Diablo 3 Podcast #176: Chinese D3 Stash for Cash… Why Not Here?

Stash for Cash in Chinese D3 should go worldwide, no-legendary Leaderboards, item hackers busted, WoW selfies, and why all the best builds ever are live now. Featuring Master X, AdAstra, and Flux.

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Diablo 3 Podcast #176: Chinese D3 Stash for Cash… Why Not Here?

  • 1:30 — Master X loves Jay Wilson… or not?
  • 3:00 — Why Dave Brevik exists on another plane of knowledge when it comes to Video Game conversations.
  • 6:00 — Talking your friends who abandoned Diablo 3 into playing again. Do all of the improvements show up to casuals?
  • 16:00 — Chinese Diablo 3 with “stash for cash.” Surprised that most US/EU players want those P2W features in the game today?
  • 21:00 — Master X rants against the “I must be the best” mentality in Diablo 3 and online gaming.
  • 31:00 — Real item hackers got busted with felony convictions. Any sympathy? Why name and shame these guys but not list who gets punished by Blizzard when caught cheating?
  • 40:00 — WoW selfies. Did Blizzard want to make every Diablo player’s worst opinions of WoW players come true?
  • 44:00 — What if there were no-set item leaderboards? How much different or more interesting would builds be, when created from only legendary items? How about Rare-only leaderboards?
  • 51:00 — What if you could take one current legendary item back to Diablo 3 vanilla? Which would you take and how awesome would it be?
  • 54:00 — The best DH, Barb, Monk, and Wizard build ever are now live, and all are super fast movement with huge killing power. Where do the builds go from here?
  • 59:00 — Stash space emergency. Is anyone not full already this season?
  • 1:10:00 — Master X bans himself from the podcast with wrongthink.

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    1. The happening around D3 is really low at this point. It needs new expansion to announcement to revive it.

      • Exactly, and that’s why it’s coming this summer incl. the announcement that EU & US get extra stash only with the purchase of D3X2. ^^

    2. Not going to lie, I want more N3erdward, he’s super easy to listen to and speaks well and doesn’t have that awkward laugh after one of flux’s joke, which is often because flux, good sir, you are hilarious. He should just be the co-host and have a different guest on each cast. Obviously that’s what I want, how about you guys…

    3. if you want more stash space so bad ask them to make it available via in-game means. begging for microtransactions in a full-priced game? what’s wrong with you people.

      unless D3 goes F2P all microtransactions are a big no-no.

    4. Agreed. Master X doesn’t make any interesting points or advances convincing arguments. \No one needs to be the best in D3…\. What sense did that argument make? Leaderboards invite competition and people will strive to be at the top.

      Need more Nerdwerds. Muggs is awesome as well, as in Xanth. Podcast needs more HC representation so dudes fix your internets.

      • Heh, the usual complaint is we do too much HC. A lot of the past regulars aren’t playing much currently in S3, so I’ll have to open casting call again for some fresh meat. Maybe next week.

    5. Around 20:00, when you talk about “most players wanting the pay for stash option…” do you really think your poll on an enthusiast website represents what people want? You had near 240 people say yes, why do you say that represents what “most US and EU players” want?

      You have to understand that the polls have skewed voters — people who are Diablo enthusiasts, who play this game a lot, are the type of people who search internet websites for more info on this game and come to your website to be up on the latest. Of course they want more stash space, they play this game a lot (I mean, the question itself, who doesn’t want more stash space?). But paying for it and introducing maybe even more things to pay for is a different matter entirely.

      But don’t think that your poll represents what majority of people want when it would represent what, less than 2% of players? I’m not saying your polls are dumb or entirely unimportant, but you don’t have nearly the power to say this is representative of what the community or players want.

      • If there’s a vote with 10,000 replies and a bigger cross section of players, I’d be happy to cite it.

        By definition, any votes on the game are going to be mostly the hardcore players who care enough to vote. At least votes give a wider voice than what you get from reading comments here or b.net or reddit or whatever. 1000+ voices vs. just 30 or 50 or 100.

    6. Master X’s comments about competitiveness “killing the community” are just preposterous. Sounds like somebody is just upset about not being able to strive to get up in the rankings. those “top level” players are what strives casuals and the liking to do better and gives them a goal. Why would you bash someone for that?

      I also agree with the previous comments and think N3rdwards should be on the show more, he brings a lot of great knowledge and take opinions from both sides of the spectrum, while still being entertaining. Love the show!

    7. Master p needs to die in a fire. Down syndrome, inbred, Brown nosing, sheep person.

    8. No joke. The Master P kickoff of the show was stupid, immature, and he had me borderline not listening to the show. Please? Your content is good, don’t ruin it so that you don’t have to hurt his feelings and drop him.

    9. Late to join in on the discussion… but I just want to say something about stash space.

      I wish I don’t need that more stash space but the itemization the way it is now, it just can’t be helped.
      For each specific gear, let’s say strongarm bracers, I need each of (str/dex/int) and (each elemental damage). Even if I take out combinations such as dex+poison and str+poison, there are still like 3*4 = 20 versions that I would need to keep around. And that is just for a single item.

      What if I craft the aughild’s child’s bracers… that’s another 20 bracers I want to keep.

      I’m doing similar things for amulets and stone of jordans. And I don’t think I’m a rare case. You could tell me to salvage crafted gear to re-craft when I need to, but that would be crazy.

      A simple solution is to combine all elemental damage mods into a single “one single elemental damage of your choice” that can be interchanged. That extends the existing space by about 4 times right there.

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