Our big Diablo 3 Anniversary Podcast rolls out content galore, with conversation about Power Creep and brainstorming about the least-used Legendary Gems. Then it’s time for nostalgia, with a fast-paced review of the most memorable shows from our first 100 episodes. We hit all the important milestones and wacky misadventures during the development and first year of Diablo 3. Featuring Aahz, N3rdwards, Muggs, and Flux.

    Click through for show content details and more info. This is our longest episode ever with the normal chat about current events, plus the amusing summary/discussion of the memorable shows from Episodes #1-101.

    Diablo 3 Podcast Anniversary Special #201: Legendary Gems, plus Episode #1-101 in Review

  • 0:30 — Intro and Valentine’s Day podcast fallout. Plus recent play stuff and GR leaderboard pursuit.
  • 10:00 — Power Creep vs. Power Leap. Is the power boost this season unprecedented?
  • 14:00 — Wyatt Cheng on Taeguk’s. How to fix it, and the various unused defensive LGems?
  • 40:10 — What if LGems worked on Followers. Which would be the best to use?
  • 45:00 — Flux and Aahz on the early days of The Diablo Podcast. How Aahz came to become a podcast guest and how TDP is created and has improved (?) over the years.
  • 56:30 — Good podcast = good conversation. Years working to drag Blizzard into the podcast era and away from boring formal press conference style fan interactions, plus endless Blizzard Irvine PR complications.
  • 1:02::00 — Episode #5 April 2011 brought the start of the MOOING sound effects that are now our end-show trademark. Plus the long ago concept of scaling Item Sets.
  • 1:05:00 — Episode #9 in June 2011, news that Followers in D3 would be single-player only, which we all thought was weird back then.
  • 1:07:10 — Episode #11, speculating about how Clans would work in Diablo III and all the lessons we expected Blizzard would have learned from clans in WoW.
  • 1:08:00 — Episode #16, June 2011. Conversation about why there had never been any top quality successful Diablo clones. (Even Diablo 3 found that impossible, for the first year or more.)
  • 1:10:00 — Episode #24, July 2011. The news that skills would have lengthy, two-minute cooldowns in Diablo 3. Shocking news at the time, now hard to imagine the game without it.
  • 1:14:00 — Episode #28. August 2011. The first annoucement of Path of Exile… also designed by someone named Wilson!
  • 1:17:00 — Episode #32, the news of the Real Money Auction House was new, and the podcast hosted a grand debate over the “ethical ramifications” of real money item sales in video games.
  • 1:22:00 — Episode #34, August 2011. Debating the story of Diablo III; too linear a story in the early going? (Long, long before Adventure Mode.)
  • 1:25:00 — Episode #36, September 2011. Inferno’s announcement and why fans were so happy to hear that the top difficulty had been “doubled!”
  • 1:26:40 — Episode #48, October 2011. Just after Blizzcon 2011 when everyone absolutely loved the PvP demo. (Which is, sadly, the last time anyone enjoyed PvP in Diablo 3.)
  • 1:28:30 — N3rdwards and Muggs talk about their first podcast appearances and how it’s all part of their clever plot for world domination.
  • 1:33:00 — Early Auction House and how Inferno drove us to use it. TDP #53. December 2011.
  • 1:35:00 — Diablo 3 Beta Testing memories and early item grinding. TDP #54. January 2012.
  • 1:38:30 — The removal of player fatalities. No one would much care if they were in the game today, so no real loss. TDP #58, February 2012.
  • 1:42:00 — No PVP in initial release of D3. TDP #62, February 2012. It was amazing at Blizzcon 2010 and 2011, but never since. Biggest disappointment in D3’s history.
  • 1:45:00 — Bold predictions for Diablo 3. All proved correct! TDP #67.
  • 1:48:30 — Hardcore in the early days of D3v seemed literally impossible. Just getting to 60 max level was an achievement. TDP #70, July 2012.
  • 1:51:30 — Patch 1.0.4 introduced the end game, with the early Paragon System, item improvements class rebalances, and much more. TDP #76, August 28, 2012.
  • 1:52:40 — PvP announced as FFA, rather than the 2v2 or 3v3 team deathmatch from all the Blizzcon demos. TDP #83.
  • 1:54:30 — Jay Wilson’s departure from the D3 team. Did his departure grease the skids for all the improvements in Diablo 3 since then? TDP #84.
  • 2:01:30 — Memories of the Blizzard fansite summit in the summer of 2012 and Flux’s mini-rant about working with Bliz Irvine PR. Flux’s Mega Fansite Summit Report with the infamous (correct) predictions. TDP #97.
  • 2:10:00 — TDP #98 and the excitement of entering the “B-Club” back when gold was super hard to accumulate and could only come from Auction House sales.
  • 2:14:00 — Josh and Wyatt interview on TDP #100-101… no such luck this time. Plus final thoughts on D3 over the years and “Flux180.”
  • 2:25:30 — Final thoughts and goals/plans for the remainder of Season Five.

  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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