The Diablo 3 Podcast #154: Torment 7-10 and Grift Exploits

The Diablo 3 Podcast #154: Torment 7-10 and Grift Exploits

This episode of the Diablo Podcast covers Greater Rift exploits and their ramifications, fans opinions on the most-needed Gambling fixes, if the game needs Torment 7-10, and what keeps you playing when gear upgrades are done? Featuring Amedon, N3rdwards, and Flux

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Amedon and N3rdwords.

  • 0:30 — Intro to first time guest Amedon, and his play experience. N3rdwords on his recent play and his Wizard’s never-DiabloWikiUnity.
  • 6:30 — DiabloWikiGambling changes re: recent vote/survey. Higher shard cap and more ways to earn them? What’s wrong with people in public Grifts?
  • 14:45 — Everyone wants specific weapon type gamble options… would that too much short circuit the item hunt? Too easy = too fast = bored. DiabloWikiVeiled Crystal overload?
  • 23:00 — Blizzcon 2014. Schedule released at last, but only two Diablo 3 panels. What might fill the mystery open spaces in the schedule? Any hope remaining for a D3Y reveal?
  • 29:40 — Higher difficulty levels? Do we need a DiabloWikiTorment 7-10 since people are facerolling T6 Rifts in 3 minutes, and have no challenge other than Greater Rifts?
  • 40:50 — DiabloWikiGreater Rift exploits. Need fixing and bans for the cheaters?
  • 49:40 — The drive to keep playing even after you’re well-geared. Where to find fun when the equipment upgrades are no longer flowing?
  • 57:00 — Amedon chimes in on Flux’s “change the left click” controls fix. N3rdwords recommends taking a day or two off for people who get bored and too whiny. Misc closing notes.

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    21 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #154: Torment 7-10 and Grift Exploits

    1. Amadon:
      The incentive to close the rift right after obtaining the blood shard is if you are trying to find a specific item in a specific slot, such as the last firebird’s or marauder’s set piece. You can find plenty more things just playing but the chance of it being the specific item in the specific item slot you want is lower. I’m not advocating it but that’s the reason.

      • <–Amedon

        Yeah, I was intending to say something along those lines. The deciding factor on whether to close or continue is based on your Rift Fragment situation. If you are low on rift fragments then closing will not be as beneficial for finding the item you want because you will have to go back and do drastically lower drop rate bounties. If you have piles of rift fragments then closing will increase the chance of finding (via gambling) the item you want.

    2. Yeah. Regular rift keys are essentially free if you spend any amount of time farming RoRG’s. I have 600+ saved up (mostly from leveling characters, though). Why bother doing a full rift clear when you can reset and get the same leg drop bonus while farming towards another blood shard payday?

      • You should bother because density and monster types are random and if you get a good Rift level you should clear it. Faster kill speed = better chance of getting what you want.

        Also, I have theory that the drop chance of enemies increases with their HP, so large enemies have a better chance of dropping a Legendary. For this reason I always clear Rift levels where Golgors, Executioners and the like spawn in droves and the density is good otherwise as well. Even if I’m wrong about it this I find it much more fun to fight these enemies than killing hundreds of Fallens with one click. 🙂

        • Consider that going on to the next level for possibly good denisty/mobs is identical to opening a new rift where the new level could have good density/mobs.

          • I didn’t say that you should go to the next level, I said that you should finish a good level that you already have. If the level I’m on is rubbish then I close the Rifts instantly as well, but otherwise I always clear it. The A1 jail and A5 cemetery are good examples of levels that I usually clear completely after I kill the Guardian.

        • I should add that I noted the same thing, large monsters have guaranteed drops (1-2 items/gold). However there’s no saying whether the drops are pulled at the same rates and alot of the time they come in small numbers or alone, in which case you may not being using your skills to full potential.

          • In my experience even with their lower numbers they drop more items over time than screens full of small enemies. You’re right though, that doesn’t necessarily mean more Legendaries as well, it may just be more Rare and Magic items and these enemies do require considerably more time to kill for some builds.

    3. Just to say something about TurboHUD, it doesn’t automatically reveal the entire map only say 150 feet from you and then the mobs that appear on the map thats within about 70 feet of the player.

      If anything it can be useful for seeing what mobs are around a corner or behind a door etc but it’s quite close range. If anything its only useful to a player who cba to mouse over a mob to see the affix, either way if you see it’s affix via the HUD it’s on your screen.

    4. always nice listening to this while playing.

      concerning the left mouse button, yes free it.
      but i use e for force move and i am very much not for locking anything one the left mb.

      and + @ never played any game as much long and intensely as the diablo franchise

      moo ^^

    5. I have a love/hate relationship with gambling.

      In my mind, items should be gained from playing the game and getting them via drops. Gambling has quickly become THE way to gear up.

      That said, I love targeting a specific item slot.

      I think they should kill gambling to a great degree. But the targeting of specific item slots needs to somehow be retained. Whether that is thru specific bosses having a higher chance for certain slots, or for some kind of inventory item that pushes drops towards a specific item slot (problem here is inventory issues). Or perhaps a buff that gets applied that targets a slot. (kill X boss to gain gloves drop buff)

        • Charms/Talisman seem like the perfect fit for this. No inventory issues, and the idea of lucky charms fits thematically.

          • there would be inventory issues tho. charm of the gloves, charm of the booties, etc. It would add up. With their strict lock down on stash space, design wise we have to avoid items if we can. (i do want the talisman for charms but would prefer them to have other properties)

    6. I’ve never finished a rift. Well, maybe once or twice when RoS was new. There’s just no reason to…everyone has a billion rift keys in their stash, and now I’m mainly doing rifts for grift keystones.

      • Oh yeah, and this season I got two crucial pieces of Marauder’s from probably less than 1500 blood shards, which allowed me to get to M6 that much faster. Gambling can be very rewarding.

    7. Sorry guys, it is irrefutable that no matter whether you are looking for a specific piece or not, it is mathematically superior to close the rift immediately PROVIDED you have ‘unlimited’ rift fragments. As in so many you will never run out which is the situation I’m in.

      The argument that you would rather have a couple of extra minutes with the 100% leg drop buff is completely invalid because even after closing a rift, you will just open another one and jump right back into that same 100% leg drop buff environment.

      So, whether or not you close the rift immediately, you will always be playing the game with 100% leg drop buff. The only difference is that closing the rift immediately and starting a new one will net you more RG kills (leg drops) and blood shards per hour in addition to the 100% leg drop bonus you enjoy.

      Hope you see why closing the rift immediately is always the best option. It is really quite simple and can not be disputed. So don’t hate, close that rift.

    8. The only reason to keep a rift open and full clear it is if you’re low on shards. Pretty much nobody is, so close it and get bonus exp, shards, etc. Rift guardians drop better loot than champ packs, and you’ll kill just as many going to the next rift. If you get a good level like large jail, that’s different, but normal rift zones aren’t worth full clearing.

    9. Veiled crystal overload, indeed. I never had a problem prior to the change to gambling. I have one of every class in seasons at max level, and each of them has at least two full stacks in their bag. I hadn’t even been picking up rares for quite some time, now I quit picking up the crystals as well.

      The only way I could see this ever having been an issue is if you exclusively run greater rifts and were relying on the GRift guardian drops + gambling for all of your crafting materials. If you do any bounties or normal rifts, you’d have been overloaded to begin with. Well, or maybe I just never got good enough drops to burn through them on re-rolls. Kind of pointless to try to min/max that chest piece that has 417 dex, 418 vit, and +2 to light radius (yes, I know. but I couldn’t think of what garbage stats I keep getting on my armor pieces).

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