Diablo 3 Press Impressions

With the Beta launching last night the first few general press impressions have been hitting the Intertubes today. The guys at Ars Technica hit the problem of losing connection to the Battle.Net servers which meant they had to cut their session short which didn’t exactly please them.

Of course you’ve probably read and watched everything you need to know about the Beta test over the past two weeks but if you’re not on the Beta you may just be itching to read more.

  • Ars Technica
  • PCGamer
  • Rock Paper Shotgun
  • IGN


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16 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Press Impressions

      • If they are not doing a large scale test of the entire game I am going to conclude that the game will release this year after all.  I mean how much time can you spend on testing a tiny bit of the game and bnet stability?

        • I’m pretty sure you just summed up Blizzard’s plans/hopes/goals/dreams. Which may or may not be realized.

    • O yeah thats why we have 2 guys in the forums that got a beta invite yesterday.  I think it’s time to take off the tin foil hat.

    • please…of course the first invites after F&F will go to press.  these places need time to play and write articles.  Sure the internet based ones can go to press fast, but the big guys like PC Gamer need time to actually print.  And there were indeed a handful of non-press folks that got beta key’s.

      • The current invites seem to be the last of the F&F, plus some media. And some of the F&F were media who weren’t allowed in previously. (Judging from the 3 people I know who just got their invites in the last couple of days.)

        More general testers should be hearing their names fairly soon.

  1. I’ve yet to see any evidence of anyone apart from Press being accepted into the Beta yet, so to say it’s “launched” might be immature.

  2. ” I don’t want this ridiculous nest egg every time I start a new hero.” – PC Gamer dude
    Preach it, brother!

  3. Well I don’t think I’m going to make a hardcore character now not because of a bad Internet connection, in my case it wouldn’t be a problem. Now I’m reluctant to do it for fear that Bizzard servers will crash… Once your character dies, they have no intention of bringing an HC char back… That’s gotta suck to have someone in the press write about a situation Blizzard has put very little stock in, or rather give a lame answer like “fix the wiring in your house.” all the more reason to hold this game off for longer… Damn it…

    • That’s gotta suck to have someone in the press write about a situation Blizzard has put very little stock in, or rather give a lame answer like “fix the wiring in your house.”
      I really hope that you are right, that it gets written about much more often, and that it hits them in their bottom line (not likely).  Actions have consequences.  They got greedy, and F-ed up a good thing, so I hope that there’s a lesson for them in all this (again, not likely).

  4. ok..the connection issues are certainly something for concern.  However, this is the entire point of beta!  To test the infrastructure.   Now I’m not gonna say they might not screw up or underestimate things…however this is a company that supports a HUGE WoW community.  WoW used to have connection issues and they got it fixed.   I’m fairly confident that they will:
    A) learned loads from the WoW experience
    B) will be able to address any issues they’ve been experiencing
    C) won’t be afraid to delay launch if they need to.
    That said, I’d gladly live with some connection issues just to play the game.   I do agree with some of the sentiment tho..might wanna hold off on that HC character.   Altho, I do wonder if the connection issues might be something you can start to foresee if you keep an eye on the latency number.  If it starts to go up, hurry up and get to a safe place.   It does suck though that without offline play, you don’t have something to fall back on.  Hopefully they get their house in order.
    A lot of you played HC characters though on Battle.net on D2…what was the experience like there?  Can we not expect them to get the client-server architecture to the same happy place?

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