Diablo 3 Podcast #184: Patch 2.3.1 & Witch Doctors

Diablo 3 Podcast #184: Patch 2.3.1 & Witch Doctors

Patch 2.3.1 on the PTR made a lot of changes, especially to the Witch Doctor. Much discussion of that class, plus Reflects Damage changes, Kanai’s Cube tweaks, Paragon 2000 is broken, and more. Featuring Xanth, Empty1, and Flux.

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Diablo 3 Podcast #184: Patch 2.3.1 & Witch Doctors

  • 4:00 — Witch doctor patch 2.3.1 testing on the PTR and instant power leap (not creep) via kanai’s cube. Testing new and improved WD sets. Both guests have been testing WDs, so intensive coverage of the class (for once).
  • 20:00 — Monk and Crusader new v2.3 set testing, and WD pet set testing.
  • 31:30 — Reflects Damage tweaked in new patch. Working decently now?
  • 35:00 — DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube convert set item recipe tweaked. Laziest fix possible, but effective?
  • 39:00 — Paragon Level requirements to enter public games on T7 or higher. Approve?
  • 44:00 — Rift progress tweaked in this patch. Rifts still feel sluggish and Guardians still feel pointlessly weak?
  • 46:40 — Paragon 2000 reveals flaws in the system. Too easy to get higher than P800, and too much reward to mainstat? Multiplayer is too big an advantage over SP, especially in terms of EXP?
  • 1:01:30 — Drug testing for esports “athletes”. Only an issue since the performance-enhancing isn’t that big an enhancement?
  • 1:09:00 — Gamescom coming soon. Diablo 3 expansion 2 will debut at the pre-show press conference, just as RoS did at Gamescom 2 years ago?

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    20 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Podcast #184: Patch 2.3.1 & Witch Doctors

    1. as usual, i had a few chuckles listening to the podcast, but still, regarding all the witch doctor info:

      what about the cat mojo?!

      • The “cat mojo” got a nice defensive stat that reduces damage and charms an enemy when it first hits you; however, as cute as it is, I prefer the Uhkapian Serpent.

    2. Well, I’m sure some of you remember that eerie, super-dark trailer with the red soulstone that announced Diablo 2 way before its release. Blizzard has a good tradition to announce what they have in the making just by showing a tasty trailer and some preliminary info, so don’t worry about reasons why or not they should announce D3X2 at gamescom. ^^

      • Don’t worry about reasons?

        Nobbie, Blizzard just confirmed they will announce WoW expansion at Gamescom, which in turn makes Diablo 3 announcement almost impossible.

        I’m sorry to say that, but man… in the past you were so sure about E3, despite there being no reasons to believe in any Diablo 3 announcements there, and you were proven wrong. Now you were so confident about a Diablo announcement at Gamescom and guess what happened… You were wrong, again!

        Forgive me for stating the obvious, but dude, you sure like a fool now.

        • Well, I just speculate like everyone else. It could have also been D3X2 at gamescom and WOWX6 at BlizzCon considering all these alleged “TM leaks” that have been identified as fakes during the past days. I couldn’t care less; it just means waiting another 4 months until BlizzCon, and we’ll see how good my predictions about the expansion 2 contents are. D3X2 can only get better until then.

          PS: You should have read the last sentence of my blog. 😉

        • PS: Again, you are twisting my words: I said that E3 is an OPTION, nothing else. The only thing I was 99% sure about is gamescom, because the RoS announcement is 2 years old by then.

          Anyway, this isn’t good news at all seeing how Blizzard feels forced to feed the WoW fans with another xpac this early.

    3. PS PS: I want to add that I’m 100% sure that D3X2 was meant to be announced at gamescom, but the devastating WoD critique forced them to turn the schedule and announce WOWX6 first. ^^

      • Just make me happy and admit that this time I was right about this and you weren’t 🙂

        • You, Sir, are taking speculation waaay too serious. Normally such an amount of energy being put into discrediting another is only done if it’s either a paycheck-serious, a “Großstadtgeflüster – Pimmel und Erde”-serious or a seriously dislike of the other. So why so serious?

    4. Re: e-sports and doping. I heard a couple arguments (can't remember who exactly was talking) that were just plain nonsensical. "Drugs don't help.* and "Even if drugs did help, who cares because everyone would use them." Ok gents. Seriously?

    5. I just want to say that Empty1 was a really good guest, he should be regular like N3rdwards and Xanth, really awesome opinions. He knows what he was talking about and had pretty good insights as well.I´ve enjoyed this episode in particular very much, listened to it twice :)Thanks!

      • Haven't gotten the name in the introduction and although disagreeing to some opinions voiced (, especially D3 being an ARPG and, consequently, being the King of the ARPG genre 😉 ), I have to concur. Would love to hear (and/or read) more from him.

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