The Diablo 3 Podcast #145: Greater Rifts and Monk Problems

The Diablo 3 Podcast #145: Greater Rifts and Monk Problems

Greater Rifts are a great new feature, but there are pros and cons. Monks are not so great, with devoted Monastics deeply worried about the class. Higher difficulty is the source of all rewards in RoS, putting huge pressure on the devs to balance the classes. Show features Xanth, Neinball, and Flux.

Approximate segment times:

  • 2:00 — PTR testing. Greater Rifts, playing Hardcore crazy since you can just re-copy your characters from the realms.
  • 5:00 — DiabloWikiGreater Rifts are now the only thing worth playing? Bounties are only worth doing to get a DiabloWikiRoRG and Rift Keys. DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts are only worth playing to get Greater Rift keys.
  • 12:00 — DiabloWikiSeasons and Ladders. The shock players will receive with a new level 1 character and no twinks/paragon points/etc.
  • 20:45 — Class discussion. Monks are broken? What needs fixing with the class. DiabloWikiMonks are especially screwed in GRifts, since their viable T4+ build is tanking with low DPS, which doesn’t work at all in the timed GRs. Is the Monk the 4th Follower? Or the next stage in Diablo III becoming WoW, filling the party roll of a tank/healer who can’t actually kill things?
  • 35:00 — All rewards in Diablo 3 now come from higher DiabloWikidifficulty level, which really puts pressure on the devs to make multiple builds for every class that are viable for T6+. Good luck with that.
  • 42:10 — DiabloWikiDemon Hunter issues; surviving nicely these days, but they can’t kill fast enough on higher DiabloWikiGRifts? (Odd change for a class that was in D3v always the glass cannon.)
  • 48:30 — Cow Rift! Xanth wishes he’d seen it, but gloats over completing DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain, because RICHES.
  • 50:00 — Bonus off topic content, 4 minutes of World Cup jokes snipped from the start of the show.

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    3 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #145: Greater Rifts and Monk Problems

    1. Wonder if blizz should max the drop rate at T2 or 3 to allow all classes to play whatever build and find all gear would make things better. T4 and beyond is just for the "challenge" / gear check.

      • People wouldn't do it for the "challenge" then. The game is entirely about grinding for gear, so if you max the drop rate at t3, then what's the point of playing t4+ when it's just harder to kill the mobs for the same drop rate. You would be better off sticking to t3 and rolling through it, then playing t6 and taking slightly longer. The downside to having the drop rate scaled like it is, not every build is viable…but on that note, not every build SHOULD be viable, but every class should have 2-4 builds, preferably with different elements, not just fire/ physical like most builds are now.

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