This show covers numerous changes made in Patch 2.1.1, then focuses intently on fixes and changes needed for the Realm of Trials and Greater Rifts. Why not more player control in selecting the level, competitive PvPvE Grifting, running lower Grifts for Leaderboard record times, etc. Featuring Rankil, N3rdwards, and Flux.

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  • 0:30 — Intro and show itinerary. The “beam of disappointment” is now just a “clang of disappointment.” Feature or bug?
  • 4:50 — Treasure Goblin portal displays now. Nice lore/thematic improvement. Giant goblin packs in Rifts are rarer than in the old days, but still quite epic.
  • 9:00 — Sentries can now cast over walls. Finally a buff to the neglected and underpowered Demon Hunter build.
  • 11:30 — Gambling big changes in the patch. Like the changes? More legs in return, but less fun since you only get to gamble so few items at once?
  • 22:00 — Not enough yellow materials now. Problem for all, or just some? (We recorded this podcast on Sunday, before the hotfix buffed yellow mat drops this week.)
  • 30:00 — Crafting gem change, from Flawless Imperial to Imperial. Much easier enchanting and gem riches. How many would player trade of unwanted gem types for the type they need most?
  • 35:00 — Both guests argue for gem trading to be enabled.
  • 41:00 — Recent play stories and Rankil’s haunted Monastery. Issues with Unity; is double Unity exploit mandatory for any GR over 30ish?
  • 51:00 — Flux’s melee character control complaint.
  • 57:00 — Greater Rift leaderboard is all about lucky spawns and double Unities. How about GR records for every 10th level, instead of just tracking the highest anyone has done?
  • 1:04:00 — Realm of Trials changed in patch, but it seems unnecessary and still unrepresentative of what actually matters in Grifts. Assorted Greater Rift issues. How about competitive Rift running, with identical rifts spawning for different players/games at the same time?
  • 1:29:00 — Final thoughts. Blizzcon 2014 expectations?

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