The Diablo 3 Podcast #143: Leg Mats RIP and v2.1 Anticipation

The Diablo 3 Podcast #143: Leg Mats RIP and v2.1 Anticipation

Legendary Materials were junked in the recent Patch 2.0.6. Why are they gone and how is the game poorer for their absence? Also, ladders and Patch 2.1 anticipation, plus lots of rambling digressions. Featuring Flux and Neinball.

New podcast guests wanted! As heard on the show, lots of regular guests are unavailable during the summer, so we’re looking for new guests. If you would like to appear on the podcast, email [email protected] with a brief description of your qualifications and any special areas of D3 interest. You must have a decent mic, the ability to conversate and articulate, and a skype account.

Approximate segment start times:

  • 0:20 — Intro, seeking new Diablo Podcast guests, why Neinball has ceased finally WoWing, and general Bliz gaming chat.
  • 5:00 — Recent Diablo III play experiences. Neinball playing a Demon Hunter wrong (without dying). Will all classes become item-OP’ed, ala the Witch Doctor? (The Monk sure hopes so.)
  • 8:00 — DiabloWikiLegendary Materials gone in Patch 2.0.6. Flux has anger. Neinball has conflicted. Leg Mats added complexity, but weren’t well implemented. No correlation between scarcity and utility of the legendary materials. Flux misses the variety of gameplay. No reason ever again to visit Maghda or other formerly useful leg mat sources.
  • 15:50 — Diablo 3 is really missing anything for longer term collection and improvement, ala Runes in D2. Leg Mats gave some level of that, and rewarded some planning and seeking specific objects, rather than just mindlessly repeating RiftsRiftsRifts and pulling the same legendary slot machine lever.
  • 20:00 — Given recent game changes apparently driven by fan desires… will the next Diablo 3 expansion have a plot and story and a full act? Why? If fans just want randomized rift content, why bother with story and bounties and such? Neinball wonders if Blizzard should just go the DLC model, with less content for a lower price.
  • 25:00 — Removal of leg mats is similar to removal of Magic Find. Both poorly implemented in Diablo III, but the potential for variety was great with both. Diablo III now has one size for all. Are gamers these days too lazy to appreciate non-simplified content?
  • 31:00 — DiabloWikiInfernal Machine improvements. No one cares about Hellfire Rings anymore. No one cares about EXP anymore; is this all due to P100 removal?
  • 38:00 — Ladder interest? Patch 2.06 seemed to make multiple changes for quicker and cheaper gearing, ala ladder starting from scratch.
  • 48:30 — Hopes and dreams for patch 2.1?
  • 54:30 — Final thoughts? Does being an adult with a real life mean the the loss of the time/ability/patience to play a video game for hours on end?

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    11 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #143: Leg Mats RIP and v2.1 Anticipation

    1. Glad Neinball is still a guest on these. Archon doesn’t give him a hard enough time 🙂 like Flux

    2. This is one of those podcast I agree with a lot of. I sat here and listened while I worked and wished i wasn’t a real adult. But, there’s a lot of other details.

      When this patch dropped I went right to the forums and made my public gripe known … I miss farming purples; just the fact that they no longer have a purpose does bug me quite a bit. But, what can we do? This is probably the only forum that game developers, really all of them, check out.

      I feel like the solution would have been to work on improving the crafted Legs and not take away the little Leg Craft mats. However, it is done and final.

      Don’t get down about the stream … It’s important to the community to debate our games’ quality of life.

      • “This is probably the only forum that game developers, really all of them, check out.”


        you can’t possibly believe game developers don’t visit other forums

    3. Good job, fellows. Hope to be around to help out in the future. Flux, I’m with you on being a bit disappointed with the removal of the Legendary crafting materials due to it simplifying tasks in the game and also making what we can actually chase after rather one-sided in terms of activities. I have come around to some of Neinball’s cajoling in at least understanding why the change was made in regards to health of the servers and encouraging a less non-interactive style of play, but I think a complete removal just seemed like a lazy change. Maybe it’s something to be revisited when they have time and aren’t working on something major like 2.1, but I think they could have modified it in a more robust way and addressed the negative sides while still keeping players like you and me relatively happy.

    4. I for one was really happy with how the Leg mats were.

      Gave added bonus while you were doing a bounty area. So what if the drop rate wasn’t 100%? It felt special when you got one.

      To just eliminate them completely…seems shortsighted.

    5. I don’t think they needed to be changed honestly but just adjust the buff rates especially on the rarer of the spawns to make it not seem like such a chore. I know crafting things like Capt Crims or Aug’s can make you crazy since you are not only looking for a spawn but you are not guaranteed a drop. I think if they just buffed it then at least it would add a bit of depth to the game.

      • Just like the skeletal keys for the Hellfire ring event, all they had to do was increase the materials required on the legendary items by a factor of 10, and make all of the purples drop at least 1 mat each time you killed them, with a chance of dropping up to 10.

        So that way when you kill Magda you’d always get a small reward, but occasionally she’d drop 5-10 of her mats, instead of just 1-2, so then you’d feel like it was a ‘good’ drop.

    6. Flux you ok buddy? You sound like you finally drove a soulstone into your skull and went mad with your random ramblings! 🙂 Hang in there!

    7. On the exp thing… I really dont think the removal of the p100 is whats causing this ! The exp bonus is so small , and it gets worst when you get up in level (at normal it is huge ….at t6….stupid??)

      Look at gold %…(The number are with my gear and @ t6 but still it shows exactly what the problem is )no gold find gear on…at t6 i am at 3232% , when i put full goldfind gear(goldskin some piece have secondary bonus gold find etc way much more oriented to golfind) i get to 5442 %… and my paragon wasnt set to GF …NOW talk about something being Worth it (i dont need gold but you get the point , almost double the %(80% more maybe??)

      Do the same thing with hellfire (or hellfire or whatever)…at t6 i am at 1600 % exp…put the hellfire on, a whooping 1645 %!!! Worth it ? i dont think so ! Now to make even worst , throw in the fact that its hard to farm , long to farm, and that most of the time, it will be TERRIBLE !

      Should it work like the gold find??I dont think so that woulb be too much !! but they need to find a balance that it would still be Worth it!!

      Back to the p100 beeing a problem ..i disagree with that…If you want to be optimal, paragon are really important !! I am so aiming at p600 to have 3 stats maxed per categorie!! after that i can agree that it will loose in value a lot but still…i want those bonus asap lol

      sorry if some sentence or wording didnt make sense, im french 🙂

    8. Oh well WD everywhere… wonder why.

      Why don’t you guis never talk about those crazy class ballance problems like
      Jade WD being extremely OP
      Palm Support monk Being extremely OP in party because the new Reflect damage is to weak to make them care.

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