The Diablo 3 Podcast #140: The “Weakest” Crusader, Torment, and Toughness

The Diablo 3 Podcast #140: The “Weakest” Crusader, Torment, and Toughness

Fans have named the Wizard the strongest and the Crusader the weakest class. How can the new guy be so unloved? Also, DPS meters, Torment 4-6 item hunting, Toughness strategy, and the Monk’s terrible Sets. Featuring Flux, Muggs, and JrMint.

Show segment approximate start times.

  • 0:20 — Welcome to JrMint and Muggs. Neither has been on the podcast since 2013. What have they been up to? Muggs is a Captain in the IncHC West clan and has lapped Flux and (almost) everyone else in Paragon levels.
  • 6:50 — Strongest/weakest class debate. Wizard hands down favorite for strongest. Crusader big win in the weakest vote. Why is the new class the worst? Both guests have tried the Crusader and grown disappointed at the slow movement, slow attack, slow resource regen, etc.
  • 15:00 — DPS Meters. Very popular in a current site vote. Guests don’t like them visible to others, but everyone would like it for their own reference.
  • 23:50 — Shard of Hate nerf. Necessary? Was the bug that bad? Both guests say yes, it was way OP.
  • 28:00 — “are-oh-ess” vs. “ross” debate again.
  • 33:00 — Clans in Diablo 3. Everyone’s using them, but the lack of features and functions, especially for admins, are really lacking.
  • 41:00 — Item finding and hunting. Enchanting complaints: too many rolls required, the same affix for both rolls, off-hand items with 30+ possible rolls. Monk set items with terrible bonuses.
  • 52:00 — Health vs. resistance vs. armor to boost Toughness. Damage mitigation is the way to go; it’s just EHP all over again. Pools of Reflection = permanent and hardly-noticed buff in Hardcore. Toughness compared between SC and HC. Muggs’ 27m toughness Monk astonishes JrMint. The imbalance between STR or INT vs. DEX, because Dodge sucks.
  • 59:00 — Monk’s lack of useful bonuses from Legendaries or Item Sets makes Muggs unhappy. Long term item finding goals? Hopes for better/bigger gear added in patches? Infernal Bovine Rift spotting?
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    15 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #140: The “Weakest” Crusader, Torment, and Toughness

    1. I play a HC Crusader as my main now and I don’t use Heavenly Strength. Instead I use a fast one hander and invest in getting as much attack speed, crit chance and damage. I currently do around 400k DPS, got 15.5 million toughness and quite a lot of speed because of soon to be + 24% movement speed on items and the use of Warzechian Armguards (destroying objects gives you a speed burst).

      With the use of a shield with a good block chance, Punish with Rebirth (granting health regen on block), Renewal (granting a big chunk of health on every block), Hold your Ground (increasing block chance even more) and Divine Fortress (increasing armor based on shield’s block chance), I barely see my health meter drop at all and when it does, it’s back to full again very fast. All in all, I’m enjoying the Crusader a ton and feel it’s the safest choice for HC.

    2. – Crusader –

      Similar to Widukind above, I use a similar set up, but have evened out the DPS to Toughness a little more than that example.

      I actually was the one, Flux, talking about going with a one-hander (Thunderfury) and having a much better time with the Crusader. I agree that everyone wants to use a two-hander with Heavenly Strength because a. it’s novel to the game to start out and b. MOAR NUMBERS. But, I actually feel like you can play the class far more effectively with a one-hander and a spec oriented towards that, which then begs the question – what good are two-handers? Something that will probably never get balanced unless, like Jr. Mint suggested, they changed Heavenly Strength for Crusaders.

      I agree that we could still do with some buffs/changes to the Crusader, but only minor ones; I think it’s honestly in a better place than most people make it out to be…and that could really just be down to poor build/gear choices and management. Not every skill that the Crusader owns is a cooldown skill after all.

      – Enchanting –

      Getting off the Crusader train for a bit, I wanted to address Jr. Mint’s concerns over the gold price increasing for continued enchants on items. I think it’s working as intended, man. It acts as a gold sink and eventually an item sink. If you don’t get what you want time and again, it actually starts to ask the question whether you just need to live with the rolls you’ve gotten or if you’re really dedicated to getting that perfect roll or affix and are willing to sink the gold into it. I like that it actually forces me to think about possibly giving up on that item and just settling for either another version of the same Bracer or what have you and trying my luck there. It may not feel very good to not get what you want after so much investment, but I think there have to be systems in place that start to make choices harder or add limitations so that you still need to continually play the game to get what you want.

      – Rifts –

      Gotta disagree with you here, Jr. Mint. I wouldn’t run Rifts until you can run them on Torment I. It’s pretty simple/easy to gear up for Torment I rifting just by doing bounties on Normal and getting Legendary drops along the way as well as the Bounty-only Legenadries, so, to me, it just doesn’t make sense to waste the Rift keys on pre-Torment I rift farming. You’re basically just throwing away resources that could help you find the Torment-only Legendaries faster, which will more often than not replace the gear that you found to get you into Torment rift farming in the first place.

      – Hardcore Play –

      I love the attitude, Muggs. I’m definitely playing a little safer with my Crusader and trying to make it so by the time I move up to the next Torment, I’m far overgeared for it, but I definitely agree that you do want to keep pushing it. Playing on Normal or Hard is fine when you are just getting a new character going, but like you mentioned early on in the podcast, Torment I has to be the minimum goal.

      Great job overall guys! ^_^

    3. Good episode as per usual, and I’ve actually been considering changing my main from DH to crusader because its the new shiny and cluster arrow build is getting old…fast. I mean, I can run different things if I want to faceroll, but trying to push torments (and having absolutely god awful luck with getting a Ring of Royal Grandeur as well as any set pieces (been farming at least T1 on my DH for a few weeks now and have found a single, badly rolled nat’s cloak which is crap compared to the almighty cindercoat)leaves little room for fun and happiness unless you have amazing legendaries. So while my Demon Hunter is pushing T3 Rifts (which are slow to do because of how much damage I need but I can do them!) its just getting old watching cluster arrows fly. Playing with Cooldown reduction on my Crusader has been fantastic though, its great letting condem (the instant explosion rune), falling sword, and heaven’s fury fly at pretty rapid rates, especially combined with the cd reduction Akkarat’s Champion rune.

      For pushing Torments on HC, I only play HC now a days (aside from a few SC toons but I’ll get to those in a sec). HC is no fun if you’re not trying to push the next difficulty. I’m cautious in that I usually try to overgear it, but I’m of the firm belief you never truly outgear HC especially once you step foot in torment. Been enjoying pushing my DH and crusader (DH is T3 viable and Crusader is T1 almost T2)and will continue to slowly work my way up.

      You mentioned achievement whoring. I’ve had a lot of fun to do this and its a nice distraction from nap time in rifts and the sadness that bounties aren’t the best way to farm legendaries. The fact I can actually side track during bounties has been amazing! Finding some of the uniques, events, and cursed chests are also made easier because a lot of them are bounty targets. Sitting at 6560 points right now, my biggest frustration is that many of the achievements are flat out bugged and this is probably my biggest disappointment with RoS. I can think of about 5 different achievements I’d have if they weren’t bugged out and not giving me credit, but c’est la vie.

      Great show as always, can’t wait for the next one.

    4. Why fire resists for mOnk? is there one piece of gear that always has fire resists … so, most monks are searching for fire res gear for their ‘onewitheverything’ build?

      • The level 60 Demon’s Skin set rolls with guaranteed fire resist. That’s likely why some monks chose fire for “One With Everything”. However, the new level 70 Demon set does not roll guaranteed fire resist, which is a bit of a bummer.

      • It doesn’t really matter which SR you choose. If you are not running thunder gods or running andy’s visage then pick what you want.

    5. You have to be careful when talking about diminishing returns for damage mitigation. Diminishing returns for crit chance and crit damage are much simpler and pronounced: the more you have, the less significant every bit is; however, since the 2 play off each other this isn’t an issue.

      With all resist, it’s worth stacking high. The only time you don’t want to stack more all resist is if armor is more beneficial, or of course when you’re giving up too much DPS to stack more. The difference between 69% and 79% isn’t small or trivial at all. “10% less damage” is inaccurate. You’re taking 20% damage instead of 30%, which is a 33% EHP improvement.

      Stacking VIT and %Life makes a lot more sense in hardcore. You can build your character with high defenses and only 200k HP in softcore, and that’s enough to do torment 3 such that you don’t die often, but in hardcore you don’t want to die at all. Having 500k HP and a lower damage mitigation is okay because you are more worried about surviving until the next potion cooldown and being able to react to stuff like an arcane spawning that you didn’t see until it starts hitting you. Damage mitigation is very important because you don’t want your health bar to just be a timer for how long you can fight until you die, but you also need to be sure that when mistakes happen, such as being walled into a bad spot, you have a chance to survive.

    6. I love my Crusader, I´m having tons of fun.
      Just got Gyrfalcon´s Foote and Jekangbord and I´m like shield spamming machine 🙂
      Really like it!

    7. Nice podcast, but when are you going to get Steven on here to disagree with you on everything? A lot of potential there.

    8. On the dps meter debate – Why the F should I have to go to three different websites outside of the game to figure out whether this %elemental damage bracer will boost my overall damage? I don’t want to use spreadsheets. I don’t think I should have to.

      On the elitist topic, simple solution. Make it private. Also, you have to realise, you can tell whether your party member is pulling his weight with or without the meter. The elitist does not need a dps meter to call you a scrub and flame you.

      If the dps meter is not added that’s fair enough, but I simply don’t understand the reasons given for not wanting it in the game.

    9. Flux, you’re podcast no longer exists on Nobex app. Is this on purpose or can I get the podcast subscription URL so I can readd to the catalogue? Cheers.

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