Season Five goes out with surprise ban waves and community joy, Patch 2.4 pros and cons, plus controversy as the Diablo 3 team continues to shrink… Featuring Tyr, N3rdwards, and Flux.

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #205: Ban Waves and D3 Shrinkage

  • 2:30 — End of Season 5 push for the leaderboard… or not. Seasons are too long, too short, or just right, now that it’s so easy to get into end game and geared up?
  • 13:00 — Brainstorming patch concepts to make Flux happy? (Fail.)
  • 15:00 — Ban waves consume botters. Too little too late, or inspiring? Should it hit earlier in the season? Raises expectations unrealistically? Deterrent factor to pay legit play forward?
  • 34:00 — Blizzcon 2016 date announced.
  • 35:30 — Patch 2.4. Lots less new gear than recent patches, but still some impactful play/build changes? Lack of new items is intentional or just lack of devs/ideas?
  • 50:30 — Cosmetic items in Patch 2.4. Excite?
  • 58:50 — Diablo 3 team shrinking. John Yang, Don Vu, Leonard Boyarsky and others have left. D3 development finished? D4 art hirings show progress just getting started? #NeverDiablo4 coming soon?

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