We debate current game issues including power creep, competing against botters, the ancient item augmentation struggle, and the ridiculous lengths players will go to avoid Set Dungeons. Then it’s time for some more Anniversary review, as we cover TDP #102-125, hitting the super-busy second half of 2013, including the Reaper of souls reveal and beta test. Featuring Tyr, N3rdwards, and Flux.

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #202: Augmenting Ancients and Avoiding Set Dungeons

  • 0:30 — Show contents and recent play stuff. Does Tyr actually like Set Dungeons, which are driving normal players to switch from HC to SC (and vice versa) simply to earn a conquest not requiring Set Dungeons.
  • 10:00 — Earning the GR45 with “no set gear” conquest allows you to wear Set Items other than class-sets.
  • 14:00 — Augmenting inadequate documentation on gems required leads to disaster? Has D3’s gradual accumulation of complexities made the game too complicated for a new player?
  • 20:00 — Yellow globes for Nephalem Valor… no longer stack to 3? No one is sure when/why/how it’s changed.
  • 26:00 — Augmenting Ancient Items is now the mandatory end game activity. Too much grinding required and too much importance placed on finding everything Ancient?
  • 31:00 — Tempted by botting simply to avoid having to grind rift keys/mats, since Blizzard no longer bothers to enforce their own anti-botting rules? If we limited Paragon Points to 800 or 1000 for GR, would it reduce the rewards from botting?
  • 35:00 — What’s Blizzard got planned for Diablo 3’s 4th anniversary community buff, coming the week of March 15th?
  • 38:30 — Diablo 3 Podcast review resumes. Episode 102. July 2013. At the time, selling/trading un’id’ed Legendary items was a thing, since 1% of the item was priceless, and 98% was junk. What would the currency be today if there was trading? Gold? Gems? DBs? SoJs?
  • 47:30 — July 2013 Episode #103. Shared Paragon revealed, “Sharagon!” Hard to remember when paragon gains weren’t shared account-wide. Locked into your Main forever?
  • 56:00 — Why no max level or max Paragon in D3? “Catch-up” mechanics will come to Diablo 3 eventually, as botters move too far ahead of everyone else?
  • 1:00:00 — Reaper of Souls announced at Gamescom 2013. What were Nephalem Rifts initially called? Plus Diablo 3 console revealed.
  • 1:06:30 — Episode #112, September 2013. Auction House shutdown announced! Where were you when the big news hit? Do you still miss the AH?
  • 1:12:30 — Big changes coming to difficulty level, since we were still stuck with Normal/Nightmare/Hell/Inferno. Shed a tear for the boring repetitious difficulty level system from D1/D2. Episode #116, October 2013.
  • 1:17:00 — Episode #120, October 2013. Blizzcon 2013! Playable RoS demo, Bounties and Adventure Mode debuted. And Flux / Nerdwards haven’t played a Crusader since…
  • 1:21:45 — Episode #124, Reaper of Souls beta begins! Memories of early Act Five testing, bugged bounties, and why the D3 vanilla beta was such a fail.
  • 1:27:00 — Putting on Reaper of Souls rose-tinted glasses… amazing how much almost every change improved the game since launch?

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