Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 is up on the PTR and bristling with new features. Flux is joined by first time podcast guests N3rdwards and Empty1 to discuss Greater Rifts, Legendary Gems, Death Penalties, and go in depth into the Wizard class.

    Approximate segment times:

  • 0:20 — Intro to N3rdwards and Empty1. Both first time podcast guests talk about their Diablo gaming experiences and why their opinions matter.
  • 4:00 — N3rdwards explains why Wizards are not overpowered, an opinion now accepted but which was controversial a couple of months ago. Empty1 agrees, and they go into an in depth discussion of Wizard problems above Torment 4.
  • 11:00 — Many classes/builds are fun up to T1 or T2, but there are very few viable builds at Torment 6 and L25+ Greater Rifts. Can the game be balanced to offer more high end variety?
  • 19:00 — Greater Rifts on the PTR. Early impressions, though bugs and exploits are skewing the picture.
  • 23:00 — Legendary Gems, how they work, how they are upgraded, and why not allow them to socket in weapons also?
  • 25:30 — Death penalty in Diablo 3 is all (Hardcore) or nothing (Softcore). Would the game be improved by a death penalty that was impactful? Would players appreciate having to balance offensive and defense and play responsibly, rather than the difficulty system offering heavy incentives to Zerg through content that’s way over a character’s head? How about Survival Bonuses?
  • 37:20 — Other class issues. Monk needs buffs and will really miss Tempest Rush + Epiphany which is being nerfed in Patch 2.1. Witch Doctors are OP, but so should be all the classes.

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