Diablo 3 Podcast #147: Seasons! Prep, Planning, and Caffeine

Diablo 3 Podcast #147: Seasons! Prep, Planning, and Caffeine

The first Diablo 3 Season begins this evening and many fans are all fired up. Hear two eager Ladder climbers discuss their D2 Ladders experience, class and build plans, Patch 2.1 adaptations, weekend goals, how long they think the 1000 level 70s of each class will take, and more. Featuring Flux, Nerdwords, and Empty1.

We’ll be back on Monday with a Seasons follow up podcast, talking to some Ladder runners to hear how went their weekend of rushing and Artisan training.

Approximate topic starting times:

  • 1:10 — Ladder runs in past games, such as Diablo 2?
  • 3:50 — Preparing for Season. Time off work? Caffeine IV drip? Guests wish Blizzard had given more advance notice of the seasons for advance preparation.
  • 5:55 — Tested out builds and new features in Patch 2.1 for efficient leveling? Planned out a class and build in advance?
  • 12:55 — As patches keep adding more legendaries, will it become too hard to find the one you want for your set or build? What kind of Magic Find or drop table tweaks could the devs make to enable players to hunt specific gear? Exclude ones you had already, ala Legendary Gems?
  • 17:00 — Planning for the season rush. What class? Party or solo? Adventure Mode bounty skimming or Nephalem Rifts?
  • 22:50 — What are goals for the ladder? Level 70 first night? Paragon 100 by the first week? Greater Rift 30+? Special gear finding objectives? And how fast is everyone else going to do it? Will we see all 1000 slots in each class in the “first to lvl 70” Leaderboards filled by the weekend?
  • 29:00 — Achievements. Re-earning them all in Seasons delights Achievement-hunters like Empty1. Diablo 3 Auction House exploits article conversation.
  • 34:00 — Fresh start in Seasons equalizes things, so friends with 500 fewer paragon points can be on an even footing.
  • 37:00 — Greater Rifts and pushing for the highest difficulty.

  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    8 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Podcast #147: Seasons! Prep, Planning, and Caffeine

    1. Great podcast guys, moo for the moo king(s)! I’m looking to do some light season stuff tonight, just want to hit 70 before Sunday and then farm where I can for the Monks unique season leggy. I’ve still had trouble with either my connection or ongoing DDOS attacks when I logged in last night and the night before. Anyone still getting the same lag and/or severe delays?

      Adding more leggies to the loot tables is okay and all good, but I thought that runes were meant to create build diversity in the first place – especially when the initial concept came about? I wish Blizz would emphaise stronger changes runes that affect build diversity more than new items.


    2. If I had on thing to say, people on HC should really try SC for the first season, I know I wouldn’t go back to HC ever again. In GR you cannot glass cannon content anymore, if you die you either respawn at the beginning of the level or wait to be resurrected, which in most situation is not possible. You can have 5 minutes to spare and one tough guardian can destroy your run and all you get is a gem upgrade. Plus permanent death is not compatible with the idea of trying to push for higher levels, it just seems frustrating, almost masochistic.

      As for the podcast. Around GR 30 legendary start dropping like crazy from guardians, I don’t know what you were talking about “farming lower level”, first I never seen one legendary drop before 10, anything before 20 could be considered a waste of time, and secondly you have to wait 14 minutes to avoid skipping ahead. Seriously guys, play SC, have fun with this game, in 2-3 months there will be another reset, SC won’t have time to stale.

      • Yeah greater rifts definitely seem to serve the SC players more. I am running HC only though since she is a replacement character. Those who want to compete at the highest level are going to have to be ok with a few casualties.

        I have done more than 20 greater rifts under level 10 and gotten at least one legendary on all but one run. No I am not counting the legendary gem. Higher rifts definitely provide more rewards, specifically in shards, gold, and XP.

      • I disagree completely and I’d also argue that the race is only really a race in HC. Why? Overtaking someone when they make a mistake is an integral part of racing, but that won’t happen in SC, ever. Drop chances are the same for everyone, so looking at a whole Season the guy who plays the most will have the best gear, there’s no skill involved with that. Optimal skill selection does require knowledge of the game, but in my opinion it’s a not a tough enough nut to crack to be a decisive factor anymore. Therefore barring some huge luck with your drops the only way you’ll ever overtake someone on the SC leaderboards is if they stop playing. Not much of a competition if you ask me.

        Contrast that with HC, where you have to know your character’s limits if you want to stay in the game and constantly risk losing most of your progress. Now that’s actually a race. Is it frustrating or masochistic? Maybe, but as an auto racing fan let me tell you that those qualities are there in real life races as well. Push your and your car’s limits too far and you’ll fall behind. That sucks, but for racers the possibility of not having the chance to overtake unless their opponents give up would suck even more. In my opinion you’re aren’t arguing against HC as much as against the competition itself.

        Also, there are very good reasons to farm lower GR levels, at least initially. Legendary Gems are fixed drops at all levels, so it’s a great way to gather all of them quickly at the start of a new season. Greater Guardians have a good chance of dropping Legendaries at all levels anyway. I got 3 Legs from a Guardian at only level 7, so I say farm away, especially while you’re still gearing up and most anything can be an upgrade.

        • Well put HardRock. If you look at the Miner’s Gold quest “exploit” and what that did to the 70 race on SC it shows the main difference with HC. People unfortunately still abused that quest on HC, but only a small number were crazy enough to get away with it on T6. I spent some of Friday night and all of Saturday leveling to 70 and I enjoyed it immensely. With no crutches of resources (gold), paragon points, or friends to carry you, the game felt fresh again. I had to be careful and determine what difficulty would be the most rewarding as I ran bounties.

    3. I sandbag the GRs by simply starting on level 1. Just punt the trial.

      Typically I go 1 -> 11 -> 17 -> 21, and I’m saving all my level 21+ keys right now. (I’ve never failed a rift and upgraded a gem.) Super sandbagging by waiting 14 minutes per rift is a huge waste of time.

      Yesterday I got Firebird’s set gloves from GR level 1. Since levels under 15 take me less than 5 minutes I think it is worth it. You get at least souls.

      • You are totally correct if you are just sitting there waiting it is a total waste. I go off and take care of other work generally.

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