Legendary Materials were junked in the recent Patch 2.0.6. Why are they gone and how is the game poorer for their absence? Also, ladders and Patch 2.1 anticipation, plus lots of rambling digressions. Featuring Flux and Neinball.

    New podcast guests wanted! As heard on the show, lots of regular guests are unavailable during the summer, so we’re looking for new guests. If you would like to appear on the podcast, email [email protected] with a brief description of your qualifications and any special areas of D3 interest. You must have a decent mic, the ability to conversate and articulate, and a skype account.

    Approximate segment start times:

  • 0:20 — Intro, seeking new Diablo Podcast guests, why Neinball has ceased finally WoWing, and general Bliz gaming chat.
  • 5:00 — Recent Diablo III play experiences. Neinball playing a Demon Hunter wrong (without dying). Will all classes become item-OP’ed, ala the Witch Doctor? (The Monk sure hopes so.)
  • 8:00 — DiabloWikiLegendary Materials gone in Patch 2.0.6. Flux has anger. Neinball has conflicted. Leg Mats added complexity, but weren’t well implemented. No correlation between scarcity and utility of the legendary materials. Flux misses the variety of gameplay. No reason ever again to visit Maghda or other formerly useful leg mat sources.
  • 15:50 — Diablo 3 is really missing anything for longer term collection and improvement, ala Runes in D2. Leg Mats gave some level of that, and rewarded some planning and seeking specific objects, rather than just mindlessly repeating RiftsRiftsRifts and pulling the same legendary slot machine lever.
  • 20:00 — Given recent game changes apparently driven by fan desires… will the next Diablo 3 expansion have a plot and story and a full act? Why? If fans just want randomized rift content, why bother with story and bounties and such? Neinball wonders if Blizzard should just go the DLC model, with less content for a lower price.
  • 25:00 — Removal of leg mats is similar to removal of Magic Find. Both poorly implemented in Diablo III, but the potential for variety was great with both. Diablo III now has one size for all. Are gamers these days too lazy to appreciate non-simplified content?
  • 31:00 — DiabloWikiInfernal Machine improvements. No one cares about Hellfire Rings anymore. No one cares about EXP anymore; is this all due to P100 removal?
  • 38:00 — Ladder interest? Patch 2.06 seemed to make multiple changes for quicker and cheaper gearing, ala ladder starting from scratch.
  • 48:30 — Hopes and dreams for patch 2.1?
  • 54:30 — Final thoughts? Does being an adult with a real life mean the the loss of the time/ability/patience to play a video game for hours on end?

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