Recent play stories include Flux’s sad confession of UE-acceptance. Then we get to part two of our ranking/debate over Diablo 3’s most and least iconic skills, this time covering the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, and Monk. Featuring James, Dave the Brave, and Flux.

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #216: Most and Least Iconic Skills Pt. 2

    • 1:00 — Recent play report: James is on vacation, Dave is braving a WD, and Flux explains his reluctant embrace of the UE set.
    • 23:00 — What makes a skill “iconic?”
    • 25:00 — Least iconic Witch Doctor skills. All guests agree that all the WD skills are well-designed/themed, so nothing is totally out of place.
    • 32:00 — Most iconic Witch Doctor skills. Little agreement is achieved.
    • 43:00 — Monk is an un-iconic class to start with. How does the Eastern martial arts style fit with the European Monk visuals?
    • 46:00 — Least iconic Monk skills. All support skills? No shortage of nominations for the least list.
    • 52:00 — Most iconic Monk skills show the most agreement of any class. Three way mindmeld for the most iconic of all!
    • 1:00:30 — Flux has lots of Barb skills for the “least” list. Debate ensues.
    • 1:08:45 — Most iconic Barbarian skills. All combat skills? Not necessarily.
    • 1:21:00 — Diablo 2 updated to 3D grapics would be… worth playing? Popular?

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