Diablo 3 Podcast #173: Power Creep and Spin2Win Barbs

Season Three marches on with massive power creep in higher GRifts. Are higher levels of Torment required, or will the removal of Realm of Trials solve the problem? Also, why doesn’t anyone want to play with Spin2Win Barbs, do Seasons need more incentives, and does anyone really want to play Thorns? Featuring N3rdwards, Master X, and Flux.

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Diablo 3 Podcast #173: Power Creep and Spin2Win Barbs

  • 3:30 — Power creep. Too much awesome gear this season? Why are people GR60+ already this season? N3rdwards laments the shortcomings of the new Slow Time Wizard set.
  • 10:00 — Flux learns the difference between physical and elemental thanks to the Esoteric Alternation legendary gem.
  • 15:00 — Gambling woes. Amulets = setting your money on fire.
  • 18:00 — Power creep hits the Leaderboards. Much higher clears required for top 1000 ranking already this season. Spin2Win barbs and their socialization problems.
  • 28:00 — Higher Torment required? Would/will no more Realm of Trials help with this T6 rushing problem?
  • 37:00 — No improved crafting interface/integrated materials into UI is ever coming. Everyone wastes a full stash tab just for stacks of materials and assorted trinkets. There must be a better way?
  • 48:00 — Incentives to play Seasons. All new legs should be seasonal? EXP buffs? Or just the fun of a fresh start should be enough?
  • 55:00 — Nerdwards’ verbal wizard orgasm.
  • 59:00 — Thorns / Reflects Damage build in Blizzard comments. What’s the fantasy and would it actually work in Diablo III where a single click clears entire screens?
  • 1:12:00 — Secret Cows say

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    1. So is it safe to assume that all the DH fanboys at incgamers sit around looking at pics of their female DH models and “enjoy” themselves to it? 😀 I kid, I kid.

    2. I just deeded my Spinner p199.
      I was on CD but I rushed into the fray anyways.


    3. The ability of T8 or up to T10 as a seasonal bonus, whilst only offering T6 for non season char would be a real incentive,

    4. I don’t understand this obsession with forcing people to play seasons that don’t want to. Why is upsetting that people who don’t play seasons would have the same content available as seasonal players?

      I can safely say that having all new legs and/or higher torment levels being season only would be a huge incentive…for me to play some other game.

      • On my notes I had a series of questions about why bliz even cares if people play seasons. Obviously they are seasonal incentives, but why? It’s not like seasons cost $ to play or something, and obviously it’s extra work for the devs to come up with additional legs. I guess just keeping fans entertained/involved, so we’ll be more likely to make future Diablo 3 purchases?

    5. T6 is clearly not difficult enough. It can be mastered by semi-casual players in less than a week on seasons. In season 3 I was farming for gems and trial keys long after T6 became a complete joke. I’m glad my build didn’t require me to farm for a (well rolled) RoRG or the blue mats needed for Reaper’s Wraps.

      As far as I’m concerned simply increasing torment difficulties across the board would be a perfectly acceptable solution. If we do go the route of extra torments I’d like to see them only increase ancient % and xp gains, not gold amount and item drop rates.

      The lack of an integrated crafting material interface isn’t really a big deal considering they scrapped the item specific crafting mats. What is a problem is the lack of stash space – it takes multiple tabs per character just to store all the sets and alternate loadouts. There should be one shared stash tab (for your basics gems, mats, and transferring items) plus 4 tabs specific to each character.

    6. Increasing Torment levels still seems like it incentivizes more speed and damage gearing since with Goldwrap, Avarice Band and Boon of the Hoarder you can cheat on toughness much, much more in a regular rift than you ever could in Greater Rifts. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but it may be something Blizzard is considering as a reason against? And still I doubt it would change the nature of public games (I play solo so I’m going on you guys’ words here) much, especially considering how powerful characters are now.

      My DH can do low GR 40’s in like 4m solo without tactical advantage or Boon of the Hoarder gold speed boosts, if they were T12 or w/e rifts instead a jerk player with similar level of gear could leave the others in the dust just as easily as they do in T6 now. I guess you could solve that issue by making like T30, but that seems to step majorly on the toes of Greater Rifts.

      I mean the time involved on the developer’s side is probably the #1 problem against, considering that would be time spent creating and implementing content that basically already exists, but the case can be made for other reasons to not up the Torment levels.

      That said I’m like N3rdwards and would rather run Greater Rifts than regular ones anyway so it doesn’t really matter to me either way.

    7. Public games suck. They always have. Sometimes you get a good group. Most of the times you get people who just don’t stick together. (what is the point of playing multiplayer at all if you aren’t near each other for the bonuses to be in effect)

      As for annoying barbs, you act as if this is something new. Every class has an annoyance factor. Wizards can go very fast if they want. DH’s can too. Last season, my big annoyance as a WD was that the DH killed stuff way too fast and then vaulted a million miles away. With the Starmetal build, you end up simply wasting the effects of Big Bad Voodoo 99% of the time and enemies die too fast for your fetishes to get enough hits in to fully reduce the cool down. Not a problem in solo play at all.

      And every class has too many effects now. Barbs now have the tornadoes all over the place, DH’s with M6 have a million things flying all over the screen, Wizards with their rain of fire, etc. They need to let us see nothing but ground effects that matter to us. I just don’t need to see anyone else’s damage skills. I wouldn’t want a harder T6 right now. Doing clan gr35 runs is dangerous enough when you can’t see the ground effects that kill you. Until I can actually see my character and the rest of the screen, no thank you.

    8. try playing with a dashing strike monk…..my barb cant keep up llol

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