Diablo 3 Podcast #198: Set Dungeon Despair

Set Dungeons are debated at length in this episode. Some hate them, some tolerate them; is the whole thing a half-baked feature that should be suspended? Also SP vs. MP exp curve, Ancient weapon crafting bottlenecks, and S5 power creep. Featuring Aahz, N3rdwards, and Flux.

Diablo 3 Podcast #198: Set Dungeon Despair

  • 0:30 — Intro and quick DiabloWikiSet Dungeon debate (hate).
  • 3:30 — Power Creep in Season Five… everyone loves it? Love Haedrig’s Gift.
  • 15:00 — Wizard and Necromancer come to Heroes of the Storm. Excite? Opinions differ.
  • 22:30 — Single player vs. Multiplayer in Patch 2.4. Balance at last?
  • 27:00 — Gold needs and the crazy scaling expenses for Empowered Rifts, which are still totally worth it.
  • 33:00 — Crafting bottlenecks. Bounties just for materials? Praying for a double materials weekend buff.
  • 41:00 — QoL buffs, super fast ferrets! Plus Speed Pylons rule with AS buff added.
  • 46:00 — Conquests and Season Journey sticking points.
  • 51:00 — Set Dungeon diatribes. Some good, some are awful, whole feature feels half-baked?
  • 1:07:00 — Material costs and gearing up. Elusive ancient weapons and reforging Legendary nightmares.

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    1. Set dungeons are f*****G awful. Waste of time and effort.

      • I’m not a big fan either, but at least they’re just there to get some cosmetic rewards so I don’t really care that much.

        • Cosmetic stuff, like a new stash tab.

          • Pretty sure doing set dungeons isn’t required for that, though I agree that the overall requirements for the extra stash tab are ridiculous at the moment.
            I realize that to get to that part of the seasonal journey you need to have done one set dungeon, but it took me less than 5 minutes so meh, not a big deal imo.

    2. Set dungeons sounded like a neat diversion until I played a few and realized there's a smattering of irritating crap with each one that only offers frustration. I've done a couple to mastery but feel completely unmotivated to do more just because they're annoying as hell.

      • The Shadow DH set one is just a god damn adventure in total irritation. Both getting to it and actually completing the objectives. That “Chain 20 hits to different enemies” crap needs to be cut down to maybe TEN.

    3. Maybe instead of wasting time designing Set Dungeons they should have worked on PVP…

      • i man no disrespect but pvp is a waste of time, diablo 3 would be a very hard game to balance  in terms of pvp if u have the time why dont u completly remake the pvp system balance all the chars then balance all the legendaries and all possible combinations of them id rather they sorted out the fricking lag in game which is still a major problem they need to stop the reallocation server space to overwatch as well as team members and start focusing on this for a change instead of being stingy blighters they need to prepare a new expac for blizzcon (or we gonna wait another 10+ years for something in the diablo scene) they have no major projects next year now they got the movie out this year overwatch wow hearthstone and starcraft dealt with that only leaves warcraft 4 possibility and diablo expansion

        • There is a lot of things they could work on instead of adding new features and new items. I also don't think it is my job to fix PVP since I didn't promise it to buyers that it would be released in a future patch. What we got was garbage so Blizz can say "Hey you got your PVP, we kept our promise."With items being what they are and total lack of customization, with gear and skills, maybe balancing for PVP would help everyone, PVP and PVE…The game would be greatly improved for everyone with PVP.

          • its funny tho they did promise it to buyers and we got it, but its just not up to code but arpg's like diablo dont need pvp the ladders are there for u to compete if u want to, id rather they pulled all non essential crap out they dont need in game like they did with the RMAH since its A) not worth the effort to try and develop it and B) stop developing useless features to begin with aka set dungeons, but back on the pvp subject u will complain so much about it not being how u want it to be (would take the devs too much time to rebalance all items and combinations with skills, time they could use to develop new features and fix existing problems) yet diablo isnt a pvp game to begin with ladders are for competing. Like i said before if u really want a competitive pvp environment either rebalace it yourself and submit it for blizz to see or find another game maybe another blizzard title namely  WoW or the upcoming overwatch to suit ur pvp needs

            • Actually I have next to zero interest in PVP. Hardly played it in D2, only played WOW for like 4 months, that was on a PVP server, it was fun for what WOW was. But I stand by my statement that it was something Blizz promised us and what we got was garbage. And if they balanced the game enough for PVP, that would mean there would be more build options for everyone. How is that a negative? It would be a better game for everyone.The game will never get balanced if they keep adding new items, and fixing every item problem with a power-creep. Focusing on PVP would force a much needed balancing.And where do you get the idea, that I have to fix it if I don't like something. If I go out to eat and I get a bad meal, it isn't up to me to teach them how to cook. I paid for something I expect the best value for my dollar. Whether I play PVP or not, doesnt matter. I paid for it, the offering was sub-par. I can complain. Unless Blizz wants to refund me a portion of what I paid for the game. Pointing out how bad PVP is is the most entertainment I get from the feature.But yes Blizz needs to stop with the useless features. I would like to see patch 2.5 and the next season add nothing new. Just be fixes, lag, customization, maybe some overall nerfs to stop the power-creep. By next season they will have to introduce Torment XX…

      • PVP is stupid in an ARPG.

        Go play WoW or Halo or some shit.

      • Anyone notice that some of the new bounties (those "look for red portal" and get in some little room with 1/2 cursed chests) look suspiciously like a PVP arena?

        • A good point, but they're a little small and too much obstructed line of sight and movement for that. BTW, there is a PvP arena in the game; it's where you fight Maghda. That level was literally a PvP arena in the blizzcon demo in 2010.

    4. Hey guys, don't let this spread but I got a call from The Realm of Trials the other day. He said he got so much hate mail and death threats that he had to enter a protection program. They relocated him to an 'optional dungeon' and changed his name to 'Set Dungeon.'

    5. stumbled across the fact that you can do set dungeons in a group.  that removes A LOT of the irritation.  Especially the idea that for mastery you have to clear every last mob.   Knocked out the rolands much easier that way and a friend did the Shadow one while I mopped up the mobs.   Gets the checkbox on the mastery without wanting to throw the computer out the window. I like some of them.  I like that it is getting me to try builds I haven't messed with.

    6. Forget the set dungeons. I was planning to do 8 cuz it sounded fun and I was planning to play 2 classes, but the 2nd one I tried (Delsere) made me give up instantly. It’s retarded.

      If you want your stash tab, just get the 50 million gold and do a GR45 with no set items. At least those aren’t gimmicky.

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