The newest installment of the Diablo 3 Podcast is now online for your listening/viewing pleasure… but only if you’re one of our super special Site PALs! Those precious individuals can access the podcast via this thread in the PALs forum.

    The first weekend of Season Five is in the books and how did the rushing and patch 2.4 changes play out? Is MP no longer required for fast leveling? And are Set Dungeons just lame? Featuring Wolfpaq, Aahz, and Flux.

    For instant acccess, become a Site PAL right here. Click through for full contents of this podcast. The show will go live for everyone Wednesday morning, via a news post on Diabloii.net’s main page.

  • 0:30 — 1:00 — Season Five rush stories. Single Player vs. Party isn’t that different, thanks to new massacre bonuses in SP?
  • 7:30 — Demon Hunters much buffed in v2.4?
  • 11:00 — Seasonal Journey item set reward makes a big difference in fast gearing past 70. Power Creep blows up in the end game.
  • 17:00 — Crazy different play style with the new Demon Hunter Shadow Power set.
  • 22:00 — New Stash Tab from Season Journey is too high a requirement?
  • 36:00 — Set Dungeons. Too easy/trivial? We were hoping for more challenge/expertise required to complete them.
  • 45:20 — Overwatch Wings of Merchy appearance bonus. Annoyed that it’s free to Console players?
  • 48:00 — Ongoing plans for Season Five. P1000 or bust? GR70? Power Creep creating higher expectations.
  • 51:00 — If Dave Brevik returned to Blizzard, would that make a real difference for Diablo 4? And do you expect D3X2 or they’ll just go to D4 and a new game engine, with the long outdated D3 engine struggling to function.
  • Did you join in the S5 rush? Most of you did, according to our recent site survey.

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