Diablo 3 Podcast #174: DH Sets, GRift Records, & D3X2

Lots of content/topics this week, including perma-CC issues, DH set debates, CoE ring and buff icon issues, player UI mods, expanded Grift leaderboards, and D3 expansion #2 theorizing. Featuring Katniss, AdAstra, and Flux.

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  • 1:00 — AdAstra returns and explains his absence. Katniss denies defecting from Crusader to Barb for S3.
  • 10:00 — Recent play stuff. Perma-CC overpowered issues.
  • 16:00 — Natalya’s Set. Katniss hates it. Flux loves it.
  • 27:00 — Katniss defends Unhallowed Essence Demon Hunter set. Flux explains why it sucks.
  • 35:00 — Convention of Elements ring; awesomely powerful but visually lacking. Better buff icons, please.
  • 40:00 — Skull Grasp and the confusion of additive vs. multiplicative bonuses.
  • 47:00 — Damage display numbers. Power Creep has 1-10billion damage displays constantly… too hard to read the numbers with so many digits? Change 4,235,654,781 to 4.2B.
  • 52:00 — Plus control issues and UI modding.
  • 1:01:01 — Progress granted per monster. Why just based on monster hps without factoring in monster AI/difficulty.
  • 1:08:00 — Grift timer countdown on death makes every softcore player crazy. Why not just subtract delay time instead of wasting 30s sitting there?
  • 1:14:00 — Nobbie’s guest article about the 2nd expansion. Skovos and the Amazon/Druid/Werewolf hybrid? Will D3X2 be a full expansion or just DLC thing with a new class and new items/Rift tilesets?
  • 1:24:00 — Greater Rift record tracking. Why not show every character’s best times for every Grift? Achievements for doing all under 5m? Some GR levels with cross-class leaderboard, so everyone on a realm can compete for best time on say, GR25?
  • 1:30:00 — Pet peeves: The lack of blue materials, Infernal Machine farming, and people who like the UE set.

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    1. Phew! For a second I thought DH’s weren’t going to be talked about ad nauseum again!

    2. Well, I just listened back to this and I realized there were a few things I didn’t really talk about that i had wanted to … with the convention of elements rings … my ealier thought had slipped my mind while were chatting.

      What I’d like to see, with that ring, is this: I’d like to see the COE ring spawn with the possibility to only have 3 or 4 elemental types of damage. So that every COE ring that drops would be a little different. That sucks if your working a fire build and the version of COE you get doesn’t happen to have fire damage on it but, once you do get your hands on the right elemental damage Con of Elements ring … you’re waiting less for it to proc the right type of damage for you. There’s less types of damage to cycle through, less waiting and more rarity to the ring’s chance of being a great one for you.

      Also, by doing this, it would convince some people to try a different build as sojs often do … “oh! No fire damage? Maybe I should try a cold build?”

    3. Love the idea for different greater rift level leaderboards. I think every ten levels would be fine. Reminds me of low level dueling back in the D2 days, but dueling is of course an entirely different issue that has never been properly addressed.

    4. I like that idea, AdAstra. It brings a bit more RNG back to the ring though, when it’s pretty evident they want it to be good every time that you find it based on its mandatory rolls. I just imagine it might be a technical issue to have them rotate differently? You’d have to explain it on the item, which it currently does very generally.

    5. Thanks Katniss; also a friend was ribbing me after hearing this saying I wasn’t paragon 800. I rounded up. I was about 750? I’m for getting but, my point was that I did grind out ridiculous paragon in season 2 and still didn’t reach my goals.

      That was the reason I was a bit frustrated at the end of season 2. Because, i spent SO much time building muscle and farming gear and never achieved the Greater Rift goals I had wanted to.

      I was working towards the Monk’s Serenity build that whole season and found the last piece of gear (a cold soj with a socket) only 2 days before the season closed. I should have just done more GRifts from that moment until the end but, there my 4 player groups kept asking me to join in support as a DH. (which used to be my main) And I thought if I could get my leg gems closer to level 60) my last few Grifts of the season would have me on top.

      I was SO wrong. I left myself one day to push solo grifts and I just failed.
      2 days later Blizzard dropped the new patch 2.2 and the Monk build I had spent 2 months perfecting was nerfed into the ground and useless

      That’s why the switch to Crusader and Barb.

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