Fans have named the Wizard the strongest and the Crusader the weakest class. How can the new guy be so unloved? Also, DPS meters, Torment 4-6 item hunting, Toughness strategy, and the Monk’s terrible Sets. Featuring Flux, Muggs, and JrMint.

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  • 0:20 — Welcome to JrMint and Muggs. Neither has been on the podcast since 2013. What have they been up to? Muggs is a Captain in the IncHC West clan and has lapped Flux and (almost) everyone else in Paragon levels.
  • 6:50 — Strongest/weakest class debate. Wizard hands down favorite for strongest. Crusader big win in the weakest vote. Why is the new class the worst? Both guests have tried the Crusader and grown disappointed at the slow movement, slow attack, slow resource regen, etc.
  • 15:00 — DPS Meters. Very popular in a current site vote. Guests don’t like them visible to others, but everyone would like it for their own reference.
  • 23:50 — Shard of Hate nerf. Necessary? Was the bug that bad? Both guests say yes, it was way OP.
  • 28:00 — “are-oh-ess” vs. “ross” debate again.
  • 33:00 — Clans in Diablo 3. Everyone’s using them, but the lack of features and functions, especially for admins, are really lacking.
  • 41:00 — Item finding and hunting. Enchanting complaints: too many rolls required, the same affix for both rolls, off-hand items with 30+ possible rolls. Monk set items with terrible bonuses.
  • 52:00 — Health vs. resistance vs. armor to boost Toughness. Damage mitigation is the way to go; it’s just EHP all over again. Pools of Reflection = permanent and hardly-noticed buff in Hardcore. Toughness compared between SC and HC. Muggs’ 27m toughness Monk astonishes JrMint. The imbalance between STR or INT vs. DEX, because Dodge sucks.
  • 59:00 — Monk’s lack of useful bonuses from Legendaries or Item Sets makes Muggs unhappy. Long term item finding goals? Hopes for better/bigger gear added in patches? Infernal Bovine Rift spotting?
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