Diablo 3 Podcast #175: D3’s 3rd Anniversary + Plus Secret Cows

Diablo 3 Podcast #175: D3’s 3rd Anniversary + Plus Secret Cows

Diablo 3’s Third Anniversary special cow level debuts, plus conversation about power creep and GR40 becoming the new GR30, if the Infernal Machine needs fixes, and whether D3X2 will debut at E3, Gamescom, Blizzcon, or ever? Featuring MJNSpace, N3rwards, and Flux.

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The Diablo 3 Podcast #175: D3’s 3rd Anniversary + Plus Secret Cows

  • 3:30 — Secret Cow Level anniversary surprise. Third Anniversary event. Bored with it already? MooooooOOOOOO!
  • 8:00 — Power Creep and super movement speed this season has turned T6 into a joke. GR40 is the new GR30. Too easy/fast affecting your play?
  • 13:00 — Dream of the game tracking your best time on all GRs, not just your highest.
  • 17:00 — Time for build/spec switching? So you didn’t have to change all your gear/skills around manually. Or make a 2nd character in all your classes.
  • 25:00 — The crazy disparity between super fast movement farming characters and how fast can move normal players without speed optimizations.
  • 29:00 — Much higher Torments needed? T15? What value comes from keeping T6 as the max? More casual players get a psychological boost from being able to handle the highest difficulty?
  • 32:00 — Infernal Machine. Fixes needed? Or is the super speed/powercreep reducing the boredom and annoyance of key farming?
  • 41:00 — Why Reaper of Souls’ big improvements makes “WILSONED” jokes funny.
  • 45:00 — Third Year Anniversary of Diablo 3. Poetic thoughts? Thanks for Enchanting, Blizzard.
  • 57:00 — Gamescom 2015 will bring the Diablo 3 Expansion #2 reveal? Opinions differ. Why isn’t Blizzard monetizing all the RoS patch features?
  • 1:08:00 — Final thoughts and MJNSpace defends his woeful S3 paragon level. Props to Bliz for salvaging Diablo 3 into an awesome product.

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    7 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Podcast #175: D3’s 3rd Anniversary + Plus Secret Cows

    1. Enjoyed the Podcast as usual. I have a theory about how Diablo 3 has kept up financially. It may sound crazy to anyone who didn’t play from the beginning. But, I think Blizzard made SO much money from their % of the Auction House revenues that it’s kept them afloat and has the potential to keep them funded for a long time to come. I can’t imagine that people have an idea. But, millions of people were spending real money in D3 AH. And every little sale had a kick back to Bliz.

      I would love it if one of our illustrious math-heads could crunch a number for us. But, it’s something I’ve been imagining since D3 launched. I think the sales on the game and expansion are nice but, the AH must have made them TONS more. I’d love to see that number.

    2. Conspiracy theory:

      – RoS will be released in China soon(tm), currently in beta
      – Only Asia gets purchasable stash space via the ingame shop (different business model)
      – US & EU players also get more stash space *IF* they buy the 2nd expansion, which will be announced at E3/gamescom 2015 ^^

      • The only question is, “how much is more?”

        What I really want to see is the option to pay for as many tabs as I like.

        I hate grinding up my best finds in game because I want to keep playing.

        What I dislike almost as much is an unorganized stash space. I hate having belts, rings boots gloves all in the same tab. I hope to eventually spread out my gear in a truly organized fashion. Until i can sort this in some reasonable way, the game is problematic.

    3. still listening to the podcast …

      about the part with the tab with gear-switching:
      D2 had a gear-switch tab, I remember it fondly.

    4. Great Episode! Often the Podcast felt like a Q&A where Flux asks the guests questions. This time both guests kept the discussion going and contributet on their own which made for a great listening experience.
      The only criticism I have is that there were no Space Jam jokes (MJ-in-Space). 🙂

    5. Enjoying the podcast as usual

      I heared you guys talk about some other ARPGs (PoE, Torchlight etc) but i missed Marvel Heroes 2015. Since im enjoying that game as much as D3 i was wondering if you guys ever played that and how you like it (or not ).

      Keep up the good work,

    6. Great podcast as usual but you really need to give some more airtime out to the 2nd guest. Everytime Nerdwords is on he talks pretty much the whole time or talks over people. Just randomly click through this podcast and its all him. Where’s Xanth. Azure, Eliminator etc.

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