The Diablo 3 Podcast #142: Crusader Buffs and Patch 2.0.5

The Diablo 3 Podcast #142: Crusader Buffs and Patch 2.0.5

Patch 2.0.5 buffed many things, but most of all the Crusader. Is the class awesome now? Xanth argues that WD is the best class. Community double legendary drop rate should last forever? How would Diablo 3 change with hard caps on Crit Chance and Crit Damage?

Approximate segment start times:

  • 0:30 — Intro and recent play experiences. Why Katniss is the most famous Crusader in the world. How Xanth burned another Witch.
  • 9:00 — Crusader buffs galore in Patch 2.0.5. Heavenly Strength is no longer mandatory! Much better class all around.
  • 16:00 — D3Y2 Community Buff: Double rift keys and +100% legendary drop rate. (What does +100% mean? Where does that number fit into the legendary drop rate formulae?) Both guests are big fans of the buffed leg drop rate. Should it be permanent? A feature whence cometh ladder seasons?
  • 22:00 — Power Leveling details and ethics. Xanth recently zoomed his Witch Doctor and is unrepentant.
  • 39:00 — Puzzle Goblins (Treasure Goblins from the Puzzle Ring) are now much improved. Have they strategic value?
  • 41: 00 — Why don’t Treasure Goblins have a legendary material only they can drop? What if they only dropped it… when they escaped through their portals?
  • 44:00 — Can DiabloWikiRift Guardians drop DiabloWikilegendary materials? Why not? Random mats, or the mat assigned to their particularly purple monster type…
  • 49:50 — Witch Doctor. Why the lack of love for the actually quite powerful character? Xanth explains their power and why Fetishes now rule.
  • 55:30 — Legendary crafting bows have fail stats inherently. Demon Hunters are not pleased. Flux is not pleased.
  • 57:30 — Theory crafting! Prompted by a comment by Mortalo, what if there were hard caps on DiabloWikiCritical hit Chance and DiabloWikiCritical hit Damage, as there were briefly during Reaper of Souls’ development? How would this change builds and gear value? Would it promote diversity in builds and gear? More value on cooldown reduction, Attack Speed, +Elemental damage, etc?

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    11 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #142: Crusader Buffs and Patch 2.0.5

    1. “Witch Doctor. Why the lack of love for the actually quite powerful character?”

      Um, lack of love? Did you read the patch notes Flux? It was the most buffed classed after the Crusader:

      Firebats: Initial cost reduced from 225 to 150 Mana
      Haunt: Jump distance increased to 70 yards
      Skill Rune – Toad of Hugeness: Weapon damage increased from 24% to 580% per second
      Horrify: Radius increased from 12 to 18 yards; Cooldown reduced from 16 to 12 seconds
      Skill Rune – Bogadile: Weapon damage increased from 840% to 1100%
      Summon Zombie Dogs: Weapon damage per bite increased from 12% to 30%
      Fierce Loyalty Has been redesigned: Now while you have a Zombie Dog, Gargantuan, or Fetish following you and are not in combat, your movement speed is increased by 30%
      Zombie Handler: Now also increases your health by 20% in addition to your Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan

    2. Nice podcast a couple comments when power leveling there is also the cursed court in a1 which serves the same purpose of the cellar and adds another place to find. Also t6 ghom when you are above 40 is just as fast as making games since in story mode you can just hit it over and over very quickly and depending on gear you can take someone to 67 pretty easily even in HC.

      The new gold find is amazing I was sitting at 2690% in t4 yesterday with a 4man group and it has really helped remove the issue with making gems. Even though I came into ROS with a ton of gold not seeing it dwindle to nothing is nice.

      As for caps that is blasphemy. People are already trying to get %elemental where they can and many understand the balance of 1:10 CC:CHD so I am not sure it will push the diversity areas. I also hate artificial limits since it just means get X number and you have no point in going further. And if you look at the gear that can roll with those affixes you are limited by that anyway. The reason why fire is so good is because of how good cindercoat is, the fact that magefists can roll 5 main affixes, and fire skills are usually the highest damage skills in the game since they don’t offer utility like cold or lightning.

    3. As I suspected, of course, I got the laws backwards. Laws of Valor – Critical and Laws of Hope – Wings of Angels is what I meant to reference.

    4. My ruminations on PK’ing Xanth can be found on the HC DH thread here:

      and here:

      I have changed some gear since then, but most importantly I have tried to avoid being the first character to go into a rift. Oh, and I didn’t use Xanth’s name in case he wanted to write about it. Soon after it happened, I msg’d him that he should arrange a podcast where he berates me for leaving him to die (with Flux moderating). I think the most entertaining way to look at the situation is a power struggle within the clan, a la Game of Thrones. Sure, I won this round, but paybacks are hell.

      Xanth and I have played in a couple of T2 rifts since “the incident” and so far I’ve managed to avoid killing him again. So far.

    5. Currently having about as much fun with the Crusader as I do my DH and Wizard. I’m using a ranged approach as I would with the Wiz with appropriate buffs. Justice(Hammer Of Pursuit) with Blessed Shield(Combust). For cooldowns I like Phalanx (Bowmen) and for close quarters I use Fallen Sword (Superheated) to stand and tank. Passives Blunt, Fervor, and Lord Commander buff Justice, AS, and Phalanx respectively.
      I am using a 1-hander at the moment because like Flux I also like the faster attacks. Katniss is also dead on with the Fervor passive. It gives a great boost to cooldown skills and it is very significant spamming Phalanx for my build. It gives great balance to managing your burst dps. I did find some decent 2-handers with main stat and the opportunity to also roll a socket so I am considering checking that out as well. I went from being able to do Master efficiently to now cruising through T2. Katniss also mentioned the damage decrease buff which helped immensely. I have also noticed I can just about renenact this build with my Barb and look forward to doing so.
      As far as the community buff I have noticed Kadala gambling yields a considerable amount of legs and also set-legs. I have netted 3 Crusader items and 2 DH items in just a few days. I think toying with the idea of keeping the Comm buff is a plausible idea. It keeps me playing longer as Xanth stated. Many are junk but other one comes rather quickly and it could be the one you need. Xanth also made a great point on taking the Crusader into hardcore with the 30% damage reduction and the cheat death passive Indestructible.

      Great job guys, keep em coming.

    6. Good podcast!

      Poor Aahz getting raked over the coals there. We invited Xanth to come join our rifts and I pushed him in first hoping to get named and become famous in the next podcast.

      I posted just today about my puzzle ring experience this past weekend (in the puzzle ring news post). TLDR was 2 legs in ~10 drops. Used rift map of battlefield of eternity, cleared it in t2 then came back with ring and ran through feeding my little traitor.

      Also the curse of videos is true!!

      I want to make another one of a cold barb, but I’d rather not curse him to a sure and much earlier than ‘soon’ death.

    7. I’ve found two zunimassa’s visions. I think the first one wasn’t even on torment. I got it spending my first ~50 shards after the patch.

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