Big news as Josh Mosqueira announces his departure from Blizzard. Is Diablo 3 development done? Also v2.4.2 PTR testing and our class skill ranking continues with a controversial Top 10 Monk skills.

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #211: Josh Mosq’s Exit + Top 10 Monk Skills

    • 2:30 — Josh Mosqueira’s departure and is anyone left on the D3 team? Post-RoS content would have been D3X2. Clearly no more D3 expansions will appear.
    • 17:00 — Recent play stuff and Flux’s surprising actual play time in Season 6.
    • 22:00 — Diablo unannounced project openings galore on Blizzard’s Jobs page.
    • 26:00 — PTR Patch 2.4.2 testing feedback. Much cheaper Empowered Rifts! Wizard is now broken. T11-T13 actually makes a difference? Season Journey to require much more grinding for Haedrig’s Gift.
    • 44:00 — Stupid cosmetic wings and other options added this season draw mixed reviews.
    • 48:00 — Monk Top Ten Skills… well, top 7. There are not 10 top Monk skills. Can passive buffs like Mantras ever be *that* cool?
    • 58:00 — Epiphany. Underpowered compared to WotB and Vengeance, but is it lame or are the others OP?
    • 1:00:30 — #8 is a… passive skill?
    • 1:05:30 — Tempest Rush and the mystery of Monks fighting empty-handed.
    • 1:11:00 — #5 is a primary skill? Does the Monk have the coolest generator skills in the game?
    • 1:18:00 — Dashing Strike is the most improved Monk skill from release to now. Plus the teleport balance quandary.
    • 1:23:00 — #2: Exploding Palm = awesome… forever gimped by the graphical downgrade from the initial version of the skill? But still, the domino effect…
    • 1:28:00 — #1: Cyclone Strike! Awesome solo and teamwork.
    • 1:32:30 — Seven Sided Strike. Sucks but should be great?
    • 1:35:30 — Monk defensive/CC skills all boring?
    • 1:38:00 — The perpetual tragedy of the Monk’s terrible passives. Underpowered, generic, and boring. At least no point wasting time trying to find a good Hellfire Amulet?
    • 1:51:00 — HolyKnight makes a late guest appearance for quick talk of his top 5 Monk skills.

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