Players have blasted through GR100 and it seems like everyone is already 20GRs higher than last season. Is this Power Creep or Power Leap? Is Torment 10 obsolete already? Plus, no DPS meter, and Set Dungeons still suck. Featuring N3rdwards, Muggs, and Flux.

    Diablo 3 Podcast #199: Power Creep or Power Leap?

  • 0:30 — Intro and the bronies jokes begin. Plus Set Dungeons… everyone hates them!
  • 3:00 — Season Five progress report. Anyone Paragon 2000 yet? (Botter clans are up to 1700 already.)
  • 9:00 — How do softcore players not get bored? Flux reflects on the mixed joys of starting over at P500.
  • 15:00 — Power Creep making things feel weird. Remember when getting a LGem to 25 was a challenge? Plus the crazy scaling up costs of Empowered Rifts.
  • 20:00 — Wizard wizard wizard something something….
  • 29:00 — Gigantic toughness buffs this patch. Hardcore benefiting greatly from it, while softcore just cares about damage buffs?
  • 37:30 — Torment 10 is a joke… do we need more Torments? Or just rescale T5+ to increase by 10 GRs each?
  • 44:15 — New/improved Damage Display. Better, but useless for actually judging your damage output. Everyone wants a DPS meter.
  • 54:00 — Solo vs. Party EXP… botting wrecking the high end leaderboards (again)?
  • 58:00 — No bonus weekend events planned? We’ll obviously get one March 15th, for Diablo 3’s 4th anniversary.
  • 1:01:01 — Bounties; miserable grind or amusing diversion?
  • 1:07:00 — Set Dungeons hatred growing. After we raged on them last podcast, everyone in comments said we were too nice. Multiplayer in Set Dungeons = blame the console?
  • 1:22:00 — Gold sinks are still needed? Under 20b = broke?

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