The Diablo 3 Podcast #148: Seasoned, the First Weekend

The first weekend of Diablo 3 Seasons has ended. How did the ladder rushers enjoy the experience? Which fast leveling strategies worked best (and worst), and does the Torment 6 “kill nothing but level fast” cheese need to be fixed? Featuring Wolfpaq, Rankil, N3rdwords, Katniss, and Flux.

Following up Friday’s Season-prep show, this is a double-episode, with two separate segments, each with two guests talking about their adventures during the weekend ladder rush. Three of the guests placed within the top 300 first HC characters to level 70 on the US server, and the fourth is pissed that he didn’t start cheating cheesing soon enough to match them in softcore mode.

Click through for approximate segment starting times:

  • 1:00 — N3rdwords and Katniss lament the cheesy cheesy softcore cheese in the Seasons race to 70.
  • 3:00 — The hardcore race to 70. Not so cheesy. Bounties vs. Rifts for the best exp gain? Katniss made #296 in 8 hours of play time.
  • 6:10 — Does Blizzard need to fix Torment 6 bounty cheats? Both guests say yes.
  • 10:45 — Did ladder rushers keep playing past 70? Paragon 100 yet?
  • 13:00 — Lessons learned. What will the rushers do differently next time? Better party strategies.
  • 15:20 — Was the race fun, or grindy? Both guests loved it.
  • 21:50 — Achievement hunting in the season. Leveling alts to 70 just for the ding ding?
  • 23:40 — Class choice. Something new for the season? Or focus on a class you know well already?
  • 34:00 — How long should the Season last. Enjoyed the ladder rush so much you want to do it again next week? Next month? Next year?
  • 36:10 — If you could twink one item to your brand new Seasons character… what would be the most useful? A weapon? Highest level Ruby for helm? What’s the most useful Legendary Gem for the early going? Gold with new chars: broke all the time or double gold weekend made riches?
  • 42:00 — With people already over Paragon 100… how long until the Season feels the same as the game did a month ago?
  • 44:00 — Seasonal rainbow moo….
  • Part Two:

  • 46:00 — Wolfpaq and Rankil. Did the cheese to 70 impact these guests? (Nope, both played Hardcore.) Wolfpaq’s surprise reveal of his Hardcore level up technique (which beat everyone else).
  • 52:00 — What would they do differently next time, for faster leveling? Wolfpaq lays out some useful party strategy with double Condemn’ing Crusders.
  • 62:00 — Removal of “Rift if Forward” capacity and the change to “1 rune from everyone” was a great boost to public games?
  • 63:15 — Ongoing plans… uninstall after reaching 70? Or further grinding? Wolfpaq, having proven his superiority, is retiring from Hardcore.
  • 66:00 — Gold and the economy. Lucky finds of Greed’s Domain cure all financial ills.
  • 67:30 — How long should seasons last? Do they want to do it again next week or not for 6 months?

  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.


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    1. yeah apart from the leveling and achievement cheesing fiasco (T6 HC malthael wtf?), both of which should make blizzard feel embarrassed, I am happy with seasons.

      I’m hooked again having a blast on my wizard (shelved my beloved non-seasonal monks for now). good times are being had. ;p

    2. I personally don’t see much appeal in Seasons (for now), since I don’t care about Achievement points.

      But I did try it out. Playing Hardcore WD (not my main class, but the one I thought would be easiest) took 9 hr 30 min of mostly solo, conventional playing mostly Hard to Expert.

      I found it to just be an annoying grind, essentially just to get the bonus Transmog graphics. I think I can wait for the exclusive items to be released into the normal loot pool, and don’t feel the need to gather Season paragon levels.

      • Just to add a bit of background info, I’ve probably gone through the leveling process a LOT more than most people since I play HC exclusively, and like to have one of every class. That contributes to the lack of appeal for me.

        Not even counting all my dead characters, I currently have living HC characters – Three 70 crusaders, two 70 WDs, one 70 DH, one 70 barb, one 70 monk, one 70 wizard, lvl 61 monk, lvl 61 DH.

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