Blizzcon 2016 preview and debate about any chance of Diablo content at Blizzard’s annual WoW show. Plus discussion of the abrupt end of Season 7 and the non-tent state of Season 8. Featuring N3rdwards, CaptainGoldfish, and Flux.

    Sorry for all the audio desynch issues, with the guests sounding half a second ahead of Flux’s vocals. Microsoft continues their efforts to ruin Skype by continuing to break third party applications, such as the one we use to record the podcasts. Thanks, Bill Gates!

    Click through for show notes and segment start times.

    Diablo 3 Podcast #217: Blizzcon 2016 Preview

    • 0:30 — Audio/technical issues and Blizzcon ticket prizes… but not for you. Also, family vs. playing video games… hard choices must be made!
    • 5:20 – Season 7 ending stories rebooted. Plus, why no gameplay changes in Season 8? And end of Season “pushing” boredom.
    • 16:40 – Blizzcon 2016 virtual items and gears. Want? Why does Diablo stuff fit into every other Blizzard game, while any other Blizzard game stuff in Diablo causes fan outrage?
    • 20:00 – Blizzcon perks and Weird Al Yankovic closing concert?
    • 28:00 – Bill Roper and Dave Brevik at Blizzard, and Dave joins Path of Exile advisory panel.
    • 35:00 – Diablo 4 debuts, over/under 2018 guesstimates?
    • 38:20 – Diablo 3 “Realms of Evil” t-shirt. Hype or scam?
    • 46:00 – Season 8… or why bother with nothing changed from Season 7?
    • 52:00 – Blizzcon hopes for new Diablo something at Blizzcon 2016? 1 to 10 guessing 1.5, 2, and 3. No excite!

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