Monstrous shares his Blizzcon 2015 experience, including much Developer chat time and even Chicken & Waffles with Wyatt! Also Patch 2.4 and Snapshotting. Featuring Monstrous, HolyKnight, and Flux.

    Diablo 3 Podcast #193: Monstrous @ Blizzcon 2015

  • 1:00 — Intro to Monstrous after his first Blizzcon ever, and HolyKnight who is still waiting on his first Blizzcon ever.
  • 8:30 — Monstrous details his many Blizzcon D3 dev interactions. Chicken and Waffles with Wyatt! Plus the coolness of the Slaughtered Calf Inn.
  • 18:00 — BlizzCon BlizStore abuse and regret by Monstrous.
  • 26:30 — D3 Expansion #2 expectations before Blizzcon vs. now. Did Monstrous gain secret info with all his dev chats?
  • 31:00 — Monstrous talks about his Blizzard HQ tour and secret D3 stuff he saw.
  • 50:00 — Snapshotting and why it is your friend.

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