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It’s a big occasion this week as The Diablo Podcast reaches 200 shows! As the longest running regular podcast show for Diablo we hope you’ve enjoyed the previous 199. It’s been a real pleasure recording these for you almost every week since the first show was recorded way back in April, 2011, more than a year before D3’s release.

For the 200th show we will have the usual current game discussion, as well as some flashbacks to hot topics from the past years.

We spoke to Blizzard about having a developer or two on for the 200th episode for you all, but they have once again declined to participate.

The show will be recorded this weekend and available next week.

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  1. As far as I remember Flux didn`t pay much of an attention to whole Celebration with podcast 100 so I recon he won`t be celebrating or doing anything special with this one either.It would be nice to have some special guests from other podcasts or big come back from Elly 🙂

    • Maybe Flux didn't worried much about big numbers, it's just a chance say big thank you for your work for community and passion.

      • Don`t get me wrong – I`m not throwing shit at him. This guy is absolute Legend for me ! It`s just I don`t expect him to be much of a guy who would like to make a big deal out of it.Would be nice to hear Elly, Leviathan or Neinball joining him – just to make this like some kind of small celebration, short come back to the roots.

    • Special surprise guests please!

  2. Blizzard may have declined to participate in your 200th podcast, but there is still a chance to get Jay Wilson to join.

  3. Blizzard, as gracious as ever.

  4. Blizzard should have make for their community for Diablo 3.

  5. Just curious as to why a developer would be on an alternate D3 podcast *recently* (and that podcast has barely been around a year??), but wouldn't be on this one??

    • this site doesn't kiss Blizzard's ass — pretty sure there was a time this site didn't even get tickets to BlizzCon or invited to Blizzard Community events

  6. Going on the podcast would be seen as tacit approval, by Blizzard, of Flux and his opinions. Flux vocally criticizes many aspects of the game, which is sound, and is applauded by many.

    However, Blizzard PR will not, under any circumstances, allow their brand to be associated with a pundit who routinely displays overt misogyny (the endless \first wife\ jokes), and who makes jokes about murdering their employees (Jay Wilson).

    Apart from all that, Flux is just plain rude to his guests. Listen as he introduces them. He invariably follows each introduction with some kind of \put down\, to assert his authority over the podcast, which is a poor way to treat a guest.

    • It's just banter and if that were the case, if he made them uncomfortable and feel poorly treated they wouldn't keep coming on the show again and again.  And you know full well he isn't really suggesting people kill Jay Wilson.

    • hah! Ease up on the canned response, shill. Blizzard have always given this community a rough deal, (not in D2 days) their PR is disingenuous. It boils down to being worried they might get asked a tough question and they probably would.

  7. Gotta go with Elly being on the podcast as the best guest for a 200th show.

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