Neinball and Katniss/Leviathan, two longtime guests on our Diablo 3 Podcast have been doing their own Diablo 3 podcast thing of late, which they call the Westmarch Workshop. Since this week is the anniversary of Reaper of Souls and more importantly the Reaper of Souls launch party, the guys invited me to join them on their podcast to chat about the past year in RoS and to reminiscences about the launch party.

    After recording hundreds of Diablo 3 Podcasts I found it sort of odd but sort of freeing to just be a guest instead of the host, and ironically (or not) I actually spoke a lot more than I do in my usual moderator roll.

    The YouTube version of the show has now been posted, and you can check it out below. My appearance begins before the start and continues relentlessly throughout, largely via my endless, double-intermission Demon Hunter story.

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