The Diablo 3 Podcast #161: Season Two Pre-Game Show

Reaper of Souls Season Two is upon us! How best to reach 70 and beyond, which of the new Season Two Legendary Items are intriguing, and more. Plus a bonus debate on the controversial Realm of Trials. Show features Wolfpaq, N3rdwards, and Flux, plus bonus first time guests Tyr, Master X, and m0uikkai.

This show is perfect for listening while you kill time waiting for the Season Two start… or even while you’re grinding your way to 70. Click through for approximate segment starting times and related links:

The Diablo 3 Podcast #161: Season Two Pre-Game Show

  • 1:20 — Season Two rush plans. Wolfpaq doing something new. N3rdwards sticking to Wizard. Flux cursed with real life busyness. Everyone wants more advance notice for Season start times.
  • 7:50 — Season One retrospective. S1 ran too long and players lost interest?
  • 12:45 — Season One legendary items. Sufficient? Season Three item set anticipation. Season Two legendary excite?
  • 33:20 — What if there was another highest level gem? Something to do in Era when you’ve got 700 Imperial gems just sitting there.
  • 36:30 — Plans for maxing chars in the Season? Leveling up with Bounties and Rifts is a little slower, but best way to prepare for level 70.
  • 41:00 — Greater Rift leveling tricks. Slow roasting for more LGems. Pylon management.
  • 47:45 — Final thoughts. Why not more Season Two legendary items?
  • 58:00 — Bonus content from a podcast tryout recording. Welcome to first time guests Tyr, Master X, m0uikkai, as we engage in a Realm of Trials debate. Two guests do not hate the Waves while one does. What are the logistical issues with removing the RoT? Why do players hate them so much? How can the experience be improved?

  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.


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    1. Listening now and drinking Dr. Pepper (c) by conincidence …

    2. TL:DL

      I think they should’ve started Season 2 on february 14th… 1. See how many relationships they can destroy. 2. See how many relationships are non-existent.

    3. You have a parttime job in a Whinery, Flux? ^^

    4. Can’t listen yet, due to still being on a downgraded Internet connection. But the Hype about Seasons is starting to get on my nerves. It’s not bringing back players that stopped playing due to the PR-debacle during release time and the games state at the time or the game still being trimmed down solely to primary gameplay and itemization. And that’s what the game would really need to happen. Especially with possible future successors in mind.

      • I’ve been listening to the podcast. I’d suggest that “public games” required doing a trial… period. Orek won’t even talk to you until you pop in a trial key. If you’re in a “private” group normally you’re on vent/TS/mumble and can easily ask and figure out what keys everyone has and what you’ll be running. I think this would require a private group setting? Not sure but I imagine that’s not a huge ordeal to implement.

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