and explanations.

    4. Say What?

      Welcome September Release date…… 
      I mean September they will announce the release date!

      • I care for these changes. Once the anger of no release subsides you will realize these are awesome changes.

      • I do. These are welcome changes. The old stat system was nonsense. Still, would like the rune/skill changes soon.

      • I like most of these changes.  Only one I might miss is the pot-o-selling, but that’ll probably help cool down inflation.

    5. Ok everyone, just forget all the March release date rumor, we are now officially in Q2 projected release date (hopefully)

    6. It seems they are working on pointless semantics overall. It’s pretty sad, they just redo things over and over with no visible improvement (IMO both ways are fine with pretty much all of these changes).
      Now we need to wait another 2-3 months for info on their skill system changes and whatever they will do to replace the Mystic (probably in an expan, wouldn’t want you to get every feature on release day).
      Q4 release; maybe even 2013 release at this point.
      Extremely disappointed with Blizzard overall.

    7. Too many cooks spoil the broth … and maybe too much iteration ruins the game? Atleast that is what I am fearing at this moment.

        • To get overly literal, I think your example is backwards. I bet there’s been a LOT more iteration of McD’s menu items than of a roast, which is basically just a baked piece of cow.

        • Of course I’d rather had a delicious roast, but when the roast is nearly done and the cook descides he doesn’t like the spices and tries to replace them … I am concerned that may not taste that good.

    8. Come on Blizzard, the wait is not fun anymore.
      If they release the game in Q1, they should give us a releasedate soon. It would be weird if they’d suddenly say “Diablo 3 is going the released next week, on XX.XX.2012!”

    9. Really, if there is anyone who isn’t TOTALLY pissed by now, you have my respect.
      I remember the last time they delayed the game to 2012, compared to that the game now even feels farther away even though they didn’t offficially delay it now…

      • I dont see the problem, removing things say they dont need to fix them right now… else me myself I cannot estimate the delay resulting out of the affix-changes of the items.

      • Yeahh, it seems farther away. But on the other hand it took a turn to beeing more of a diablo again. And I’m quite patient to get a true successor in my hand rather than a washed down version that takes away too much of the things I love of the series to make it easier to access the broad market. (There IS a reason, why D2, and even D1, is still played and enjoyed nowadays. And accessibility has not really anything to do with it.)
        But I’m still pissed at the decision to stray from the sp-offline/mp-online concept of the previous games. It simply means that I probably cannot play the game at all, as I’m bound on a crappy UMTS-connection (with all it’s flaws and limits) and can not afford the houseinstallations needed to get something better. (A cost of around 2k bucks for a new connection and 60 bucks for the game is a pretty high investment, if you’re stuck around 230 bucks to get over each month. – I know that’s a pretty selfish reason to be pissed off, but the decision still feels like a slap to the face to me.)

      • It’s true, for some reason the game continues to feel farther and farther away, despite that logic would dictate that we are closer to the game coming out now than we were two years ago.
        No I’m not totally pissed, I’m actually relieved and welcome most of these changes. I WAS pissed about Attack, Precision, and Defense.

    10. All of these seem worthy of reporting in patch notes and were not worthy of a “progress report incoming” lead-up.  Overall I accept them as valid changes. I also think the Blizzard team needs to look at the definition of a progress report. A progress report generally shines some light on milestones hit in a timeline. These are just patch notes, WTF.
      I am a bit worried about the “revisiting” the mystic “at a later time”.  HOW MUCH LATER?  That isn’t something that is revisited/reimplemented over night.

      • These changes are pretty big…People will pick up very different weapons now, will change their town visit habits, and change their gameplay style since the glass cannon aspect is enhanced for some.  Not to mention it’s their reasons to explain further delay.

        Mystic how much later? Expansion later…

    11. 1. So Q3 now? This game is still stuck in development hell.
      2. That said, changes are good even though they just open more avenues for changes, like the scroll of companion being the only scroll now (that is confirmed).  Just like Max Schaefer said, there are always changes to be made in these types of games.
      3. They should have just patched the beta and let people go crazy when they see it.

    12. I thought one of the reasons they didn’t want to limit swapping skills to “in town only” was because they didn’t want people spending time in town, but out fighting monsters

      “Now that the Stone of Recall exists, we found that keeping the Cauldron and Cube in the game detracted from the benefits of returning to town to sell items, salvage, craft, and interact with the townsfolk. It’s a good idea to break up combat so that players have a moment to evaluate their gear and crafting options before venturing back out.”

      • People in the beta basically never interacted with the townsfolk. Town needs to have people in it, so if you make them shallow to save on effort, people complain. If you make them deep and only 10% of people appreciate them, it was a waste of time.

        For gameplay pacing purposes, the town visit is essential. Also just become a just hoover where you suck up everything that drops and sell it or junk it on the spot is pretty silly and can easily lead to huge inflation. The number of people willing to be hoovers would be significantly higher than the number who pick up everything and return to town with it.

        • I haven’t played the beta unfortunately, but I believe what you’re saying. I’ve never understood the devs’ urge to remove town from gameplay and I’m happy it’s back. In D and D2 I spent loads of time in town, talking to the NPCs, checking gear, reading quests etc. It’s what got me immersed and engaged.

          Compare this to Torchlight. They introduced a mechanic which basically removes the need to TP altogether. In Torchlight you only go to town to deliever quests. Did anyone fancy the town in Torchlight? Shit, I can’t even remember a single NPC name, or even the layout of it. Result? Never became immersed in the world and therefore never really cared for the game at all. I finished it once and have never looked at it again.

          It’s probably what Blizz figured out eventually as well…

          • You are absolutely right. I would still be able to get home from the Palace in Lut Gholein – drunk.

    13. I’m re-reading it but so far nothing that alarms me…I did like this one though

      “Recently it became apparent that players need to be aware of their potions for emergency situations.”

      Recently?  Really?  15 years and only now they realise people (still) like to be aware of potions when dying?

      • I suspect they’re talking about how potions in Diablo 3 function very differently from potions in Diablo 1 and 2. The fist time I encountered a rough patch in the beta I had forgotten about potions entirely, but suddenly realized mid-fight hat I could use one to heal myself and it felt like a revelation – even as someone who has played a load of the first two games in the series.

        For those who may not be familiar: In Diablo 1 and 2 potions were always on your mind, because you were always using them. Not so in Diablo 3 – most of the time you’re relying on health globes to restore your health, and you don’t think about potions as much, which are on a bit of a cooldown and are meant as more of an emergency button. This gameplay difference means that it’s fairly easy to forget about potions since you’re not using them on a regular basis, even for veterans of the series. What the developers are saying here isn’t crazy.

      • HA! Potions have always been a part of D1 and D2, in any situation.  While i do like the idea of health globes and feel that they will keep gameplay fast and interesting, potions have been a part of RPG’s since D&d (at least).  And i like potions 🙂

    14. Some of these changes I didn’t like. I liked not having to go back to town ever 10 mins cause my bags were full.

      • I’m almost certain it’s to address gold inflation from just dumping whites every 2 seconds into the neph cube.

        • And because people won’t talk unless they’re hanging around in town… And because if they now feel that some things should not be important enough to pick up, it doesn’t make sense to have the ability to salvage everything motivating you to still pick everything up…

      • Runic has disappointed me with the delay, but you can’t really compare TL2’s delay with D3’s delay; 

        Runic Games didn’t even exist when Blizzard announced D3 

      • but you won’t go back to town every 10m since your bags won’t be full, since there’s no reason to pick up gray or white items any longer.

        • BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!!! DAM IT!  Must pick it up… It can’t be left there on the floor all alone. It wants to be in my bag with all his friends.  😆

        • Oh my brother will. He picked up and sold every single item that dropped in D2. It was infuriating to game with him.

          But I think this is a good change because I felt obligated to pick up/dismantle every single item I got, no matter the quality.

        • But… if there’s no reason at all to pick up white items then why have them in the game at all? You might as well just have all the monsters only drop gold with a chance to drop magic items, rares, or legendaries. Making white items worthless makes them a pointless waste of data…

    15. Can’t say I care much for those changes. I don’t hate them but I’m not really sure they are needed. Especially the attribute change. I think we’ve already been there, havn’t we?
      I agree that a Q1 release is almost impossible now. Q2 if we’re lucky. Ah well, I’ll just keep checking my b.net account for a beta access and play some other games in the meantime. Good thing 2012 seems to be a good year for gamers.
      Hey, I might be able to play D3 at this years gamescom after all! 😀

    16. Fck that sht … all I see is “Sorry guys, we have to beat Duke Nukem Forever in delay, so read that Cool Story™ and tell us how badass we are”
      Yes, I’m mad

    17. What a joke. I havent checked this website in over a month due to SWTOR, and this is the first thing I see. I’m done with D3.

    18. Poor project management. I’m beginning to question Jay Wilson’s ability to manage this game.

    19. 1. For me – having a cast time on identification will slow down the game too much and the identification process will seem more like an obstacle between you and your gear, not really making the game more fun. 

      I can see why they did that. You find a legendary and you start identifying it, after 2 seconds of waitingyou’ve jizzed your pants because of the excitement. Yeah, it’s nice, but it’ll be painful once you start finding more higher level items. 

      The nice way to fix the issue would be equipping our old Decard Cain with “Identify all items” option. This way you could spend some time to identify item on the spot, but should you find many “identifyable” items you could just go back to town and use Cain, withouth really having to spend like a minute on identyfying. 

      2. Do like.

      3. I agree that enchancements were similar to gems. So, I think it’s good that they’ve removed this system, however, I’ll miss the Mystic. It’s sad that they’ve obviously didn’t find a spot for her. Maybe let her do something with Runes + Identification +  maybe some temporal buffs (blessings), whatever. It’d be more awesome but it’d take more time, so I’ll wait for the expansion.

      All in all I understand and like that change, but the one thing that needs to happen now is reworking all the gem stats because if they leave the gems as they are, it’ll be extremely boring.

      4. +1 for nostalgia:)

      5. A natural consequence of 4, I’m fine with that.

      6. I’m ok with that.

      7. Nice change, though I feel that each class will focus on increasing their damage stat + vitality. For exaple, Wizards will do everything to increase intelligence and vitality. The other stats will have lower priority.

      I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, we’ll just have to see.

      8. Nice change.

      All in all, I think that they need to do something with gems now, finish the runes/skills system and maybe something with this identification. Other than that – polish the game and release it. Sadly, I don’t believe that we’ll even get a release date this quarter, not even mentioning the release itself.

      My bet: announcement – early April, release – May.

      • in the beta at least, the time you spend going to buy an ID scroll is longer than a 3 second timer to do it without a scroll. Since there are (almost) no rare drops and no sets and uniques, there’s no reason to carry ID scrolls, and they don’t drop at all, except sometimes one from Leoric on his quest kill.

        I like the ID thing, personally. I bet the delay will be like 3s, and you’ll only do it on potentially really cool items. Kind of like a drum roll to the reveal.

        Of course 6 months in when you know it’s just another #%*^@ing Isenhart’s Case, the bloom may be off the rose…

        • Well the Mystic used to be able to identify items herself but now that she’s gone, I guess they decided to just give the ability to players instead… Hopefully it will take not longer than 1-2 seconds per item.

    20. “Our job isn’t just to put out a game, it’s to release the next Diablo game.” – Jay Wilson.
      Could have fooled me.

    21. I really appreciate the “details” button on the UI.  I wonder if they will take a hint and add a little more skill UI information to the game instead of making us tab out.

      Overall, I don’t know if this actually pushed back the game since they claim to be done with all of the changes already. They probably will need another 1-3 weeks just for the runestones, but then they should be able to wrap it all up.

    22. Completely changing core character attributes at this point? What are they wasting their time on if they realize they don’t like the current one mid-way through a beta test, after a release delay?

    23. Solid changes but not without a price. Summer or later release date.

      Seems like most players would be placated if they were allowed into the beta. Yeah, it’s not a demo but letting more players in would soothe the masses.

      What can one do other than complain? I’m happy playing Skyrim and will be able to finish and roll some new characters by the time D3 releases.

    24. I guess Diablo 3 is the first game that was released in Closed Beta form.
      Instead of releasing the game they are re-balancing the entire ideas/systems over and over again.
      C’mon, how may times Jay removed the town portal? U’ll see in 2 months that town portal is a bad idea, and runestones are also bad. It’s just a circle. Getting fed up with all of this.
      I personally think they will eventually ruin this game by revising everything so frequently.

      • Better than having to pay for a crappy beta-release, having to wait for patch x until it’s playable and the first expansion to be able to call it a finished game without any shame…

    25. How many years does it take to make a point-and-click hack-and-slash game that’s essentially just an improvement over an earlier game?  Leave well enough alone and release the game already!  Save any more major gameplay overhauls for Diablo 4… which they probably could be starting on now if D3 had been released when originally projected.

      • If that would have been the way, we would have had (the blizz-north!) D3 around 2006 and would have been talking about D4 (, respectively D5, ) here 😉 But you can’t rush an artist with marketing reasons he hasn’t concerend himself with at the beginning and even then it’s really hard to finish anything if there’s someone jumping around all day mumbling about profit-loss in everything he fears he could find it. 😉

    26. Look at the bottom:
      “Jay Wilson is game director for Diablo III and the Inventor of Meat. He believes that Kate Beckinsale is the greatest actress that’s ever lived.”
      I’ve godda say, Jay has good taste 😀

      • I’ll take Juliette Lewis and place my bet of  5 tons of flax on her beeing the greatest actress that ever lived 😀

    27. These aren’t worth the delay. No ID scrolls? Good, they should have done it sooner. I have the sinking, ugly sensation that they’re bringing back skill points and +skill gear. That is a step in the WRONG direction. There were other, better ways of distinguishing gear between the classes (more and varied resource affixes, class-only stat boosts, i.e., Attack (Wizard only), etc). Limited, tightly regulated “+skill” affixes aren’t too bad, however (“+3% additional weapon damage to Cleave, Barbarian only,” “+0.5 seconds duration Grasp of the Dead, Witch Doctor only”), but they’d have to be handcrafted for the skill. It would also be interesting to see how they divvy up those affixes for gear. Could you find a place for 6 affixes that enhance your 6 skills? If you could do that, couldn’t you just stack 6 affixes for one skill? Or are you limited to one/two slots so have to pick your most common skill? A lot of extra work, and it might not be worth it.
      Also, regarding the Mystic. Of course they overlapped in function, B/C YOU IDIOTS SCREWED UP GEMS/ENCHANTS SO BADLY. If you’d have fixed and diversified what you did w/ enchants/gems, then you had a lot options for tweaking your character, and you still had a great rune sink. Enchants shouldn’t have been flat, boring stat increases, at all. You could have multiple, cool resource enchants, weapon elemental enchants, class specific skill enchants (“Mantra of Healing +32 health per second, Monk only”), or even better, proc effects (“5% chance on hit to release a Fireball, 35% weapon damage as fire w/in 6 yards of impact”). They didn’t need to dump the mystic if they started strong w/ her.
      So what does this all boil down to? A) This delay was bad, b/c it lets them noodle some more, and not necessarily for the better. B) They are holding back stuff now for expansions later, too bad the game won’t be any cheaper at launch, and C) if they bring back skill points, they’re dumber and more cowardly than I ever imagined.

      • There are a lot of attributes that overlap most, if not all, abilities.  For example, there could be a Reduce Cooldown affix which would work across the board.  Reduce Cost X%, Increase Damage X%, and so forth.

      • “These aren’t worth the delay. No ID scrolls? Good, they should have done it sooner.”

        “sooner” … this is pretty relative… 😕

    28. I hope Flux will write another article covering all the changes. This one misses changes such as re-itemization, dedicated potion slot, changed attribute details etc.

      They’re pretty much changing everything gameplay wise (making it closer  to D2’s gameplay in fact) and they haven’t even talked about skill and runestone changes.

      I bet Bobby’s gonna get very angry this time.

      • This isn’t the article, this is just the news reporting on the changes. Expect articles on a number of the changes.

        • “The news reporting on some of the changes.”

          I can’t lie. I was expecting sharp critiques from Flux. I love them. Still waiting for his article 😀

          • Why don’t you provide the sharp critique if you have one…perhaps as a forum post or if it’s good enough, a column?

      • Exposition was added a tad bit later to this informational piece (which still isn’t article-quality writing, but touches on some of the things that you mentioned were missing). Completion of the content was probably ongoing when you wrote your comment.

    29. Jay Wilson: “…and so we hope that those of you with access please try them out and let us know what you think in the Beta Feedback forum.”

      Ohhh, so this is not a “short” beta test just to test the server infrastructure then?

      It’s sad. I am following blizzard since blackthorne and despite what (many) people (may) think THIS delay is not blizzard’s style. Those who follow closely know….

      – That almost every blizzard game have been released around 3 years after the announcement
      – No beta has lasted more than six months (i don’t know about wow but this was something completely new for blizzard anyway)
      – There never were such HUGE changes 5 months into a beta and expecting even more! (just to test the infrastructure huh?)

      Yes i am pissed off
      Yes i think d3 will be an awesome game that i will play for years to come

      But i find these “little” details above both alarming and sad. Very sad 🙁

      • very good point about the “server infrastructure”, I had forgotten they said that was the point of the beta

      • Dont exxagerate, these changes are quite good… I love trash being dropped and didnt feel familiar with these few drops that you actually had to pick up because you could even salvage the urine of the monsters… thats not realistic to me (well we dont need to discuss realism in diablo 3 anyway)… white and grey crap is just worth nothing in most of the cases and thats it! What I like very much is the consideration of skill-concerned affixes which werent in the game so far (but also mentioned not to be when I remember it right). This is a very important change of direction to me (even though not fully confirmed yet). Well of course I am sad that this sounds more and more like a delay into Q2 at the best, but well… I will cope with it 🙄

    30. I’ve gone from shock, to mild anger and dismay, to accepting these changes as mostly good.
      I’m extremely interested to know what they’ve done with skills and the runestones, and would love it if they would just straight-out say whether or not Q1 is possible.
      “Keep in mind everything detailed in the article today is already in the game, and most of it is complete. Once you get Patch 10 and see that, I think it may sink in that these aren’t theoretical changes we’re still working on, they’re changes we’ve completed. Obviously the potion button still needs a little work to hook it up correctly, and the character attribute changes need to be balanced and tested for itemization throughout the game, but overall these are changes we’ve already made.

      I do not intend to impress that we’re close to release, or infer any such “we’re done” kind of statement, but most of these are fairly straightforward changes that are already complete and implemented. We do have more changes, skills and runes, affixes to add, more items, Battle.net features, testing, testing, and more testing etc. to do so we’re obviously still not there yet, but none of the changes detailed today are theoretical or yet to be implemented.”
      From http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3932904644?page=5#81

    31. Uh-oh. This many core changes when the game has already been in beta for months speaks of dissension among the ranks.

      I’m getting that Browder-esque feeling, the more I hear the guy talk, the more I realize this is someone whose mind is trapped in a massive game-designer circlejerk.

    32. My thoughts:

      – Removal of ID scroll – A small quality of life change. Seems like you are trading one small annoyance (carrying ID scrolls) for another (cast time). Not really big enough to be bothered or excited about.

      – Removal of insta-sell/salvage – All this does is add time/clicks in order to clean up your bags. Kinda annoying but won’t have to do it as much anyway because….

      – White items are useless beyond level 4 – Then why even have them?

      – Attributes have been changed – You still want to stack as much attack as possible, but now attack has a different name depending on your class. It does diversify gear though, so that’s a good change.

      – Blacksmith will salvage your items – I think it would be a solid money sink if he did it for a fee!

      – UI changes – Great change, love it! I always opened both at the same time anyway and this saves space.

    33. I just read a Gamespot article from 1997 on the top 10 PC games listed as vaporware.  Pretty interesting read – most interesting thing: vaporware in the late 90s was classified as anything that either A) was cancelled, or B) missed it’s release date by a year.  B is a bit of a surprise to me as I think of vaporware in category A.
      That goes a long way toward saying PLACE DIABLO 3 IN CATEGORY B.  Vaporware by release date default.

    34. I just have to laugh at this.  Jay removes things that shouldn’t have been removed, changes things that shouldn’t have been changed, spouting all kinds of BS as to why the removals and changes were necessary, just to now, years later, go back to D2 design philosophies.  Jay, may I ask what took you so long to figure out your head was…

      • Agreed lol. Remove pvp completely? I want a punch-you-in-face button… 😈  its already dumbed down to only having pvp in an arena and you cant even do 1v1 😡

      • Why haven’t we had downvote in a while? Is that an Incgamers wide change, and it can’t be put back in? I really want it back.

    35. I like the new stats system. I never really understood the old one. The new one is much cleaner and easier to understand. I dont think it limits builds. Every character has one stat they will always need (+ damage stat) and a second that is useful depending on your build. A melee oriented wizard will need Intelligence for +damage and Strength for +armor. Seems good to me.

      I dont understand a part of the explanation of the removal of the Mystic, though. Blizzard says \… but for now we’re going to focus on the extensive customization options the game already offers.\ Which extensive customization options do we have? Only gems so far, or am I missing something? I dont count items, skills and item-enchantments as part of the customization system. Do we have something else, except gems?

      My release guess? June 2012.

      • Yeah that one seems to imply that they changed gems somehow but they didn’t say anything about them so who knows? 😕

      • >> I like the new stats system. I never really understood the old one. The new one is much cleaner and easier to understand. I dont think it limits builds. Every character has one stat they will always need (+ damage stat) and a second that is useful depending on your build. A melee oriented wizard will need Intelligence for +damage and Strength for +armor. Seems good to me. <<
        Hmmm… One thing I especially liked about D2 was the reason to think (and rethink, and rethink again) to get something to work where noone before has seen a way to get it to work. (For example finding a built where SoB isn't entirely useless. For a time now we got us a built that went that way, and not by me, but I've spent around 1 1/2 year cracking the nut – and I count it as a time well spent.) But you're totally right: There's nothing gained here by changing back a concept faulty by design – to avoid overcomplexiation of the systems depending on it – you've streamlined to be more accessible back to the original design, thus again unnecessarily forcing to think sideways, without adding a deeper meaning and flexibility of usage REALLY asking us to think but giving a romantic feeling to all of us oldschoolers of the series.

    36. After hearing that there was an announcement for changes I round house kicked everyone and anything, including mothers clutching their children, to get to the news. A little part of me died when I saw what looks like knit picking and piddle pissing around with something that could change very easily once the game is released. Generally speaking I believe that Jay Wilson is not sure what the finished product should look like and is possibly confusing all the people trying to get it out as soon as possible.

    37. In all honesty, nothing here is greatly ground-breaking and should be seen more as “hurdles completed” rather than “hurdles created.” This is more-or-less glorified patch notes with a hint of defense for their development.
      That being said, I am uncertain about a Q1 release.

    38. I really liked enchants.. Now we are left with stupid and boring gems which have just a single stat on them.

      • who says enchants are out of the game, perhaps in some form of scrolls or whatever… who says they wont return in a later patch? (hopefully!!!! nothing like delay to next year to reimplement!) Sometimes I just dont get how people can always lurk for anything negative to whine about. Else Jay said that they dont workt on the enchantress anymore to not further delay the game. Therefore be a bit more optimistic that we see d3 in the next 3-5 months.

    39. worth the wait my ass, all this to me equals more and more procrastination and further delay. they can’t make up their minds about anything. they’ll just keep using system after system as an excuse “they’re not where we’d want them to be upon release”. at this point in my view it’s Q3 at the earliest

    40. Good changes and it seems that due extensive change of stats and time it takes to balance items, they had to remove enchants from game.

    41. oh look it’s everyone’s hero, blubber butt  jay wilson who never really even played the diablo games.
      keep dumbing it down and pushing it off blizzard. the game is gonna end up nothing more than an easter
      egg hunt in candyland. vivendi stole condor’s golden baby.

    42. Fire Jay Wilson!..I bet runic is laughing their asses off on all these mishaps from Blizz’s lead. 😈
      I know I would :mrgreen:

    43. I’m  a developer by trade. For a number of years worked for a guy ‘like’ Wilson on a project aspiring to be THE shit.  Result? The company closed down 3 years into dev cycle. Reiteration is important even vital, but it can easily become and inoperable tumor. The problem with Bliz is that they have too much money and at the end of the day game dev is just a job. There is no way in heaven or hell this game is released before summer. That whole wow thing was a clear sign of major delays back when it was announced. This isn’t news to anyone here i’m sure. Just wanted to gently place my two cents in the jar.

      • well… I think the wow pass is just for holding the customers over the start of diablo 3 and looking up their wow chars from time to time just to keep pace and stay in wow.

    44. Holy shit, I’ve never read something this stupid:
      “Unidentified items and the act of identifying them is still very much part of the game, but now when obtaining an unidentified item you’ll simply right click it, a short cast timer will occur as your character examines the item, and it will become identified. We love the double-discovery of finding a present and then unwrapping it, but we don’t think it requires a physical item you have to find and keep in your bags to get the same effect. From now on you’ll just be able to inherently identify all your items, no need to carry scrolls. Your character in Diablo III is just that badass now.”
      How about a system when you pick an unidentified item, depending on how bad ass this item is, the more you need to identify the item. So you would for example, use one identify, and nothing would happen. THen second, nothing. You’re already pissing your pants, thinking holy shit it’s a lvl 3 unidentifiable item. You keep on going, 4, 5, 6…oh gosh oh gosh this is something special…and then BAM! after 7 right clicks you see your bad ass super awesome item!
      How cool would that be!

      • Great concept! But in my view the same could be implemented in the described variant simply by having to wait a (perhaps exponentially) longer time for the “lvl 3 unidentifiable item” to the lvl1 one. (Beeing used to an identificationtime of 5 seconds per normal item your eyes will surely pop out of excitement and expectancy if it took 2 minutes already to identify.) Also there’s a window (in both yours and blizzards concept) to differentiate “normal” identifiable items from uniques, by adding different layers of identification, perhaps bound on pieces of lore including the unique you may happen to stumble upon while playing (Earthdawnstyle!), adding another, yet unidentified, stat to the unique. (And the amount of scrolls/amount of time needed for identification may even differ from stat to stat then 😉 )
        I sure like your thinking 🙂

        edit: By juggling around with the concepts a bit you can spin this idea even further by differentiating the base amount of time from class to class, wich, thought out, opens up the perspective of a bard-like character for one of the expansions, who’s strength lies in his ability to hord, structure and connect the pieces of lore and thus identifies more stats from the start. (Perhaps stats even previously unheard of, because the quest containing the piece of lore, the other classes would have to stumble upon to get the stat, is rare as hell, while the bard just sees the “hole” in the lore he’d already summed up and “concludes” what stat has to be there… – would be rather tedious with your concept of identification, though…)

    45. Also, they’re making the game better by removing content from it…god, what has Blizzard turned into…

      • how you call a scroll of identify (how would that work either? at latest after 3 usages one should know how it works… I mean is there some plan on it like “a.) Take the item b.) turn it around and look at it very long c.) make out some unique hints on it that may indicate its uniqueness” d.) look up for the hints in this super universal list of items with unique marks underneath:
        1.) Hellslayer – Looks heavy and has sharp edges. The blade is made of titan which is glittering when looked on in the sun. The shaft is made of BLABLABLA
        2.) Harlequin’s Crest – blabla”
        Its just that it doesnt matter if you use a scroll or not.
        the enchantress was a bit of content – yes… but obviously not balanced enough or just stupid to use and therefore nothing really spectacular. It will most likely return in a later patch/exp and will not delay the relase – are you happy with that? NO ~
        It’s the spiral of whining about the delay and then whining about decisions that will bring the game to us earlier even if its missing a bit (which has often been stated to be better than reworking things indefinitly…).

    46. This just in:
      Diablo III will now ship under the title “Diablo III: Chinese Democracy” and Jay Wilson is legally changing his first name to “Axl”

      Official Release date: December 21, 2112

    47. It’s being delayed to finish the proper console port. The exact same thing happened to DA:O. The finished PC version sat there from February to November until the consoles were done.

    48. All of the things in this update, or glorified patch note, do not scream “NO Q1 RELEASE.” In fact i think its the opposite they are getting rid of a bunch of stuff thats not needed and simplfying, for better or worse, many things to help push this game along.

      • Except that that simplifying takes more time when they could have just left the shit alone and put it out. It was already all great, but now they are just using iteration as an excuse to once again second-guess the hell out of the game til there’s hardly anything left of what made it distinct from its predecessors.

    49. It is going to be a while before this game finally comes out I guess.  At least if I had Torchlight II.  Why is Torchlight II taking so long also?

    50. I like that they changed the stats to have some class-specific properties instead of the generec ones that did the same for all wich would surely turn inte ‘all-into-vitality-for-all-classes’ scenario.

      The removal of the Mystic I’m not sure about, I was never too interested in it and I actually felt kinda bland and tacked on with its generic enchants, but considering how weak the gem system is and now that it’ll be on its own weak self.

      • Your first scenario didn’t exist because of auto-stats.

        The removal of the mystic is borderline insane, potentially occuring from laziness when trying to balance the enchantments, and basically hinder any sort of customization beyond the EIGHT MEASLY PROPERTIES of gems.

        • Right, I meant that +vitaly items would be the desired ones and the rest discarded.

          Altho I really did forget that it was autostats for some reason, but that wasn’t what I meant.

          And you can bet that a few of those 8 properties are gonna be considered much less valued and used.
          It wouldn’t surprise me if the stopped to polish the gems as well at some point between now and release.

    51. After all of this time during which they were telling us how great it is that you don’t have to go back to town every 5min, they are now trying to convince us that it’s better that way after all?

      • Simple.  They were wrong to begin with and they finally realized it.  The NC and CoJ were perhaps the worst additions to Diablo since…  Well, ever, really.

        In the end it takes about the same amount of time to do your business, and world immersion has increased tenfold.  Not to mention they’re actually being loyal to D1 and D2 now.  I applaud Blizz for coming to their senses.

        • They added the NC and CoJ Because they removed town portals, which has since been fixed(Stone of Recall),. They fixed it so they could remove those systems which were designed in the thought of not being able to town portal . AT least that’s what Jay says in this post, if you read it fully. (Stone of Recall now renamed Town Portal)

    52. So basically: Barbarians will only use Strength and Vitality, Wizards only Intellect and Vitality, etc. In that case it feels like my Barbarian is wasting 2 stats. That’s not what I want in the game.

      Secondly, did you see how demeaning that UI is? They put little mouse button symbols IN THE UI! Do they really think their players are that dumb?

      • Remember, they’re not designing D3 for gamers anymore; they’re making sure your grandma can play.

        ^actual paraphrase of a Blizzard quote btw.

        • The ironic thing is that grandmas will still go like “Fuck me! So I move the mouse here and it moves there?” and the rest of us will have to keep looking at those gorgeous L & R mouse button icons.

      • example:
        Barbarian has some kind of skill or item that fires with dodge
        Barbarian needs dexterity to dodge to make use of it
        Though one cannot choose statpoint it is totally senseless to make ones mind up about it
        itemization can change it yes… but we will see… I am optimistic 🙂

    53. Remember at Blizzcon when the development team kept saying “Release is closer than you think, we’re almost there.”

      I’m worried with all these changes introducing further balance changes.  And skill rune changes are STILL being worked on? This is not a Q1 2012 release.  And are they going to address existing issues, like your Battletag name basically showing up instead of your character name virtually everywhere? Or the lack of a secondary right-mouse skill (via scroll wheel) that Bashiok promised 6 months ago? 

      I like these changes in particular, but this only raises more issues with D3 as a whole.

      • I’m pretty sure they said they removed the secondary right mouse skill slot for good a while ago…

    54. This game is long from release. Early 2012 probably doesn’t mean Q1 anymore.
      Probably means before June 2012.
      Here’s my theoretical time table…
      Jan~Feb – Beta patch #11 – Runestone changes, etc.
      Feb~Mar – Finalize changes, get approval from the big boys for release, PR stuff.
      Mar – Release date announced.
      Mar~Apr – Print out the CDs for distribution.
      Apr~Jun – Release window??
      Q2 for sure. That is, if this damn beta patches stop at #11. Go to patch #12 and #13, we’re seeing Q4 2012, or quite possibly pushed to 2013!!

      • Something that just occured to me: Q1, if spoken from a marketing person, differentiates quite a bit from the meaning a “normal” person using the term has with it. Q1 2012 could already mean june. (Was it april when the first financial quarter of a year starts? Not quite sure there…)

    55.   Sounds like two things to me. 1.) My prediction for a summer 2012 release is on target. and 2.) They are dumbing this the hell down for consoles  🙄

    56. now i cant play range barb (throw weapon with the passiv and the 5-chain-hit rune) because i would have  so much armor i wouldnt need

    57. The changes they made sound very convincing to me, but its obvious that the 1. Quarter of 2012 for release is not possible anymore. I hope for a july release now, but my confidence in it is not very high if they keep that \Iteration\ process going like in the past. Sounds to me if the Iteration Process is in a Dead Loop…

    58. I can’t believe they are changing the stats this late. And they’re changing them right back to what they were before. Now they have to go and change every single item in the game. I liked the Attack, Defense, Precision stats too.

    59. IM really happy they got rid of the Mystic because i really feared people would hold onto items longer then they should because you could just upgrade them.  It happened for me in torchlight and i hanged onto this sword and never wanted to let it go.  Thats not diablo and nor should it be!!!

      • Except that unlike Torchlight’s stacking enchant system with the increasing chance of taking away all the affixes, the amount of enhancements you could put on items in Diablo 3 was always limited to 1 per item.

    60. glad i can ignore White Items!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty for this change blizzard, dont mind goingback to town cus really wotn take too long for a skilled player, lol. Good work blizz, hopefully more news within a WEEK OR TWO MAYBE cocerning release  8)

    61. I think Blizzard has gotten even more used to the whole, it is coming out when it’s ready to the point of over obsessing.  Other game studios put out equally or more complex games like Diablo 3 with less resources in a reasonable time (and make deadlines).  I thought Skyrim was a very solid game, only worth a few replays, but the expansive world and the content you see, all created by a smaller studio in a 1/3 of the time Diablo 3 has taken.  How can an ARPG take so long with a company as big and developed as Blizzard???  Someone needs to shake things up there or something, seems like they are getting too comfortable.

    62. poor idiots,they add and remove game mechanics every 6 months in a circle and we are at the same place where we were in 2009.unfortunately my bet from last December is true.we are very far  away from release date announcement:(

    63. Bashiok said that most of the stuff they outlined is already done, in the game, and will be in Patch 10… So… It seems like the only thing holding them back is the Skill/Rune system.

    64. “Big system changes” = Big removing everything
      Just look at the list nothing is added and a lot of thing is removed including maybe enchantments

    65. This late into the beta and they still don’t have core systems down. They’re still uncertain about core stat/itemization/rune/skills and I can’t imagine how many version they need to go through before they are done with the ‘polishing’. At some point in time you just got to release the product instead going back to drawing board every few months. It’s ridiculously really.

      • Nahh… Not if you’re considering the possibility of them developing (or just outlining) the first expansion already. If you consider this possibility, it would look rather ridiculous NOT to iterate at this time of developement thus introducing basic changes to the system needed with the release of the expansion. (Would rather have to be a “new” diablo game then, than just an expansion to properly explain them to the player base…)

    66. LOVE IT!!! finally there not doing some funky new thing that only jay likes!!!!!
      and i got no idea but im very excited to see the town portal is back!!!!

    67. -edit- this was supposed to be in reponse to a post on the first page criticising the iteration process… I guess the “reply” function didn’t work properly this time?

      I’d like to call utter ****shit on this one. The other end of that continuum is that they say “well… the last game was pretty good, let’s upgrade the graphics and fix tppk and carry on” (did they ever fix tppk?). 

      How can you know that it’s not possible to make a better game unless you try? I guarantee you 500% that if they stuck with the same systems and tacked a few new things on you guys would be slating the **** out of Blizzard for being unoriginal. If I had infinite money and infinite time, making sure I made the best game possible by trying out everything through this iteration process is *exactly* what I’d do. Do you know why? Because I have infinite money and infinite time, and the temporary disappointment of hundreds if not thousands of fans for a short (even long) period just pales in comparison to the permanent disappointment of a bad game.

      These people are making THE NEW DIABLO GAME. Do you people not understand what that means? Go play D2 again and come back and tell me that you wish they’d got that out sooner.

      Seriously. WTF.

      • Except this begins to feel like it’s not THE NEW DIABLO GAME anymore. After pissing on the “dated” Diablo II systems for so long, they are now walking the beaten path of its guaranteed success.

    68. Screw the game, I want a behind the scenes documentary from their game design meetings. Imagine the comedy value of watching them change things over and over and every time they’re like “We hit the nail on the head this time boys, damn we’re good”.

    69. At last some good news about D3, now put back the skill trees (bla bla diablo 1 bla bla) and manual stat points allocation and we’ll have a DIABLO, y’know the games that even after so many years you still play because they are fuckin LEGENDS
      I mean c’mon, all this auto-stats and “you have every skill anytime” nonsense was BS, it killed replay value since you never had a real choice to make.Jay finally realized that you can’t reinvent the wheel.Don’t break what’s working.
      In two months they’ll announce that manual stats and skill trees are back in town boiis, i foreseen it :palpatine: hahaha

      • There was and still is 7 buttons. You still have 6 available for skills. That leaves one for potions/normal attack, now they’re just forcing it to be for potions. If they aren’t going to give us an extra for normal attacks they need to change/remove the passive skills that rely on them. I don’t see why they keep ignoring the issue.

    70. I like all the changes. Question: Are our attributes points still ‘auto-placed,’ or will we now have the option of selecting them manually?…

      • They didn’t mention any change, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they do allow some limited customization of them, since leveling up isn’t a big enough deal now. New skill becomes available, usually, but you have to go back to town to switch to it.  And without attributes to distribute you hardly notice when you level up.

        And that’s in the beta! Come the 30-60 “deadzone” it’ll be really tedious.


        • The clvl 30-60 ‘deadzone’ is the perfect time to let players unlock their stats. That forces everyone to have a same basic fitout but lets you customise them as well. By that time you should have a feeling for what each stat does so they can’t use the “noobs!!” defense.

        • I doubt they’ll go back to manual stat or skill points. However, how much you wanna bet that this major skill system revision involves the unlocking of skills being dispersed more evenly throughout the levels?

    71. “Character stats are shown in the inventory window beside the paper doll, while the full list of stats is shown on the character UI.”
      If you mean the old character page, that is gone. You can clearly see in their screenshot of the inventory page that the full stats list is now coming off of that instead. The four buttons on the right are now skills/runes, inventory/stats, quests/lore entries, and the game menu.

    72. Why can’t Jay Wilson just call a spade a spade for once??  Something like:

      “I, Jay Wilson, have failed to do my job to date.  I am charged with designing a game from the ground up and some of the core concepts I committed to early on have turned out to be poor design choices in hindsight in my opinion.  Therefore, massive reworking needed to be done to correct my mistakes.  Also, other core game mechanics such as runes are still up in the air as a result and can’t even be discussed publicly yet.  After all, if I discussed them publicly and they are also mistakes, I’ll look just as foolish about those choices as the ones I’m apologizing for today.  All of this has obviously had a detrimental effect on release of the game.  I’m not going to give you any further insight into a release date time frame because I like to have the option of constantly revising my most core beliefs about what the game should be and do so all in the name of delivering the best game to you because that argument’s such a convenient one for me to make.  I will do my best to finally get it right this time and release to you (someday) the game you should have had months ago.”

    73. Erm, all they did was removing stuff! They didnt add anything except for stat changes and potion and portal button. Yeah right, the potion button and portal can be prolly done in one day by the team. And it does not require deep in-game testing – it’s a matter of choice.
      From what I can see the game is unfinished – like the plot sucks or they have still lack an act or two OR they wait for the console verision…..
      Nothing hajor has really changed for a very long time. Skill adjustments – that take lets say two months. They have internal team of testers- gather data for 3-4 days of playing, evaluate, change and adjust, repeat. How hard is that?
      In my opinion they have some major problems with the game that they do not want to share with us. And Jay’s post was just to get some time by writing a long post that is totally lacks any valuable info.
      Things they changed are things that are a matter of choice – they make a game more playable for some ppl and less for others.

    74. blizzard are a bunch of nerds, with a shit childhood, now rising to power and unjustly treating the only people, that ever expected anything of them, like a big pile of human feeces.

    75. So what is the purpose of having white items now. Nobody will pick them. They are useless and should be removed completely. 
      They said that they will not put the TP again and now what, it’s in and even removed the cube and the cauldron. And the stats are so cropped …
      I’m so disappointed.  

      We are going to have D2 with better graphic and i am sure that they didn’t needed 10 years to realize that but …..

      Beta test is a phase of the game creation process where they should have the core system solid, this is not even alpha.

      • Why have items that are useless?
        Bashiok: To make seeing a good drop that much rarer/exciting.

        Smart guy is that Bashiok. 😛  I really like how every drop in D2 has at least one purpose. El/eld for low quality items recipe, tir-sol runes for crafting and all of them for cubing to higher one and making runewords. It’s the same with item’s quality – normal, magic, rare, set, unique, in some cases even low quality items. Everything has its purpose.

    76. These are the changes we want to see.  Means that they are done with development and are play testing and trying to iron out the little things.
      IF you are a fan of the diablo series you would see these changes and get pumped.  they are changing things that were so UNLIKE diablo, (cauldron etc..) and getting rid of them.
      Honestly, I can see us getting a release date mid-march and the game by May, if not earlier.   Relax people… Which is good because I have some serious Mass Effect 3 to play before this game comes out.

    77. Does anyone else want Health to just be called Vitality again?
      It would sound so much better.

      And these changes are much more welcome than when “Stats are changing to Attack, Def… etc” and “No more skill points. We want you to have freespecs everywhere” happened.

    78. wow, a whole lot of nothing. I’ve been following the game over a year and a half, played both D1 and D2.  Played D1 on a 55mhz processor, was amazed when i saw how it played on a 75mhz processor.  And I am a blizz fanboy, shit i’ll admit it.  Anyway, these stalling techniques are incredibly obvious.  I thought the last patch of a 1% dam change here or there was nothing as well.  The additional passive ability was a minor addition, the hype was NOT REAL then, nor is it now for these patches.

      I gave some regard to the theory that the S. Korea AH aspect was holding up the game, Asians gamble… birds fly and fish swim.  I don’t blame them, I would blaze all the time too much if i were left to my vices. Anyway no condemnation, maybe their gov’t is saving them from themselves… or enslaving them.  The truth is the matter is still unresolved despite the rating approva of Maturel.  Who cares, it’s graphic anyone can figure that out in 5 minutes. I don’t really know if it’s just SK RMAH issue, I think they’re still just milking WoW and do not want to lose a good thing.  I played Cata up until October, and even then i would only play a few times a month.  It’s not worth $15 a month.  It’s no where near worth paying that…Steam isn’t the best, but it has so many other options… simultaneously WoW still has such a strong grasp on the market… It’s all my opinion and i know and understand we all have one.. But let me just say
      Blizzard will not release Diablo 3 until you CANCEL your WoW subscription.  They lose one income source, they need another.  They do not want to compete against themself, or until Star Wars MMORPG is a real threat. It’s not right now… the biggest threat to WoW is diablo 3, and its the same company.  Quit your WoW for now and hurry the release.

    79. \itemization issues we were running into\
      My vague guess is, they’ve got the late game ruin everything for them, still the beta is under six months.
      March-April is still very probable not reasonable.
      Core systems are hard to make,balance,or scrap entirely and that’s where the delay is in my opinion.
      Awfully strange tho, aren’t these guys supposed to be experts in making/creating rpg systems?(a blunder is a blunder, a dozen is incompetence)

    80. Did any one else notice this 

      ” In addition we’re working on major changes to the skill and rune systems that we’re not ready to talk about, but I promise you we can’t possibly ship without a finished skill and rune system. ”

      also can a beta tester please post a photo of the character sheet that shows on the left side of the screen which would normally have our characters name level and stats?

      is that gone completely?

      where is our characters name displayed now?

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