Diablo 3 Podcast #183: Patch 2.3 Season 4 Testing

Testing Season 4 in Patch 2.3, enjoying the Season Journey, Kanai’s Cube strategy, no “slow rolling” = few LGems, the benefits of Torment 7-10, materials balance in 2.3, and Reflects Damage must go. Featuring MJiNSpace and Flux.

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Diablo 3 Podcast #183: Patch 2.3 Season 4 Testing

  • 0:30 — Open casting call for new would-be podcast guests. Contact Flux if interested. [email protected]
  • 1:30 — PTR new patch coming, Season 4 set to be wiped and restarted later this week. More playable now without endless queues?
  • 8:00 — Season Journey makes Achievements a fun tutorial, and the ethical ramifications of killing Zoltan Kulle while he’s also your Cube artisan.
  • 16:00 — Flux’s strange experience playing softcore from level 1 in Season 4 after nothing but HC for RoS. It’s kind of fun playing way over your head in Torment. Why don’t SC people care enough to dodge easily-avoidable deaths?
  • 22:00 — No more “slow rolling” to get all the LGems quickly is a huge change in character progression. Flux was over P150 before he’d found all the LGems in S4 on the PTR.
  • 30:00 — Benefits of playing Torment 7-10. More cache materials, chance for double Death’s Breath drops (the most important material now). Material balance issues in v2.3 (everything is balanced)!
  • 43:00 — Reflects Damage now in Patch 2.3… impossible to deal with. Must be changed? (I meant tai chi, not feng shui, of course.)
  • 55:00 — Should KeyWardens be called MachineWardens? How long until all legendary items have a legendary affix to use in DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube

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    1. Regarding the “The time is not right” thing in the IK throne room in Sescheron: I’m now pretty convinced we see that missing bit after gamescom, when D3X2 has been announced. It has to be a teaser! ^^

    2. @41:50 About picking up everything to salvage for Kanai’s cube recipes…

      On live, I have no room to pick up anything but stackable material and legendaries. I constantly play with 4-by-2 or 5-by-2 space in my inventory. Extracting legendary power is a good start to reduce inventory clutter but please don’t stop there.

      It is come to a point that I don’t want to play because I don’t to deal with the full inventory.

      For example whenever I craft aughild’s bracers, I keep one per elemental damage and primary stat. Luckily dex characters don’t use aughild, but I am still keeping one of each int/str and per elemental damage type. That is just taking too much space. And same thing for things such as Strongarm Bracers and Stone of Jordan. Sometimes I even need to keep 2 of the same, e.g. if I play 2 builds that share the same primary stat and primary elemental. The space requirement is absolutely crazy when I play all classes.

      • Also I have so little room, I often take 2 trips to town after killing a rift guardian to pick up everything. It is really turning me off. Kanai’s cube will help but it will get worse (when I make room for the new recipies) before it gets better.

        In additional to merging primary stat, and elemental damage to become “one elemental type of your choice,” we also need centralized gem and material so not every character needs to waste 8 spaces in their bag (very modest estimate). For 15 characters that is 120 spaces, or enough for 60 “double-size” items. That is just super frustrating.

        • This goes back to the stash space problem we are always lamenting on various podcasts.

          I’ll be curious to see what having the cube does to solve some of these issues.

        • This goes back to the stash space problem we are always lamenting on various podcasts.

          I’ll be curious to see what having the cube does to solve some of these issues.

    3. Flux, I really enjoy the podcasts but your mic really drops out.

    4. Flux please some topics about WD new sets or why WD suck the moust please.

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