Patch 2.4.1 is live on the PTR and we analyze the big and small changes for gameplay, Demon Hunter and Wizard, plus all the new Legendary Gem options. Featuring Flux and N3rdwards.

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #203: Patch 2.4.1 Preview & PTR Testing

  • 0:30 — N3rdwards intro and Patch 2.4.1 patch discussion plans, plus call for new podcast volunteers. Mail [email protected] (email fixed now) with your relevant resume if you’d like to appear on the show.
  • 4:00 — Patch 2.4.1 Wizard changes please and also infuriate N3rdwards. Also, no more town decoration with unsalvageable Legendary Potions.
  • 8:00 — Legendary Gems changes. “Multiplicative” is the word of the patch. Lots of buffed LGems, many with added defensive bonuses. Enough to offset the nerfs to Taeguks?
  • 28:00 — No new sets or big set changes. Is four end game sets per class the practical limit? N3rdwards runs down all the Wizard set changes he’s got excite about.
  • 36:30 — New new builds or big play style changes coming up in Patch 2.4.1. Problem, or fine-tuning existing builds will be good enough to maintain player interest?
  • 40:00 — Massive damage buffs to almost every set in the game. Power Creep too blatant? Reduced monster damage above GR70 will open up many more builds and solo play at the highest end?
  • 50:30 — Set Dungeon QoL improvements. Changes to the most annoying Set Dungeons; enough to make them playable, if not enjoyable? Plus debate over what Set Dungeons “should” be.
  • 56:30 — Gilded Baron gold drop reduction. Just to stop everyone from abusing Avarice/Avirita conquest?
  • 1:02:00 — Tons of new transmogs and wings and other cosmetic features. Enjoy or indifferent or active dislike? Who put rainbow wings in my Diablo 3? Does all the new wings to find devalue the special wings players have been buying via other Blizzard game Collector’s Editions?
  • 1:10:00 — Blizzard “accidentally” posted Diablo 3 “free to play to level 70.” F2P coming soon? Sign of coming expansion with higher level cap?

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