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    The Diablo 3 Podcast #179: Mini-Seasons and the Stash Crisis
    Botting is ruining D3, mini-seasons with odd rules would be fun, should Item Sets grant bonuses for fewer items equipped, the lack of variety in Legendary Rings, and and WTF no more stash space yet? Featuring Mjinspace and Flux.

    The Diablo 3 Podcast #179: Mini-Seasons and the Stash Crisis

  • 0:30 — Father’s Day / Flux’s B-day intro random comments, and the lack of Season length Goldilocks. Recent D3 play stuff and HotS vs. LoL.
  • 8:00 — How easy is it to bounce back in Hardcore? Very easy, if all you’re aiming for is T6… Would HC be more fun if it was harsher, like no shared Paragon points or stash.

    One life to live:Hardcore power leveling eliminates death

  • 14:00 — Botting in Diablo 3. Epidemic in softcore? Completely skewing the GR leaderboards?
  • 20:30 — Stash space in D3 is woefully inadequate and every fan agrees. Why won’t Bliz fix the problem? Stash for Cash is a thing in Chinese D3. Bring that shit to me.
  • 29:00 — Why not mini-seasons in D3 with different rule sets? No-sets season for 2 weeks, etc. Variety for people who want it?
  • 36:00 — Fewer items required for item set bonuses. Max bonuses from 4 or 5 pieces instead of 6. More gear options vs. massive power creep?
  • 42:00 — Item scarcity = item power? Six piece sets were designed to be hard to find with big rewards, but have become the opposite.
  • 49:00 — The lack of variety in Legendary Rings because Focus/Restraint is OP?
  • 57:00 — Why is Gambling either 50% or .001% success rate? RNG clusters? Jaydalaed!
  • 1:00:00 — How are gamers on the Chinese realm already scoring higher GRs than other realms after just 2 months of play time?
  • 1:04:00 — New stuff coming “soon”? Favorite and least fave tile sets in Rifts. Does anyone really want a full Act 6, or just new class/items/tilesets for Rifts?
  • 1:19:00 — Which Diablo character has the worst Father’s Day? Has to be Leah.
  • 1:22:00 — Single Player needs love! Is multiplayer too incentivized by bonuses in Diablo 3?
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