Two first time guests join the show to talk about Season Three running too long, Kanai’s Cube, disappointment over no D3X2 at Gamescom, and Blizzcon 2015 hopes. Featuring Dragoonus, Dave the Brave, and Flux.

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #185: Too Long Season 3?

  • 0:30 — Intro to the first time guests. Dragoonus and Dave the Brave.
  • 5:00 — Is Season 3 too long? Why is every season a different length? What if the D3X2 announcement came suddenly, with the game going on sale a week or month later? Would people go insane?
  • 11:00 — Will the expansion be a full Act Six and big changes? Why does everyone want that and expect it when no one has played Campaign Mode in 2 years?
  • 18:00 — Season Four will run right up until Blizzcon. Timing to announce D3X2 and bigger changes in the next patch?
  • 24:00 — DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube and theorycrafting. Anything better than just RoRG and Furnace?
  • 33:00 — What should Kadala give if you fail to finish within 15m in Patch 2.3? (Instead of nothing, as on the PTR.)
  • 43:00 — Leveling up is all about equipping your Naglering and waiting for the bombs. Paragon Level system broken by the speed of leveling now. Paragon 1500 destroys Leaderboards.
  • 51:00 — Bashiok memories…. neither guest has any of them.
  • 59:00 — Financials of Diablo 3. How are they paying for all these patches and dev team without any continuing income? Why not stash for cash yet? “Free to play games are too expensive to play.”

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