Diablo 3 Podcast #177 The GR50 Club – Early Access

As part of our effort to provide more bang for your donation buck, from now on we’ll be posting each new episode of the Diablo 3 Podcast a day or two early in the Pal forum, before it goes live for everyone on the main page. We usually record the Podcast Sunday night and it should be posted here Monday morning, then go live on the main page for everyone on Wednesday.

This week Flux, Xanth, and Mjinspace discuss recent game news, including the GR50 Club, playing 10+ hours a day, weapon damage ruining itemization, and Stash 4 Cash vs. Play 2 Win. Plus Blizzcon 2015 hopes and plans.

PALS can listen in here.

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  1. Well – I have donate just to support but getting early access would be nice. I just can`t get it – it says that I don`t have permission.

  2. Same here, @Skaut. I donated as well but do not have access. Have sent Elly / Rushter an email along with a ‘contact us’ email, but no reply.

  3. Will check guys. If it has been passed on Paypal your status shoul;d be updated. Send me a PM.

  4. Skaut and Foutch, your accounts are fixed now. Fouth you’re Siantha aren’t you.

  5. Foutch, check your PMs please.

  6. Elly, nothing fixed yet. Still unable to access the podcast. “Error denied.”

  7. It works fine for me. Thank you.

  8. I think we found the error and it should not be a problem for anyone any more.

  9. Correct….works! Thanks, Rushter and Elly!

  10. No probs. It was a simple issue with the system not checking often enough for subs and changing your info. That should now be all fixed for everyone. Good bug testing guys 🙂

  11. Exactly how often does it check? I’ve been waiting about 15 minutes now to get at this juicy podcast goodness.

  12. I really don’t mean to nag, but… my account has yet to be granted PAL status. Is there a better way to reach out about this?

  13. Works for me!

    Another great podcast. I’m Hardcore and giggle at the sc digs by Flux. It never gets old because they are so true.

    Could you imagine playing sc diablo 3 for 13 hours a day? That is real hell.

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