Season 7 is underway and the first weekend of rushing is in the books. Is Chapter 4 of the Season Journey all that matters? Will T13 help or hurt? Why is the UE DH set bullshit? Featuring Aahz, CaptGoldfish, and Flux

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #214: Season Seven Begins

  • 0:30 — Season Seven rush stories. Power level in groups? Rift to win?
  • 18:30 — When to augment gear? On the way for a power boost, or hold out for 70 or 80 to make final quality items?
  • 23:00 — Flux does a Monk for the first time in two years because UE DH is bullshit.
  • 30:00 — Season Journey has totally changed the incentives/goals of leveling up.
  • 39:00 — Follower transmogs, stupid pets, and other unneeded innovations.
  • 44:00 — Goblin Shrines… always a surprise?
  • 46:30 — Conquests this season… less tempting.
  • 53:00 — Long term Season 7 goals, plus quality of life improvements. Pylon icons and collapsed Blacksmith menus!
  • 1:03:00 — End game state and balance changes this patch.

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