The Diablo 3 Podcast #162: Season Two, Weekend One

The Diablo 3 Podcast #162: Season Two, Weekend One

Season Two began on Friday, and it’s time to recap the weekend. Rushing races, preparing for level 70, RNG heartbreaks, fast leveling strategies, new season camaraderie, and more. Featuring N3rdwards, Master X, m0uikkai, Amedon, and Flux.

This show features two separate twenty-five minute conversations, going quick and getting to the heart of the S2 rushing experience. Click through for approximate segment starting times and related links:

The Diablo 3 Podcast #162: Season Two, Weekend One

  • 0:30 — Amadon on S2 so far and m0uikki makes his first official appearance and shares his Diablo 3 history. P900 total, in softcore.
  • 3:00 — Season 2 rushing and m0uikki’s deadly 2 DH + 2 Monk power party. Secret crafting tricks for -lvl req weapons?
  • 8:30 — Face smashing moments in Hardcore.
  • 12:00 — New Season = nice to have everyone on the same page with new chars. And the tragedy of dying 4-5 hours into a new HC char.
  • 15:30 – Lessons learned and how would you redo your first weekend of S2? The heartbreak of finding great items below level 70.
  • 23:00 — Ultimate goals for S2… P500 or bust?
  • 28:45 — Part Two brings N3rdwards and Master X with their Season 2 stories. Master X with his intro to the show and Diablo 3 history.
  • 32:00 — N3rdwards on enjoying the S2 rush when bounties weren’t being cheated to level 70 in an hour.
  • 35:00 — The perils of RNG, good or especially Bad.
  • 42:00 — Multiplayer plans and parties for the S2 rush. Everyone feeding one to do the work vs. sharing the load.
  • 47:00 — Could any 7th class be the best? Supersede your current favorite class? And Diablo3 story digression. Sheablo: yes or no?
  • 52:00 — Immature drunken closing sexual innuendo.

  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    10 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #162: Season Two, Weekend One

    1. I KNEW there was a reason I said that Flux could wait…! 😉 T2 HC rifts at that point were pretty….’progressive’.

    2. After 18hours of play time I have a plvl 90 crusader with full Akkhan (or whatever) set and RoRG, and so… i can hardly see any reason to play more…

    3. Solution to a problem we ALL have…

      10 Goblins YAAAAY!!!… 10 dead goblins… awwwww here we go.. hour of pickup time.

      Everyone says “Just allow auto pickup of gems…

      I don’t think blizz wants that, clicking is a part of the game.

      BUT… with 10 goblins, goblin packs could come with a 5 minute pylon that allows auto pickup. problem solved, tons of goblins, and not tons of wasted time.

    4. If you are going through the trouble of getting on a podcast, maybe I’d be a good idea to stop typing during the recording, it’s fucking annoying.

    5. Love the podcast but the knew guests. One of them says “like” and “you know?” so many times in a sentence it’s like he never knew how to speak properly.
      Another one just can’t seem to explain anything properly, eating words, making random remarks and just losing track of what himself is saying.
      In general, I think as a podcast you should be more careful of the people you put on since “talking skills” are key and the new members seem to have none of them =)

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