The long-awaited Patch 2.1.2 went live last week with lots of big game changes. Show topics include Ancient Items, Rift density improvements, changes to Sunwuko’s and Marauder’s sets, Realm of Trials, auto-pickup and QoL requests, and more Featuring Aahz and Flux.

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    The Diablo 3 Podcast #160: Patch 2.1.2 Goes Live

  • Intro and alphabetical name warmup.
  • 2:10 — Patch first impressions. Flux has none since he played only PTR for the past two months. Aahz: Rift density is great now, unimpressed by Ancient items so far.
  • 7:40 — Conduit Pylon nerf, and Flux laments his lost PTR mega-Demon Hunter.
  • 10:45 — Ancient items. Weapons are a must-have, and the wise man crafted one.
  • 14:20 — Sunwuko’s set change discussed from PTR testing. Flux wanted to love it, but had a disappoint.
  • 18:20 — Witch Doctor changes in v2.1.2. Weaker zombie dogs because fewer health orbs. Higher hit points from the Vitality boost.
  • 23:10 — The ultra-rare legendary items are more common now… has anyone noticed? Anecdote!
  • 25:50 — Monk’s new Gungdo Gear bracer, testing report from PTR. Much like Sunwuko’s buff, Flux wanted it to be amazing, but was disappoint.
  • 29:50 — Double goblins makes the need for auto-pickup overwhelmingly obvious. Everyone wants it. Will we get it?
  • 33:10 — More Stash space needed. Aahz grows atypically agitated at the lack of gear storage capacity.
  • 40:15 — Boon of the Hoarder find exploit. If your account has ever found one, Rift Guardians can drop them, even seasonal.
  • 43:00 — Realm of Trials, and why they can’t just enable players to enter their last Greater Rift level.
  • 46:00 — Marauder’s set changes, Flux tested extensively on PTR and now on live.
  • 52:00 — Gem of Ease mega-twink, and raising LGems thanks to v2.1.2
  • 57:20 — New podcast guests casting call. If you want to be on the show, mail [email protected] with your qualifications and reason for interest.

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