The Diablo 3 Podcast #150: Legendary Gems II/II

The second part of our analysis of every Legendary Gem newly added to Diablo 3. We cover the last 11, discussing all of their strengths and weaknesses, what type of build they’re best for, twinking uses, melee-bias, and more. Featuring Flux, Katniss, and Ynzerg.

See part one of this podcast for all the basic info about Legendary Gems, the Realm of Trials, upgrading LGems, and specific thoughts on the first three gems.

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  • 0:10 — DiabloWikiLegendary Gem #4: DiabloWikiEnforcer. Pet boosting gem. Great damage for Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter Sentries. Not enough defensive buff? Katniss dreams of the super Horsy stampede build for his Crusader.
  • 3:50 — DiabloWikiGem of Efficacious Toxin. Great poison DoT attack on virtually everything. Ideal for characters with big AoE attacks. Very powerful per upgrade level as well. Very strong gem; underrated.
  • 7:10 — DiabloWikiGogok of Swiftness. Very fast attack speed. Great for hitting everything at once, or for concentrating damage on a single target like a Greater Rift Guardian.
  • 11:40 — DiabloWikiInvigorating Gemstone. One of the few defensive bonuses on LGems. Opinions of its utility differ. Most of the Hardcore deaths lately have come from being Frozen and then pounded, so maybe the IG would save you?
  • 17:10 — DiabloWikiMirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver. Doesn’t sound awesome, but Katniss gives it a glowing review. The Smite hits much more often than you’d expect, and “nearby” means “everywhere.” Pretty weak secondary property, though.
  • 23:00 — DiabloWikiMoratorium. Another defensive gem, but one that seems much more useful than Invigorating. Doomsday scenarios starting here?
  • 27:00 — DiabloWikiPain Enhancer. Awesome damage triggered by Critical Hits. More damage per second than Efficacious Toxin, but less per upgrade level and it only procs from Crits.
  • 32:00 DiabloWiki— Simplicity’s Strength. Boosts damage to Primary Skills. (Not that anyone knows what those are.) One of the few decent gems for twinking?
  • 37:25 — DiabloWikiTaeguk. Boosts damage for spending resource, stacks a ton, very short duration of buff. Very useful for single target you can tank. Great damage buff, but hard to keep active all the time since the three second duration is so brief. Exhausting to try to manage with AoE attacks.
  • 43:00 — DiabloWikiWreath of Lightning. Turns you into a Conduit Shrine. Lots of fun, melee utility? Ideal for players who don’t have much of AoE attack, since something like Efficacious Toxin does more damage if you can hit a lot of targets at once. Could be awesome for a twinked gem?
  • 45:30 — DiabloWikiZei’s Stone of Vengeance. Complicated function with boosted damage per 10 yards the further you are away from a target. Awesome for Demon Hunter and Wizard; pointless for all other classes?
  • 49:00 — Final thoughts. Have LGems broken the game? Will we see significant changes to LGems in the next patch or two? LGems are skewed to ranged characters? Several are great for ranged or AoE and nothing for melee. None are great melee but useless for AoE/Ranged. Need a 15th and 16th gem with properties of big benefit to melee and not so much to ranged?

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    1. Many of these gems don't work with pets… So they don't work with the DH or WD.

      • If you're using frost arrow, that could definitely cover some AoE for the Toxin gem.

        • Well, since we are getting technical… None of the gems that do percent weapon damage are useful on the DH in end game builds.

          The reason being he DH does between 50,000% and 70,000% weapon damage (per sentry) over 30 seconds, depending on the build and target breakpoints. This means flat percentage damage bonuses always out scale weapon damage bonuses.

          This is not speculation. All the data is posted in the main D3 public forums.

          These gems are great to help those not hitting top builds yet, though. Just be sure to do the numbers once you gear up.

          • Yeah I just roll with Trapped, Powerful and Enforcer.

            I experimented the Smite gem with Meticulous Bolts in an M6 but it unfortunately did not proc enough to be effective.

    2. I've been wondering something for a while so I decided to test.

      Does Gem of Efficacious Toxin and Pain Enhancer stack their damage. I just confirmed this with a controlled test. GoET by itself was ticking for a little over 1mil. PE was ticking for 1.5 mil. With both on, I was seeing white ticks of 3.5 mil. (keep in mind my test was removing a piece of jewelry making my dmg lower when considered individually.)

      I run a blessed hammer build at the moment with 39% crit chance. I still see tons of crits so I know I'm putting this double dot on everything in my blessed hammer range almost constantly.

    3. Wreath and Teardrop are great twink gems. Teardrop works very well w/ Exploding Palm, it hits the right target more often than not and blows everybody up. Too bad they don't work w/ Sentries. Also Moratorium feels mandatory past GR 25ish. Only reliable way to avoid one-shots w/o a ridiculous health pool that's too large to heal up quickly.

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