On this episode of the Diablo 3 Podcast we discuss Season 7’s end game, the lack of a PTR for the next patch, Blizzcon 2016 preview rumors, the Bonfire anti-Blizzard games, and Chris Metzen’s retirement. Featuring N3rdwards, CaptainGoldfish, and Flux.

    Showing *perfect* timing, we recorded this episode just before the surprise announcement that Season Seven would be much shorter than past seasons. Thanks, Jay!

    Click through for show notes and segment start times.

    Diablo 3 Podcast #217: Season 7 End Game and Chris Metzen Retires

    • 1:00 — N3rdwards returns to the podcast and bursts out the gate by re-litigating our recent Wizard most/least iconic skills discussion. Plus, why Wizard ranged builds do not exist.
    • 9:30 — Discussion about why no PTR and if content patches will continue… recorded just before the news of S7 being the shortest ever broke.
    • 14:00 — Wizard state of the game and Archon debates.
    • 20:00 — What to do once you’ve hit P800+ and have an augmented ancient item in every slot ?Odd for seasonal gamers without endless play time to reach the end game.
    • 35:00 — Chris Metzen retires. Parting thoughts? Do you enjoy Blizzard game lore despite the occasional cheese and constant retcons?
    • 45:00 — Rob Pardo, Josh Mosqueira and others form a new anti-Blizzard studio. N3rdwards has excite.
    • 48:30 — New artist hired for unannounced Blizzard project. Diablo 4 style artwork?
    • 52:00 — Blizzcon 2016… will there be any Diablo presence? Not likely.
    • 58:00 — Off topic random discussion and ebay WoW pet sales. Plus the highest GR records this season, and pushing or not.

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