Diablo 3 Podcast #171: Season 3 + Fun New DH and Monk Builds

Season Three begins, but is the fresh start still fun? Plus why so many Treasure Goblins, fun new Demon Hunter and Monk builds, the mystery of Mortick’s Brace and Blizzard’s rush to start v2.2, and long term Season Three plans. Featuring Master X, MJNSpace, and Flux.

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The Diablo 3 Podcast #171: Season 3 + Fun New DH and Monk Builds

  • 1:00 — Seasons always start right when Blizzard gets off work on Friday. Would Saturday morning be more equitable for all US timezones?
  • 4:00 — Season Two rushing (or not) stories. Monks are either useless, or pulling monsters carrying their entire group.
  • 13:00 — Long term plans for Season Three. Paragon 1000 or bust? Awesome new Demon Hunter Natalya’s builds.
  • 22:00 — Treasure Goblins… much more common in v2.2 and Season 3?
  • 28:00 — Season 3 still fun, or the novelty wearing off? Will we still enjoy this in Season 6 or Season 7? Leveling up vs. “instant level 70 button” debate.
  • 37:30 — Why was Season 2 so shorts and patch 2.2 so rushed? The mystery endures.
  • 46:00 — The awesomeness of the Monk’s Dashing Strike; teleportation by another name. Plus eliminating eating and sleeping in order to properly rush a new Season.

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    1. Thanks Flux for mentioning the itunes voting stupidity. Every podcast I listen to ask for votes on itunes, like it’s the only player available.

      Hey MJNSpace, did you say you were in the IncgamersWest clan? Is your gamertag different? I haven’t noticed you on when I’m online.

    2. These podcast wil be extremely more interesting when u got a actueal live conversasion instead of only … hearing voices. *just my opinion.

      • Not sure what the difference would be? You want to listen as it’s recorded Sunday night, instead of Monday or Tuesday morning? There’s very minimal editing on thee, usually just some dead time at the start and end, or technical issue (if a call drops, etc).

        Personally, I much prefer a podcast with some editing or polishing to cut the dead time. I often hear podcasts (not just on gaming) where there are minutes of bullshit, OT stuff, technical problems, etc, and I usually click stop when I have to endure that.

    3. Before reading my comment, please remember, positive feedback is good.

      Flux, dude, my man, my main man, when are you going to finally invite a decent WD playing nerd to the podcast, huh? Sincere and lots of love to Monks and DHs and all other char players, but come on… It’s been ages that you last hosted someone who plays a WD for main (JMacc, SpsDebo, Joebo444…, I think Rankil moved to Monk) and knows enough about it… Please, consider it.

      Also, I think I am all laughed out of Mi-GeN-Space pronounciation jokes. Surely you are not going to say it like that every other podcast now on? Hell, MJNSpace is sure an easygoing and chill guy.
      – – First wife, second wife, and wives jokes are still funny though, do carry on.

      Love and thanks, as always.

      • I agree on this one. Recent podcast guests, myself included have been mostly focused on the DH and Wiz. Players more focused on the Barb, WD, or Crusader would be a nice change. As I am sure you are aware, new guests roll in and out of the podcast frequently (which is a good thing). So mostly likely you will have your requests fulfilled soon enough.

        Making fun of my handle: Gets old fast. Making fun of Jay Wilson: Never gets old! I think its a matter of topic…

        • I’m not making fun of it. I just can’t pronounce it. Because it’s not a word fit to human mouths. “Mjolner” I can sort of manage, admittedly.

          • As for classes of the podcast guests, I’d be happy with more variety, but lately it seems like everyone but MJN have been busy on Sunday nights, and we both happen to be playing DHs.

            Ironically, I was going to do a WD last season and made one to 70 and spent all my shards on gambling for a bit… and then bliz announced the season was ending months early, so I didn’t have the time to do a WD also, when I needed to optimize my DH for the higher GR running near the end of the season.

            Maybe this time, though, although S4 seems like it’ll be the real WD time, with a new set and hopefully fixes to existing sets.

    4. In regards to the absurdity of dashing strike and the builds that may come out of season…

      Quin69 (monk streamer/board leader) made a video about using the new dashing strike set with In-Geom, the new legendary sword that reduces all cool downs by a flat 8-10 seconds, lasting 15 seconds, after killing an elite pack It was insane. He was clearing T6 rifts in like 30-40 seconds! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sub 30 second clear this season.

      With this new set monks may finally dethrone demon hunters as fastest class on the planet.

    5. Hi Flux. I frequent the site regularly, listen to the podcast every time it is released. I would love to join you on the podcast if you want some Barbarian, WD, and Wizard perspective. I played WD forever as my main. Currently I am playing Barb the most as I am a big WW fan. I made it to Paragon 200 and 300 for Season 1 and 2 respectively and on non seasons I am paragon 650. I’ve added my email to this post, feel free to contact me. ^_^

    6. Hi Flux.

      Big fan of the podcast and site.

      I’d like to make a request. As a long time Witch Doctor player, I’d like to get the point of view from a Witch Doctor player in seasons three. I know you have a Witch Doctor expert in the stable of guests so this shouldn’t prove too tricky. Right?

      If landing a WD expert is proving troublesome, like Frosty, I’m happy to step up and take a podcast bullet for you. Feel free to email me at the supplied email as well.

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