Season Three begins, but is the fresh start still fun? Plus why so many Treasure Goblins, fun new Demon Hunter and Monk builds, the mystery of Mortick’s Brace and Blizzard’s rush to start v2.2, and long term Season Three plans. Featuring Master X, MJNSpace, and Flux.

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    The Diablo 3 Podcast #171: Season 3 + Fun New DH and Monk Builds

  • 1:00 — Seasons always start right when Blizzard gets off work on Friday. Would Saturday morning be more equitable for all US timezones?
  • 4:00 — Season Two rushing (or not) stories. Monks are either useless, or pulling monsters carrying their entire group.
  • 13:00 — Long term plans for Season Three. Paragon 1000 or bust? Awesome new Demon Hunter Natalya’s builds.
  • 22:00 — Treasure Goblins… much more common in v2.2 and Season 3?
  • 28:00 — Season 3 still fun, or the novelty wearing off? Will we still enjoy this in Season 6 or Season 7? Leveling up vs. “instant level 70 button” debate.
  • 37:30 — Why was Season 2 so shorts and patch 2.2 so rushed? The mystery endures.
  • 46:00 — The awesomeness of the Monk’s Dashing Strike; teleportation by another name. Plus eliminating eating and sleeping in order to properly rush a new Season.

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