Season Two, week one in review, plus Patch 2.2.0 preview debate: more six-piece item sets, new goblin types, new bounties and exploration mode, plus Diablo 3 “first world problems.” Featuring Wolfpaq, Muggs, and Flux.

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    Diablo 3 Podcast #163: Season Two and Patch 2.2.0

  • 0:30 — Intro and the annual Diablo IncGamers Academy Award predictions segment.
  • 2:00 — Season Two, week one. Wolfpaq and Muggs detail their rush to Paragon 100 last weekend. Plus the heartbreak of non-gambling Follower Tokens.
  • 11:00 — Early season excite of Leaderboards, and the push for GR35 Conquest. (Scary in Hardcore without double Unity.)
  • 15:00 — Season Three preview. Stash for cash! China only, but does everyone want it?
  • 19:30 — Six piece sets debate. Pros and cons of six piece item sets; huge bonuses hard to earn, but very limiting on gear variety and options.
  • 24:30 — Additional bounties coming soon, plus exploration mode.
  • 30:00 — Three new types of Treasure Goblins. Excite? Just annoyed they’ll lower the frequency of Blood Thieves?
  • 34:00 — Multiplayer debate. Most and least favorite classes to party with? Everyone loves the WD; some are less fond of Wizards.
  • 41:00 — Monk-pocalypse early in Season Two. Why are so many people playing Monks and dying in Hardcore? NDE is by far the least useful of the death-cheating passive; more dangerous to use it than not?
  • 50:00 — First World Diablo 3 Problems. Too frequently Paragon Point pop-ups. Mercs only talk before easy fights. Weapon type gambling annoyance. Booby prize when you fail 3 straight 60% LGem upgrades. Need more active buffs displayed. Progress bar not required for upgrading gems.
  • 1:09:00 — Continuing plans for Season Two.

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