This episode of the Diablo Podcast covers Greater Rift exploits and their ramifications, fans opinions on the most-needed Gambling fixes, if the game needs Torment 7-10, and what keeps you playing when gear upgrades are done? Featuring Amedon, N3rdwards, and Flux

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    Amedon and N3rdwords.

  • 0:30 — Intro to first time guest Amedon, and his play experience. N3rdwords on his recent play and his Wizard’s never-DiabloWikiUnity.
  • 6:30 — DiabloWikiGambling changes re: recent vote/survey. Higher shard cap and more ways to earn them? What’s wrong with people in public Grifts?
  • 14:45 — Everyone wants specific weapon type gamble options… would that too much short circuit the item hunt? Too easy = too fast = bored. DiabloWikiVeiled Crystal overload?
  • 23:00 — Blizzcon 2014. Schedule released at last, but only two Diablo 3 panels. What might fill the mystery open spaces in the schedule? Any hope remaining for a D3Y reveal?
  • 29:40 — Higher difficulty levels? Do we need a DiabloWikiTorment 7-10 since people are facerolling T6 Rifts in 3 minutes, and have no challenge other than Greater Rifts?
  • 40:50 — DiabloWikiGreater Rift exploits. Need fixing and bans for the cheaters?
  • 49:40 — The drive to keep playing even after you’re well-geared. Where to find fun when the equipment upgrades are no longer flowing?
  • 57:00 — Amedon chimes in on Flux’s “change the left click” controls fix. N3rdwords recommends taking a day or two off for people who get bored and too whiny. Misc closing notes.

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